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1 SHEEX built its business on the principles

of rest and recovery, using innovative technical textiles in its assortment of performance bedding and sleepwear. With the introduction of the company’s Performance Cooling Mattress, SHEEX can now offer its retail partners a complete Performance Sleep System. The five-model Performance mattress line features aerated, copper-infused Talalay latex and proprietary Ice-Cool performance materials with temperature-regulating CoolX phase change technology. These technical performance materials work together to regulate body temperature and ensure a cooler sleep surface for deeper, more restorative sleep.

3 Cooling comfort continues to be a

meaningful selling point for today’s mattress shoppers. Classic Brands offers a valuable retail solution to this issue with its Cool Gel Thermic fabric. Hypersensitive to heat and cool to the touch, this innovative textile not only absorbs body heat for a cooler night’s sleep—but it also darkens when touched. This adds a compelling visual for consumers on the retail floor, providing the RSA with a new way to show and tell the benefits of a cooler night sleep. Available in its competitively priced Urban Loft Thermic and Urban Loft Hybrid collections, Classic Brands’ Cool Gel Thermic fabric brings a fresh take on the cooling mattress category.

2 Catering to the ultra- premium customer,

Vispring recently introduced the one-of-its-kind Palladium base. Vispring’s first foray into the adjustable base category, the Palladium is designed with a unique pocket coil system incorporated within the base itself, specifically designed to work in concert with the company’s luxury innerspring mattresses. Touting a wealth of functions including dual massage, zero-gravity setting, head-up, foot-up options and more, the fully upholstered Palladium is handcrafted by Vispring’s renowned artisans. With this latest offering, Vispring enables its retailers to offer their most discerning customers a complete, top-of- the-line sleep package.

developed a new level of comfort and support with its innovative iFlex Hybrid Quilt. First introduced at the summer Las Vegas Market, this patent-pending technology features over 2,000 micro coils integrated directly into the quilt itself. This first-of-its-kind hybrid quilt offers unparalleled support and durability—with the added bonus of increased breathability. Featured in select models in Therapedic’s successful Tommy Bahama mattress collection, the iFlex Hybrid Quilt is a true bedding innovation that delivers valuable differentiation in today’s

5 Therapedic has competitive marketplace.

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6 Eclipse International is helping retailers drive

accounts for 25% of the sleeping surface, Blu Sleep set out to make every inch count. Focusing on temperature- neutral materials like water- expanded foam, natural latex and breathable gel—all of which are designed to dynamically adapt to the curves of the head and neck—Blu Sleep curated a pillow assortment that works for every sleeper. Adding to the company’s existing Nature, Wellness and Latex collections, Blu Sleep will release its newest line at the Winter Las Vegas Market: the Essential Collection. The line includes four pillows made from Italian, water- expanded foam and infused with a particular essential oil—chamomile, lavender, citrus or eucalyptus—to encourage a more tranquil sleep environment.

4 Knowing that the pillow 6 Sleep Retailer / Winter 2018

consumer traffic and sales with a new three-bed collection under its high-end Chittenden & Eastman label. Ranging in retail price from $1,799 to $2,499, this line provides retailers with an attractive natural story with mattresses made from latex, organic wool and two different types of pocketed coils—and finished with traditional tufting and blue and silver knit ticking. As part of Eclipse’s new nationwide merchandising program, this collection will be manufactured by licensees across the country in accordance to an established set of standard specifications and operating procedures.

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