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Market Focus

Guinot Justyna Rostek

Running a beauty salon has always been a dream for Justyna, which is what led her to Guinot. For Justyna, it was reassuring to have the support of an established and well-known brand when opening a new business. Investment level: From £85,000

Why did you choose Guinot over other franchises?

I’ve known and worked with Guinot products and treatments throughout my career in beauty. It is well known and respected by my peers and clients for its innovative research and result-driven treatments. Although the franchise scheme is relatively new in the UK, it is well established and very successful in France. I even met a French Guinot franchise salon owner when she was on a trip to London, and she told me that her turnover had doubled after converting her salon to a Guinot franchise.

How did you secure funding? Funding was sought primarily through a business loan. Guinot and its existing franchisees were very helpful, providing me with the information needed to put together a business plan that I was confi dent with, which helped secure the necessary funding. My redundancy pay also contributed to getting the venture off the ground.

Has the business been successful? The salon’s success has exceeded all my expectations. We are expanding and hiring new staff way ahead of the plans put together initially. We have been welcomed by the local community and hope to be running at full capacity by next year.

What kind of training and support have you received?

So far the team has helped me every step of the way, and I know that this support will continue throughout the life of my franchise agreement. Guinot is famous within the beauty industry for its high training standards at centres across the UK. As a franchisee I receive continuous training and support for my staff , through weekly calls, and meetings every six weeks. We also get access to regional seminars and a biannual conference. There’s also great marketing support with new off ers being introduced every six weeks designed to drive the business forward and attract footfall through the eye-catching franchise- exclusive promotions.

How hands-on are you in the day-to- day operations? The salon is open fi ve days a week and I’m at work every day. I’m involved in all aspects of the business. I’ve employed a fantastic team which allows me to combine my beauty therapy with managing the business and focussing on the successful implementation of the sales and marketing strategy.

Have you encountered any problems along the way?

The biggest challenge has been fi nding the right staff . It’s quite unique for a beauty salon to be mainly a skincare centre and so heavily focussed on delivering facials, so I had to fi nd experienced therapists with an exceptional knowledge and passion for skincare. I am pleased that I now have a brilliant team in place and look forward to the business growing in the near future.

Have there been any highlights in particular? The salon’s launch event was a great success. It was planned to coincide with the switching on of the Earlsfi eld Christmas lights. I raised the profi le of the salon in the local community prior to the launch by being a headline sponsor for the event which included marketing campaigns executed by Wandsworth Council, including direct mail and online activity. In the two- hour period of the lights switch-on and the opening of the salon, over 100 potential new clients passed through the doors of the salon, many leaving their details for future SMS and direct mail marketing campaigns.

What’s in store for the future? We have only been open for just over fi ve months, and still have some work to do on the premises, but I hope to have four treatment rooms running at full capacity by May 2017 and possibly extending our business hours.

28 | | July/August 2016 Anytime

Fitness Adam Phillips

With an interest in sport, Adam felt that Anytime Fitness fi lled that mid- market space, where members could enjoy top-quality equipment, fi t-out and service for a mid-market price. Investment level: From £110,000

How did you secure funding? I used to work in fi nance, so this is my core competency. I spoke to a few banks and leasing companies. I ended up taking a fi ve-year repayment loan from HSBC because they came up with the most competitive fi nance package. It was a very straightforward process.

Has the business been successful? Anytime Fitness in Stroud has only been open for eight months, so we are still in the process of building up the membership base. Like all new businesses, there have been some teething issues, but the business is more or less on track.

What kind of training and support have you seen?

Anytime Fitness provide new franchisee training and other vital training, which is generally useful. As a franchisee I also have access to franchise support consultants who provide advice along the way.

How hands-on are you in the day-to- day operations? To date, I have been reasonably hands-on, but I now feel like I have the right team in place, so I am making a conscious eff ort to step back from the day-to-day running of the business to give the team space.

What have you received in return for your investment? The business is more than breaking even after eight months, but it is too early to talk about investment returns at this stage.

Have there been any highlights in particular?

Anytime Fitness Stroud was chosen as the 3,000th Anytime Fitness Club globally, which was a nice accolade and a highlight. We threw a grand opening and the global CEO came.

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