expected entertainment is certainly going to have consequences. How we mitigate that as an industry is going to be a challenge we will have to face – but I certainly would say that too much change will certainly have a detrimental effect on loyalty and engagement.

Todd: Tis is always a risk we consider, but it is also in this danger zone that the best prizes lie. Lots of innovation fails because of companies not taking this risk. Over the past few years, we have really pushed the boundaries by redefining casino products, creating new game types that players love, such as our game shows. Tis year we have also expanded further with strategy-style games, such as Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt, which is different from anything we have done before.

Taago: It’s a possibility, but players who prefer the traditional model can always return to the originals if they wish. Classic versions of

Robert: Te continued success of online table games is more important for some than others. Some suppliers see table games as a cheap route into operators taking their slot games, whereas for others the quality of the table games means it is a considerable portion of their revenues.

Arcangelo: As it stands, online table games account for a significant portion of revenue for many gaming suppliers. It all depends on the quality of focus providers put on their table games with plenty of big names involved in entertaining a demographic that values this form of entertainment.

For continued success, companies such as Realistic are a great example of table games with a unique format, and they’re one of the best out there. I’m sure they’ll continue to attract a loyal fanbase for many years to come, restrictions or not. Te key here is simplicity

Over the past few years, we have really pushed the boundaries by redefining casino products, creating new game types that players love, such as our game shows. This year we have also expanded further with strategy-style games, such as Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt which is different from anything we have done before.

Baccarat and Blackjack will not go anywhere, for example, and our new live dealer product offers world-class iterations of both titles.

Tat’s why you need to include a diverse variety of games in your offerings: land-based players who shifted online when casinos shut, for instance, are more likely to prefer conventional titles, while the new generation of bettors will probably respond to a more high-tech approach.

How important for supplier growth is the continued success of online table games?

Todd: Simply put, without success there is no growth. As one of the largest suppliers of online tables in the world, we are working hard every day to innovate in multiple ways and ensure the growth of our table games.

Of course, players will continue to enjoy the traditional classic table games such as Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat, however, when looking at the next generation of players, we need to offer a more varied selection of games to satisfy their needs.

We are working to add more randomness, more jackpots, more multipliers, more bonus rounds to create games that will be a huge success, and popular with a broader spectrum of players.


and a deep understanding of what make players tick, as well as the ability to deliver the goods.

For us at Habanero, we see table games as a key part of our portfolio, we believe future success is all about offering a premium, best-in-class experience – to deliver the best, rather than anything too ‘new’.

Finally, will the UK still be an attractive market for table games suppliers if new maximum stake limits are imposed online, or will the focus shift elsewhere?

Taago: We respect every move that genuinely improves player protection, but it begs the question: will the UK remain an attractive market for table game developers if maximum stake limits are imposed online, or will those providers start to look elsewhere?

Of course, the UK will always be an appealing market for suppliers and operators alike. Te question, however, is whether it is the most desirable of all – an accolade given to it by many in our industry. In my opinion, there are more lucrative territories out there and the imposition of maximum stake limits will only confirm that view.

Arcangelo: I’m sure it will. Te UK is a highly vibrant market with an incredibly diverse player base that values gaming experiences

that have been tried, tested and enjoyed for years. Tat’s slowly changing now in line with demographics, and looking at the present gambling young generation, all of them grew up with a mobile in their hands and a strong propensity towards sports betting. Entertainment is valued very strongly here – and table games will need to move forward with that in mind.

How this behaviour pans out will be an interesting testing ground to see the direction the industry goes in. Realistically, we’ll likely see plenty of migration given the effect restrictions will have. For many specialist providers, this will mean both a challenge and an opportunity. Tere will be plenty of chance to innovate and I look forward to seeing how it goes.

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