Roulette, suppliers are becoming more and more creative with side bets or additional features within games. We are seeing a wide range of these come into the market with suppliers looking to deliver ‘the next best thing’ in table games.

Taago Tamm, Head of Live Dealer, OneTouch: Like the slot market, the table games market is more crowded than ever before, so there’s a diverse range of new elements being launched and integrated each day. In my opinion, the most important, when it comes to keeping players engaged, is autoplay.

Te feature allows gamblers to really immerse themselves in the gameplay and enjoy the entertainment, rather than having to worry about clicking on the betting area every 45 seconds. When it comes to the Live Dealer space, communication between players and dealers is becoming more and more important with punters increasingly starting to demand a more social entertainment experience.

Are regulatory pressures, both in the UK and beyond, a factor in helping to drive innovation within online table games?

Taago: In my view, the answer is no. Regulatory pressures, whether in the UK or elsewhere, are simply part and parcel of working in this industry – and it isn’t a situation which is unique to us. Innovation, for example, is not affected by a mandatory clock at the table or a notification that pops up at certain times. Real innovation is about much more than that and cannot be stopped or enhanced by the regulatory pressures found in most markets.

Robert: I don’t think they are as much as they are in slots. It seems that table games are either allowed or they are not and where they are permitted, there are generally fewer regulations compared to slots in the same jurisdiction. Innovation is being driven in this area a little more than previously as the slot market has become very difficult to gain exposure with new and upcoming products given how crowded it is.

Arcangelo: It’s a difficult question to answer depending on how far off the beaten track we want to go. We will see how max stake limits pan out, but we’re not aiming to disrupt too much. Are we going to see a surge in low stakes betting across plenty of table games? We’ll see. Of course, such a restrictive format for entertainment will risk eliminating certain players.

I do believe these restrictions will have a significant effect on popularity. For example, with players who want to deploy their strategies to spread their bets across various levels of risk on the wheel. Once you put a table limit of £2 or similar, this undermines a large part of many bettors’ strategies. Such a limited format will


still cater to other players who want a different spread of bets and want straight-up excitement. However, it will no doubt affect players who want to be more creative with their betting.

Take a look at the payout for Roulette as an example. Players want far more flexibility in what they can bet depending on the odds when the max expected payout is just 35x, making it a hugely different model to slots, which receive the most scrutiny in terms of stake limits. Such a blanket approach will undoubtedly have a negative effect.

Todd: No, I would say it’s the opposite. Intense regulation impacts our product roadmaps as it shifts the focus. As a large supplier, Evolution must comply with new regulations, along with our operators, to ensure the safety of players whilst also providing innovative and fresh games.

Take a look at the payout for Roulette.

Players want far more flexibility in what they can bet depending on the odds when the max expected payout is just 35x, making it a

hugely different model to slots, which receive the most scrutiny in terms of stake limits.

Such a blanket approach will undoubtedly have a negative effect.

We are used to lots of regulatory changes and this is all part of possessing a privileged license to offer casino games. We need regulation in our industry and some of it helps achieve the objectives it desires, and other regulations have unintended consequences that have the opposite effect. Additionally, each country or jurisdiction is unique, and they have to do what is right for their citizenry and we have to comply.

Is there also a danger that innovating too far away from the traditional model of gameplay can alienate some players?

Robert: Tis is always a risk with innovation. Tere is a happy medium to be struck for all types of players not just those who choose table games. Tere will be a percentage that want the familiar, standard, original games, but there will always be players looking for that innovation that will excite their playing experience and enhance their win potential.

Arcangelo: Without a doubt – it really does risk alienating players. Tis is a format that has been enjoyed by many for centuries and changing that format to remove a large part of their

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