New Rules to Stabilise Balearic Gaming

Te suspension of the opening of new gambling establishments in the region over the next two years is to bring order and more stability for the gaming sector

Te Balearic Islands receives about 34 million Euros each year from gambling that takes place in the three casinos, four bingo halls and 4,000 slot machines


Government Minister Juan Pedro Yllanes has stated that the purpose of the suspension of the opening of new gambling establishments in the region over the next two years is to bring order and more stability for the gaming sector.

Speaking at the Economic Commission of the Parliament, Yllanes explained that although this will be a long process in which all stakeholders will be given a voice, the government has already set down a number of objectives.

New licenses will be paced at the same rate as other licences are revoked. Te government will also look into increasing the minimum distances between gaming establishments and schools, health centres or other places frequented by minors. Collaboration with the sports community will also be encouraged in order to restrict the advertising of betting on sports activities and events. In addition, the government will oversee public awareness campaigns highlighting the risk of the dangers of gambling.

Te minister also explained that some measures have already been put in place such as the creation of a new online oversight body, which

Casino di Venezia goes live with NOVOMATIC cash management

Italy Only one year after the

agreement between the Casinò di Venezia and NOVOMATIC was signed, Italy's largest casino has put an innovative casino management and biometric access system into operation.

NOVOMATIC equipped both

locations of the Casinò di Venezia with its comprehensive casino management system. A total of 650 gaming machines were easily shifted from the existing system to the new casino management system. NOVOMATIC Biometric Systems (NBS) is currently the most innovative solution available on the market, fulfils all legal requirements, and thus offers the ideal solution

recently presented a study on the incidence of advertising in sports betting. In January the government of the Balearic Islands approved the suspension of the granting of any new authorisations for the opening of gambling halls for two years. Te two year period will give the government time to decide on new rules when it comes to where any new facilities can be built and the future of the industry in general.

Te measure was put forward by Vice President of the left-wing electoral alliance Unidas Podemos, Juan Pedro Yllanes. According to an Executive press release at the time, “it is a provisional, preventive and temporary measure.” Te agreement was necessary for "reasons of general interest of public order, public health, security and the protection of the rights of the users of games,” Te agreement also includes a future study into the industry as well as other actions necessary to process the future decree concerning the planning permission of gaming establishments. Approving this planning is the responsibility of the Governing Council, "taking into account the reality and social impact of gambling and betting, it’s economic and tax implications, and the need to diversify gaming."

for both casino operators and casino guests.

In addition to modern access control, the system offers innovative jackpot solutions, bonus programs and e-wallet functionalities.

Dr. Alessandro Cattarossi,

General Manager of the Casinò di Venezia, the world’s oldest established gaming house founded in 1638: “With this project we have placed great trust in the competence of NOVOMATIC. Today I can say that we are very satisfied with this collaboration and I thank NOVOMATIC for the work done.”

DI Ryszard Presch, NOVOMATIC Chief Operating Officer: “We are delighted to have won a renowned long-

term partner with the Casinò di Venezia. We are working continuously to improve the gaming experience for the casino guest.”


Digitain has been awarded a B2B Critical Gaming Supply Licence by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), enabling it to supply a wealth of Tier 1 B2C operators based in the critical jurisdiction. Te new licence allows Digitain to extend its global player reach and form strategic commercial partnerships in addition to its 100+ partner portfolios covering 65 sports, 7,500 leagues, and over 3,000 markets. It also offers odds on 35,000 live events each month, while its casino solution has 3,000-plus games from major casino suppliers (such as Novomatic, Microgaming, NetEnt and Playson). Suren Khachatryan, Chief Commercial Officer at Digitain, said: “Tis new licence deepens our access to a key market and affords more operators the chance to take advantage of our best-in-class sportsbook and casino technology.”

MALTA – For a second year in a row, Euro Games Technology has been recognised as one of the most successful companies in Bulgaria, ranking 11th in the Top 300 Business Leaders in the country. The competition takes into account all sectors in the economy and is organised by ICAP Bulgaria, part of ICAP Group – the largest consulting group in Southeastern Europe and one of the few recognised as Credit Rating Agency by the European Securities and Markets Authority in the region.

In the presence of over 200 top managers of leading Bulgarian and international companies, as well as representatives of chambers of commerce and industry organizations, Stanislav Stanev, Marketing & Sales Director at EGT, shared: “We are honored to be distinguished from ICAP as one of the top companies in the Bulgarian economy and to receive the “True Leader” award once more. EGT continues to reaffirm its position as a reliable global- scale manufacturer of gaming equipment and content and I am confident that we will keep the upward trend in our growth in future. The motto of our company “We give more” is a principle that we strictly follow, so we now offer more high-quality products and services, attend better to our customers, add more value to their business and increase players’ satisfaction.”

NIGERIA - ETHIOPIA – In order to better explore possibilities offered by the African iGaming market, NSoft recently expanded its business operation’s team with two more dedicated sales managers settled in SAR and Nigeria. This strategic decision has resulted in a better understanding of African market specifics and subsequently led to penetration into two new markets: Ethiopia and Burundi.

NSoft’s sportsbook, including popular draw-based games as well as virtual games, have been adopted by three betting operators, new customers of NSoft at African iGaming market.

In addition, two more retail-based sports betting operators from Ethiopia are in the final stages of integration of NSoft’s Pre-Match and Live MTS solution, complemented with a web platform to be used for tickets’ code generation.

“It is always exciting to enter new markets, new countries. You basically have no formula for it – one has to do all research on market, trends and all define legal issues prior to any serious negotiation with potential clients. Thus, we are pleased to have additional sales forces on site that can quickly get into the matter and to respond with ease to any request of existing or potential clients,” said Ivan Rozić, SVP Global Sales and Business Development at NSoft.


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