Growth Soars for La Française des Jeux EMEA

La Française des Jeux experienced its best growth for 15 years with the total number of bets placed increasing by nine per cent to €17.239bn

FDJ redistributed €11.7bn to customers, a rate of almost 68 per cent. A figure similar to that of 2018, and a very slight increase in 2019.

GERMANY – Jörg Wacker, a member of the board of the German football club Bayern Munich, has warned against over-regulation in the new state treaty on sports betting.

Mr. Wacker, former German boss of betting provider bwin said: "You should keep people legal by making them attractive. Otherwise there is a risk that they will migrate to the uncontrolled black market. We have to be careful not to become a super big brother. The question applies to all areas of life: How much control is necessary and how much responsibility should you leave to the people and the market itself?"

The plans stipulate that live betting will be restricted, and there is also a deposit limit per month and player of €1,000. In addition, a gaming supervisory authority that is yet to be established is to monitor all transactions. The new regulations for sports betting in Germany is to come into force by July 2021.

Speaking to the German tabloid BILD, Mr. Wacker added: “The term illegal is completely unsuitable for the majority of German operators, who hold EU licenses and are sanctioned by Schleswig-Holstein” (the only federal state to issue online betting licences). The legal situation has not been clarified for 15-years, but that does not mean that operators are illegal. German bookmakers paid €500m in tax revenues last year, meaning that there is a legal basis in which they operate.

“A €1.000 deposit limit and a ban on live betting carry the greater risk of consumers migrating to the black market, where they will wager higher amounts. The black market is easy to find these days, so we are better off keeping players legal.”

BULGARIA – Zitro has been granted a Bulgarian manufacturer’s licence from the local gaming authorities. The licence allows the company to sell its slot machines directly to casino operators, cutting down delivery times and facilitating a more efficient time-to-market.

Nadège Teyssedre, Director of Sales for EMEA of Zitro, explained: “We would like to thank the local authorities for issuing the license to us. We are very excited to be installing more of our Link King banks in various renowned casinos in the country, and, very soon, we plan to install as well other products, such as the 88 Link Wild Duels multigame progressive game on our brand new Allure cabinet.”

Sebastian Salat, CEO of Zitro added: “Bulgaria represents an important jurisdiction within our European and global expansion plans. Obtaining the manufacturer’s license is yet another milestone we have achieved as a team and which is fundamental to keep growing our business as planned.”


La Française des Jeux (FDJ) experienced its best growth since 2004 last year with the total number of bets placed with the French operator increasing by nine per cent to €17.239bn with all of its gaming sectors experiencing growth.

Te lowest increase was felt by the company's draw games (Loto and Euromillions), up 6.4 per cent reaching €5.480bn in bets. Scratch games increased by 7.7 per cent to €8.205bn, due to 11 new product launches and two revivals of point- of-sale games. Te Crossword Puzzle family became the sixth best performing FDJ game with bets over €1bn.

Te lottery (draw games and instant games) recorded an overall increase of 7.2 per cent for cumulative bets of €13.384bn. Tese bets equated to 79 per cent of the group's bets with this increase being the best of the last five years. Te winnings of lottery players increased by seven per cent for a return rate to players almost stable at 65.7 per cent. Digitised wagers on instant games were up 30 per cent and represent

nearly six per cent of lottery wagers. FDJ redistributed €11.7bn to customers, a rate of almost 68 per cent. A figure similar to that of 2018, and a very slight increase in 2019.

After a year rich in sporting events including the Football World Cup and the Winter Olympic Games, the sports betting sector was still popular in 2019 thanks to the attractiveness of annual events such as the Champions League, Ligue 1 and Roland Garros, and the success of one-off events such as the African Cup of Nations, the Women's World Cup in France and the Rugby World Cup.

ParionsSport recorded growth of 16.1 per cent to €3.538bn, despite the absence of a competition such as the Football World Cup. Tis sector represents a little more than 20 per cent of the bets made by FDJ. ParionsSport Point de Vente increased by ten per cent, while the digital offer increased by 40 per cent. Te latter represents almost 75 per cent of sports betting. Te TRJ progressed in 2019 to reach 76.1 per cent.

Bosnia and Herzegovina SIS agrees 24/7 Live deal with Pin Projekt SIS has secured a deal with Pin

Projekt’s sports betting brand WWin for two of its 24/7 Live Betting Channels.

As part of the agreement, WWin will launch a horse racing channel that features 27,000 premium live international races a year from the world’s leading racecourses, as well as a greyhound racing channel that includes 33,000 races from British and Irish tracks, with live racing interspersed with market leading virtual racing within both channels.

Te Bosnia and Herzegovinian operator is set to roll out both 24/7 channels across its 170 retail outlets, as well as its online and mobile offering, providing its customers with around the clock, frequent betting opportunities.

Te Watch and Bet channels will be delivered as an end-to-end solution, with WWin receiving live streamed pictures, data, commentary, on-screen graphics and betting prompts, all designed


to keep its customers engaged and to drive turnover on the high margin content.

Anze Gantar, Digital Sales Manager at SIS, said: “Tis is an important deal for us as we continue to build our international customer base. Bettors across Bosnia and Herzegovina will soon be able to enjoy an exciting betting experience through our 24/7 Live Betting Channels. We’ll be working closely with the WWin team to ensure that these new channels will drive engagement from the-off and deliver increased betting revenues for the operator.”

Ivan Grkovic, Chief Commercial Officer at Pin Projekt, said: “We’re excited to have reached this agreement with SIS for its ground- breaking 24/7 Live Betting Channels. With this new 24/7 service, we’ll significantly boost our racing offering with a significant number of betting opportunities across the day, providing an optimal experience for our customers.”

Betsson has acquired Gaming Innovation Group's (GiG) BC2 operations, including the brands Guts, Kaboo, Rizk and Trills. GiG will receive €31m upon completion of the deal. As part of the acquisition, Betsson has entered into a platform service agreement with GiG for a minimum of two and a half years to host the acquired brands on the GiG B2B platform. Betsson will pay a fee based on revenues under the platform service agreement. Te total value of the deal is estimated to be around €50m. Betsson will now onboard GiG’s Zecure Betsson has agreed to keep all of GiG’s existing brands active on the Zecure platform for at least 30 months. Te company will pay an initial €22.3m in cash, which is 2.9 times Zecure’s 2019 earnings before interest and tax. Tat figure was €7.6m. Te deal still needs to be confirmed by relevant authorities, but should complete at the end of April.

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