Colombia - CT Interactive certified in Colombia CT Gaming Interactive has obtained certification to enter the Colombian iGaming market. Since the start of 2020, CT Interactive content has been rolling out across a range of regulated markets in South America, with the latest now Colombia.

“The entry of CT Gaming Interactive into the Colombian market marks the latest significant achievement for us,” commented Lachezar Petrov, General Manager at CT Gaming Interactive. CT Gaming has a strong history of providing quality certified gaming content to LatAm operators, and by obtaining the licence the portfolio will be available to local operators.” Mr. Petrov added that the company is investing a lot of resources into the games to offer the best for a certain market. “We are dedicated to finding the best distribution channels for the game content and we are in the final stages of negotiations with the biggest operators on the market. We are sure that we have an exciting road ahead,” said Mr. Petrov.

LatAM - Land-based offered online lifeline BOSS. Gaming Solutions has announced the launch of OLE!bet, a new mobile sportsbook and casino aimed at the LATAM market. The OLE!bet launch across the continent offers players hundreds of weekly in-play live betting events, over 2,000 slots from 16 suppliers and a live casino featuring blackjack and roulette.

OLE!bet offers various payment methods, 24/7 customer support chat, and a mobile-friendly experience that has been fully localised in Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. “The launch of OLE!bet in LATAM countries continues our strategy of reaching an international player base by distributing the unique BOSS. Gaming Solutions mobile-first experience across the world,” said Jeff Letlat, CEO of BOSS. Gaming Solutions.

LatAM - GLI promotes Karen Sierra-Hughes GLI has promoted Karen Sierra-Hughes to Vice President of Latin America and Caribbean. “We are thrilled to announce Karen’s promotion and signaling our absolute commitment to the gaming industry’s success throughout Latin America and the Caribbean in all its forms – land-based, lottery, and online,” said GLI President/CEO James R. Maida.

“Karen has been an integral part of GLI’s mission in Latin America and the Caribbean. She and her team work in close collaboration with government officials – as well as gaming and lottery suppliers and operators – helping them navigate the future of gaming. Their expertise supports these stakeholders’ efforts in establishing well-regulated environments and a successful and sustainable industry. Karen’s leadership, knowledge and passion for her client’s success translates into the appreciation that the industry and her team have for what she does.”

Sierra-Hughes has been with GLI since 2004, driving GLI’s strategy for both regulatory and business development throughout the Latin America and Caribbean region. Prior to joining GLI, she practiced law in the Republic of Panama and was later appointed Legal Director of the Panama Gaming Control Board.


Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro has signed a decree finally opening the door for sports betting in the country.

BRAZIL SPORTS BETTING President Signs Sports Betting Decree

Brazil finally puts its shoulder behind legislation to relax its gambling rules with the decree to allow private sport betting operations in the country signed into law by the Brazilian President, Jair Bolsonaro

Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro has signed a decree finally opening the door for sports betting in the country.

Sports betting will be launched as a public lottery service called 'fixed-odds betting' as part of the Investment Partnerships Program (PPI) looking to bring investment from the private sector. Te National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES) and the Ministry of Economy will oversee the privatisation of sports betting.

Te BNDES will be charged with 'executing and monitoring the privatisation process' while the Ministry of Economy will be responsible for 'coordinating and monitoring the privatisation referred to in the caput [the introduction to the betting legislation], as well as for approving the studies, projects, surveys or investigations

necessary for the effectiveness of the referred privatisation.'

Brazil's love of football has seen a number of international operators trying to establish their brands in the country in the lead up to the sector's launch with 14 of the 29 teams in Brasileirão Série A sponsored by sports betting companies. Betsul and Casa de Apostas have three sponsorship deals each, whilst NetBet and MarjoSport have two each.

In July, the Galera Group signed a five-year, R$40m (US$7.4m) deal with leading club Corinthians. Betsson has bought into Brazilian race betting operator Suaposta, which was subsequently rebranded Betsson Suaposta.

Tere are approximately 450 sites specialised in sports betting operating in Brazil.


Uruguay Aristocrat brings MarsX to Uruguay market

Casino players in Uruguay are now eperiencing the difference with Aristocrat Technologies’ new MarsX cabinet. Aristocrat has brought the MarsX to Montevideo, with its long-time casino partners Codere and Dirección General de Casinos.

MarsX touched down in Uruguay at Casino Carrasco, Sala Montevideo Shopping, and Sala 18 de julio. Players can discover fan-favorite titles Phoenix Storm, Lion Charge, Ji Cai, and Guo Nian, all playable on the new MarsX cabinet.

“We are excited to bring MarsX to our casino partners in Uruguay. Te MarsX features innovation unlike anything the gaming industry has seen before,” said Chris Rowe, Aristocrat’s Managing Director for Latin America. “MarsX is an innovation that further proves

Aristocrat is a well-established supplier of premium games in Uruguay, and why, combined with our exceptional customer service and player experience, Aristocrat is the brand of choice throughout Latin America.”

Operators appreciate the design of the MarsX, which fits easily into any standard cabinet space. When placed back-to-back, its unique shape opens sight lines across the casino. Additionally, its ergonomic design provides more efficient accessibility for field service technicians, decreasing service time in the field. Players enjoy MarsX’s two 27ins. 4k displays, uninterrupted high-speed game play, and premium virtual button deck with wireless charging technology. A 4:1 speaker system projects audio from the displays, providing crisp, balanced sound.

Chile’s Nueva Inversiones Pacifico Sur Limitada has reached a settlement with Latin American casino operator Sun Dreams and will now buy the entire stake held by Sun’s subsidiary, Sun Latam. Pacifico has agreed to buy a 64.94 per cent stake in Sun Dreams for $160m to take full ownership of the business and settle a dispute. It had previously agreed to stump up cash for a 14.94 per cent stake in Sun Dreams, but didn't finalise the deal leading to a dispute. Sun International said the price was equivalent to 5.5 times 2019 earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, amortisation, and restructuring or rent costs, which could rise to 6.5 times if Sun Dreams meets certain milestones, such as licence renewals.

Pacífico Sur President Claudio Fischer, said: "Fortunately, we are currently facing the challenging circumstances the industry is undergoing with a solid financial position, which enables us to take advantage of growth opportunities in a business we already know and where we stand out as a serious and responsible firm.”

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