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July, 2017 Business Briefs Wacker Joins Germany’s HTGF III Fund

Munich, Germany — Wacker Chemie AG is strengthening its collaboration with innovative company founders by joining Germany’s HTGF III fund — the third of its kind for tech startups. The HTGF is Germany’s leading investment fund for technology-driven early-stage financing. It has been supporting re- cent technology startups since 2005, helping them to put their business con- cepts into practice. The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and the state-run KfW bank group are the main investors contributing to the fund. Wacker joins other well-known private-sector companies in helping to finance startups. Beginning in Fall 2017, Wacker will be taking part in the early- stage funding. The investment is designed to promote joint development be-

tween established companies and promising entrepreneurs. Contact: Wacker Chemical Corp., 3301 Sutton Road, Adrian, MI 49221 % 888-922-5374 E-mail: Web:

Test Research Awarded for ICT System

San Jose, CA — Test Research, Inc. (TRI), has been awarded for its new-genera- tion in-circuit test system, the TR5001 SII. The 2017 EM Asia Innovation Award, the company’s third industry award for the machine, was presented at NEPCON China earlier this year. TRI offers a complete test solution, including SPI, AOI, AXI, MDA, ICT, and FCT systems, all focused on integrated production quality management and Industry 4.0 data compatibility. The TR5001 SII multicore ICT offers high-throughput parallel board testing and an advanced set of features, such as high-accuracy measurement, multiple routable serial ports, fast pro-

gramming and debugging, and advanced DUT overdrive protection. Contact: Test Research USA, Inc., 832 Jury Court, Suite 4, San Jose, CA 95112 % 408-567-9898 E-mail: Web:

Koh Young Singapore Relocates Office

Pasir Panjang, Singapore — Koh Young Technology has relocated its Singapore office to Pasir Panjang, Singapore. The new office will serve as a sales, training, service, and support facility for the company’s 3D SPI, AOI and smart factory so- lutions. The company has seen its growth accelerate in Southeast Asia in recent years. The new office space is 20 percent larger than the previous facility, allow- ing the company to offer more capabilities to customers in the region. It provides more space for training, machine demonstrations and application support, and

serves as a hub for the company to meet its customers’ needs. Contact: Koh Young America, Inc., 6150 W Chandler Boulevard,

Suite 39, Chandler, AZ 85226 %480-403-5000 fax: 480-403-5001 E-mail: Web:

IPTE Celebrates 25 Years in Business

Alpharetta, GA — IPTE, a worldwide supplier of electronics and mechanical automation solutions, is celebrating its 25th year in business. Over the past two and a half decades, the company has grown from a small manufacturing firm to an internationally recognized supplier of state-of-the-art automation. The company cites the hard work and dedication of its employees along with a culture of customer-oriented service as reasons for its growth and success. This year, the company is reflecting on its origins, its past achievement and its plans for the future. IPTE’s products, website and production departments are regularly updated to provide customers with leading-edge engineering

and design expertise in the electronics and mechanics industries. Contact: IPTE USA, 5935 Shiloh Road East, Suite 100, Alpharetta, GA 30005 % 678-807-0067 E-mail: Web:

PICO Electronics Celebrates 50th Year

Pelham, NY — In 1967, Joseph N. Sweeney and Henry Spoldi had a vision to create a company to manufacture small and reliable transformers, inductors and power supplies. This vision, PICO Electronics, is now celebrating its 50th anniversary as a leader in its field. The company proudly serves the military with mission-critical products and continues to meet aerospace and industri- al needs with ultra-miniature magnetic components and power supplies — all manufactured in the U.S. The company continuously strives to increase the performance of its products and to decrease their size. Many of the company’s current customers have been with PICO from the beginning. Now, in 2017,

%800-431-1064 fax: 914-738-8225 E-mail: Web:

Super Dry Totech Joins ASYS Group

Atlanta, GA — ASYS Group has acquired Super Dry Totech, a manufacturer of dry storage systems. The strategic purchase builds up ASYS’ material logistics with a broadened product portfolio. Super Dry Totech offers innovative solutions for dry storage with a wide range of desiccant dry cabinets and its automated Dry Tower handling and storage system. ASYS is now one step closer to realizing its vision of a fully-interconnected production process, which includes material logis- tics as a key objective. Super Dry Totech has been evolving rapidly over the past few years and gone from a pure hardware manufacturer to solutions provider. The company’s Dry Tower systems are designed to solve the complex logistics

Suite D, Suwanee, GA 30024 % 770-246-9706 fax: 770-246-9866 E-mail: Web:

problems of moisture-sensitive devices in Industry 4.0 smart factories. Contact: ASYS Group Americas, Inc., 140 Satellite Boulevard NE,

the company continuous to fulfill its founders’ vision. Contact: PICO Electronics, Inc., 143 Sparks Avenue, Pelham, NY 10803 ®

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Why You Should Upgrade to a CableEye Tester…

Setting the screen language is only one way in which the flexible, intuitive CableEye cable and harness test system adapts to meet your needs.

 operator interface for production workers, it's easy!

 data in a report showing resistances, voltages, and leakage current, we can provide this, automatically.

 diagnostic tools to find intermittent connections, locate shorts, opens, or mis- wires, our live graphic wiring display makes this a snap.

 test procedure to ensure consistency, our built-in scripting with operator prompts does the job.

 stored cable data from inadvertent erasure or tampering, set each

operator's log-in privilege as needed.

 be Future-Proof, you will like that we do not use embedded computers or screens.

 files and fixtures between different models, our common software platform makes that a cinch.

 hardware and rock-solid support, we insist on that too. Here’s what others have to say:

1 Yr Renewable Warranty Free Tech Support!

Still servicing testers over 20 years old! ® CAMI Research Inc. CableEye ® +1 978-266-2655 | Diagnostic Netlist/Schematic

Output Options Ready, Pass & Fail


Trigger Test Signal Relay Control

Printing Speech GUI

Export Files Example Tower Light, LEDs, Audible Tone

Foot pedal, remote control Lock & Release Latches, Diverter Gates

Reports & Labels Guided Assembly Schematic, Netlist

csv, xml, Excel, Archival Data-Logging


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Production Continuity & HiPot 


Out-of-the-box, Customizable Reports

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