Club Joa Royale Paris Closes Permanently

France’s Joa casino group has confirmed that its Club Joa Royale will not reopen with the Lyon group deciding to refocus upon its core business.

Te 18 table game establishment located at 12 rue Royale in the 8th arrondissement, Paris, operated for just 159 days before closing.


Germany - Westspiel reopens table gaming German casino group Westspiel is offering table games once more in Aachen, Bad Oeynhausen, Bremen, Dortmund and Duisburg.

Managing Director, Jochen Braun, said: "Before the reopening of the slots, we did everything to ensure that our guests and employees in all our hotels could rely on safe and responsible gaming operations. Since everything worked perfectly, it was clear to us that, due to the currently valid Corona Protection Ordinance, we could also open the classic table game with consistently low incidences."

Switzerland - Council appoints The Zug National Council and Mitte President Gerhard Pfister is the new President of the Swiss Casino Association. He has been a member of the Canton of Zug at

the National Council since 2003 and President of the Christian Democratic Party (PDC) from 2016 to 2020, then of the Center since 2021.

Greece - Regency reopens with Zitro games The Thessaloniki and Mont Parnes casinos in Greece, operated by Regency Entertainment, are now open again, and have both added Zitro’s 88 Link games to their floors. “Zitro’s video slots are already very popular with our players, so the new Allure-88 Link machines will be an eye-catcher, and an important contribution to the great experience that Regency always strives to offer to our customers,” stated Ian Gosling, COO of Regency Entertainment.

Nadège Teyssedre, Zitro Regional Sales Director EMEA, commented: “We want to congratulate Regency Entertainment on the long-awaited reopening of their amazing casinos. Our Link King and Link Me games have delivered extraordinary results in Regency Entertainment casinos, and we are very proud to have now introduced our Allure-88 Links in the casinos of which is one of the most prestigious operators in Europe. We greatly appreciate Regency Entertainment for the trust they show us. "

Italy - Eurobet goes live with Vermantia VR Vermantia has launched its pre-recorded greyhound racing service in Italy with regional operator, Eurobet. Through the deal, Eurobet has access to exclusive, fully-licensed greyhound races from multiple, active UK greyhound tracks, featuring full high definition footage from a regularly updated library of races.

Federico Spescha, Trading Director at Eurobet, commented: “Through Vermantia’s fully customized Virtual Racing with premium real greyhound content our customers will enjoy a fast paced, action-packed betting experience and we’re thrilled to see how popular it will become.


Club Joa Royale will not reopen with the Lyon group deciding to 'refocus on its core business and continue its development by strengthening the games and leisure axis like the Group's last casino, built in the town of St Laurent-en. - Grandvaux (Jura).'

Club Joa Royale was forced to close its doors in mid-March 2020, only a month and a half after its opening. It operated for just 159 days in total. Joa was forced to wait until May 19, when the second lockdown was lifted, to be able to open the casino's doors to the public. Faithful to the Group’s strategy, the construction, of which 50 per cent of the surface area is dedicated to non- gaming activities, is a new example of Joa’s vision of its core business.

Te French operator said: "Joa regrets to announce the definitive closure of its Parisian Club and its compulsory liquidation. Opened in January 2020, after more than six months of work, this establishment located at 12 rue Royale, has failed to find its rhythm in a very competitive Parisian market and in a complex health context. Our teams make every effort to facilitate and support the search for reclassification solutions for our 87 employees, among our Parisian colleagues, but also within

the other establishments of the Group."

Other development projects are underway, added the group, including 'construction of a new casino in Fécamp, extension and construction of a bowling alley in Luxeuil, deployment of the Joa Sports Bar, launch of a new bar concept. & Restaurant.'

Te group added: “We continues our acceleration in online games with the brand new Joabet platform, which achieved sustained growth in the first half of 2021 and welcomed its new ambassador Djibril to its teams at the end of May. Cissé for Euro football and the year 2021.”

Paris is now down to seven gaming clubs participating in this experiment in the capital. Five reopened their doors on June 9, the Paris Élysées Club (Tranchant group), the Club Barrière, the Club Circus Paris, the Imperial Club and the Punto Banco (formerly Club Berri acquired by the Partouche group). Te Pierre Charron club and the Montmartre Club were waiting for the end of health restrictions on June 30 to fully reopen. Te lifting of the curfew, at the end of June, could perhaps speed up their reopening.

Germany Law approved to tax online gambling ‘evenly’

Online gambling is now being taxed uniformly across Germany following the passing by the Finance Committee of the law amending the Racing Betting and Lottery Act and the implementation of provisions for the Racing Betting and Lottery Act.

Antje Tillmann, financial policy spokeswoman for the CDU / CSU parliamentary group in the German Bundestag, and the responsible rapporteur, Olav Gutting, said: “From July 1, 2021, the State Treaty on the new regulation of gaming in Germany will allow legal participation in types of gaming that were previously not permitted in Germany. Tese include, among others, virtual slot machine games and online poker.

"However, uniform taxation regulations also form the basis for legalisation. With today's law we have passed a Germany-wide

uniform regulation for the taxation of online games of chance that includes virtual slot machine games and online poker.

“Both forms of online gaming will be taxed in the future, as will race betting, sports betting, public lotteries and draws. Tis means that online games of chance are taxed at 5.3 per cent of the stakes made. Even if this game of chance is operated illegally, for example because there is no license, taxation takes place,” continued Ms. Tillmann.

“With this legislative resolution, the goals of the State Treaty on Gambling in Germany are implemented. On the one hand, the Racing Betting & Lottery Act serves to bring previously illegal gaming offers into legality. On the other hand, it combats gambling addiction and other negative phenomena of real and virtual gaming.”

N. Ireland

Te IAGA International Gaming Summit, due to be held in Belfast between August 23-25, has been cancelled. Notice of the decision came from IAGA President, John Hagan of Harris Hagan, who apologised to members looking forward to the gathering in Northern Ireland this summer, but due to continued international travel restrictions and national lockdowns, the organisers have taken the regrettable route to cancellation. On a more positive note, Mr. Hagan stated that IAGA will be holding a full day of Best Practice sessions at G2E in Las Vegas in October, with dates for the Summit in 2022 due to be announced shortly. Mr. Hagan added: “Tank you most sincerely for your ongoing support of IAGA. On behalf of the officers, Trustees and Counselors, we greatly appreciate your understanding.”

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