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July, 2017

Chandler, AZ — A new digitally-enhanced power analog (DEPA) buck controller for DC-DC power conversion is now available from Microchip Technology. According to the company, this device offers more flexibility than any other analog con- trol architecture currently on the market. The sin- gle-chip solution controls DC-DC converters and is capable of accepting high-voltage input, up to 42V, while simultaneously regulating a wide output voltage range. The internal PIC® microcontroller in the

MCP19122/3 can dynamically adjust the operating frequency, over- and under-voltage lockout thresh- olds, current limits, soft-start, voltage, or current output setpoints and maximum duty cycle. This level of configurability offers many application benefits. The MCP19123 can dynamically adjust the voltage output to meet USB power delivery requirements, while also adjusting the output over-voltage lockout to maintain tight protection limits corresponding to each output voltage level. The MCP19123 buck controller

offers many capabilities, including a programmable differential input amplifier used to optimize perform- ance and minimize system voltage error. This configurability allows for a wide output voltage range com- monly seen in USB power and bat- tery charger applications. Improving integration in larger systems, the device can synchronize to an exter- nal clock and voltage reference, or provide the internal system clock and reference to other devices for synchronization. In server or communications

equipment, this allows for seamless power up and accurate tracking of

General Cable Receives Communication Cable UL Certification

Highland Heights, KY — General Cable has acquired its first Under - writers Laboratories’ (UL) Power over HDBASE-T (PoH) cable certification and compliance with HDBASE-T elec- trical performance standards for the GenSPEED® 10 MTP™ thin-profile Cat6a (plenum) cable. HDBASE-T technology simpli-

fies audio/visual deployment in com- mercial and residential applications by combining HD digital video, audio, 100BASE-T Ethernet, various control signals and up to 100W of power into a single 100m (328 ft) four-pair communications cable. UL tests the cables in accordance with a new UL outline of investigation for PoH cables (UL4299), ensuring the compliance of cabling to the stan- dards while simplifying and stream- lining installation. As the Internet of Things (IoT)

evolves, more and more complex applications will be brought onto the network and powered by a category cable. This is reason for the compa- ny’s partnership with UL to certify the performance and safety of its GenSPEED MTP products in PoH applications. This certification is expected to ensure the company’s customers that their infrastructures will meet the needs of the IoT land-

scape for the life of the installation. Contact: General Cable, 4

Tesseneer Drive, Highland Heights, KY 41076 % 859-386-9712 E-mail: Web:

2130 Victor Place, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80915 USA

Website: E-mail: USA Telephone: 719-572-5566 Fax: 719-572-5504 See at SEMICON West, Booth 7313

power consumption throughout the board. For high-power applications, multiple outputs can operate in parallel providing system redundancy for improved system reliability. Combined with an

Page 79 Microchip Intros DEPA DC-DC Buck Controller

onboard programmable diagnostic and fault detec- tion capability, the MCP19122/3 is suitable for high-performance intelligent power applications. This device also offers excellent accuracy for

an adjustable output power supply. A MCP19122/3 DC-DC converter implementation can maintain an initial 0.5 percent or better output voltage accuracy. In addition to the tight voltage regulation, the chip is designed to deliver current measurement by using a lossless inductor current sense method with specialized internal measurement calibrations. The device can directly accept a common

mode signal up to 16V and report the load current to within 5 percent accuracy for most applications, with an emulated average current mode control for

hardware-based cycle-by-cycle current limiting. Contact: Microchip Technology, Inc.,

MCP19123 DC-DC buck controller.

2355 West Chandler Boulevard, Chandler, AZ 85224 % 480-792-4386 E-mail: Web:

Vacuum Tweezer Solutions

For nearly thirty years we have been a leading supplier of vacuum handling solutions to the world’s high technology fi rms. Our patented ESD safe products are used by CLASS I clean room personnel, electronic assemblers, semiconductor manufacturers, the optics industry and universities around the world. Our success comes from developing innovative manual vacuum handling tools and pick-up tips based on customer requests and customer feedback. These tools provide customer specifi c solutions that make assembly and processing operations more productive and ergonomic. Parts range in size from 0.13mm (0.005”) up to 300mm (12.0”) for easy handling.

• Self-contained vacuum tweezers

• Portable, battery-operated continuous vacuum handling systems

• Bench top 110/220 volt vacuum tweezer systems

• Low cost options

These hand tools replace tweezers and other gripping means for many applications, making them ideally suited for ergonomic manipulation of parts during assembly, inspection, rework and service operations.

Virtual Industries offers a broad line of accessories including miniature rubber vacuum cups, PEEK wafer handling tips, and precision machined handling tips for critical handling operations.

Visit our website or contact us for additional information.

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