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Business news July, 2017

Flying Test Systems Increases Test Coverage with XJTAG

Cambridge, UK —XJTAG and Flying Test Systems have signed a joint technology partner agreement. Fly- ing Test Systems offers PCB test and repair services, design for test (DFT) consulting services, and in-circuit, SPEA flying probe and bespoke func- tional test equipment for production.

commented Nigel Priest, managing director of Flying Test Systems. “At Flying Test Systems we are constant- ly looking for the best test solutions for our clients and found that XJTAG boundary scan offers great function- ality that is priced competitively, user-friendly and comes with a flexi- ble licensing model.” XJTAG has been working with

William Piper, Flying Test Systems engineer, operates a SPEA 4020 S2 with integrated XJTAG.

“Test engineers face increasing

pressure with devices that have little or no access to their pins, and space for test points is under pressure,”

a variety of test solution providers, including flying probe vendors, in or- der to offer best-in-class test capabil- ity and value for clients. Striving for continuous DFT improvement and ensuring that testing BGA devices on dense boards does not impact test coverage now means combining JTAG boundary scan, bed-of-nails and flying probe machines to achieve the best results. Powerful and easy to use, integrated testing enables engi- neers to minimize test time while

maximizing test coverage. Contact: XJTAG, St. John’s In-

novation Centre, Cowley Road, Cambridge CB4 0DS, UK % +44-0-1223-223007 E-mail: Web: r

Indium Partners with Yunnan Tin for China

Clinton, NY — Indium Corporation and Yunnan Tin have entered a strategic technology and materials partnership to supply indium-based products to the Chinese electronics and flat-panel display (FPD) produc- tion markets.

added, “We are looking forward to working together with the team at Yunnan Tin. This partnership will combine the strengths of both compa- nies to move forward.” Benefits of this partnership in-

clude the local production and supply of technologically advanced, high-quality indium-based ma- terials that meet the opera- tional requirements of genera- tion 6.0 and higher FPD coat- ing processes. “Our customers and pro-

ducers will have easier access to indium-based products and ad- vanced technology capabilities,” stated Gu He Lin, vice general manager of Yunnan Tin. Founded in 1883, Yunnan

Zhang Tao, president of Yunnan Tin (left), and Ross Berntson, executive vice president of Indium (right).

“Indium Corporation is honored

to bring our expertise, high-quality products and advanced manufactur- ing technologies to this collabora- tion,” said Ross Berntson, Indium’s executive vice president. “Together, Indium Corporation and Yunnan Tin will enable the growth of indium- based production in China.” William Jackson, director and general manager of compounds

Tin Company, with headquar- ters in Yunnan, China, is the largest tin producer and ex- porter in the world. The compa- ny engages in the exploration,

mining, production, and sale of tin and tin chemicals. Its products include re- fined tin, tin-lead solders, precious metals, and non-ferrous metals, as well as platinum catalysts and other

metal products. Contact: Indium Corp., 34

Robinson Road, Clinton, NY 13323 % 315-381-7524 E-mail: Web: r

KYZEN Expands Capabilities in Belgium

Nashville, TN — In response to in- creased demand for its electronics and metal finishing cleaning products, KYZEN has relocated and significant- ly expanded its operations in Belgium. The new 12,200 ft2 (1,200m2) facility in Aalter, Belgium, is now located to better serve the company’s growing base of customers in Europe. The increased space will facili-

tate the expansion of the local appli- cations laboratory and provide much needed additional space for ware- housing and logistics to meet in- creased European demand. The Aal- ter applications laboratory is one of six such labs that KYZEN operates around the world. “This facility expansion and re-

location was driven by KYZEN’s growing success in Europe,” said Tom Forsythe, KYZEN’s executive vice president. “We had simply out-

grown our previous space. Expansion of the applications lab has been a pri- ority to increase our capabilities and responsiveness to customer requests. KYZEN is committed to serving our clients where science and care con- verge, and these new capabilities will enhance our abilities to meet those goals.” A key driver of the company’s

growth in Europe is the recent intro- duction of the breakthrough KYZEN ANALYST process management technology, which is, reportedly, the first Industry 4.0-ready management system for cleaning systems in the industry.

Contact: KYZEN, 430 Harding

Industrial Drive, Nashville, TN 37211 %615-831-0888 fax: 615-831-0889 E-mail: Web: r

HARTING Begins Construction of New Distribution Center

Espelkamp, Germany — HARTING has invested €40 million ($45 million) in a new European Distribution Cen- ter, expected to be up and running in early 2019. The new facility is the largest investment project of the HARTING Technology Group to date. Construction be- gan in March 2017 in Northeast Espelkamp, Germany. Begin- ning in 2019, roughly 20,000 products will be shipped to cus- tomers globally each day. “The new building is ab-

solutely necessary given the dynamic growth of HARTING and the ever-increasing de- mand for our products and so- lutions,” said Philip Harting, chairman of the board of HARTING Technology Group as the ceremonial first shovel was turned over during the groundbreaking ceremony. The company’s existing warehouse and dispatch center has long been operating at full capacity. The primary objective of the new facility is to allow further worldwide growth and to improve overall delivery per- formance for customers. The core of the new distribution

In the future, 110 trucks and vans will leave the center daily. In addi- tion to the warehouse, there are rooms for offices and administration. Most of the energy required for

Members of HARTING’s board, company executives and members of the Harting family break ground for a new distribu- tion center in Espelkamp, Germany.

heating and cooling is drawn from a geothermal plant. The complex is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2018. The plant will be put into op- eration in stages. Maresa Harting-Hertz, HART-

center is its 66 ft (20m) tall bay ware- house and automated product han- dling. The 48,000 ft2 (4,500m2) facili- ty offers space for 6,500 pallets and around 120,000 warehouse contain- ers. The warehouse is operated fully automatically and paperlessly by em- ploying several methods, including RFID technology. Materials in the hall are moved using driverless transport systems.

ING’s vice president of finance and purchasing, thanked stakeholders for their efforts. She emphasized that the large investment is also a clear commitment to the company’s home region.

Contact: HARTING North

America, 1370 Bowes Road, Elgin, IL 60123 % 847-717-9217 E-mail: Web: r

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