Tempur-Pedic Unveils Next Generation Of Mattresses Featuring New TEMPUR Formulation

By Christopher Schriever Tempur-Pedic is heading to the Las Vegas Market with its largest product launch to date—including the introduction of the new TEMPUR-APR technology. This new ad- vanced pressure relief material is featured in the company’s 2018 TEMPUR-ProAdapt mattress series, which will be debuted along- side the TEMPUR-Adapt line at winter show. “We are pleased to again raise the bar for breakthrough products in the mattress indus- try,” said Rick Anderson, Tempur Sealy EVP and president, North America. “Every Tem- pur-Pedic mattress is a work of innovation by industry-leading experts who deeply under- stand the science of sleep.” Made from a unique combination of inno- vative materials, both the TEMPUR-Adapt and TEMPUR-ProAdapt series adapt and respond to the body’s needs continuously throughout the night. The TEMPUR-ProAdapt line is made

with Tempur-Pedic’s most advanced pres- sure-relieving TEMPUR material ever, TEM- PUR-APR. For added comfort and conve- nience, the SmartClimate dual cover system features a zip-off, cool-to-touch outer layer and super-stretch inner layer. The series is expertly engineered to promote deep, relax- ing sleep that rejuvenates the whole body.

The TEMPUR-Adapt series showcases

Tempur-Pedic’s legendary comfort and sup- port, redesigned for today. Mattresses in the series feature two layers of premium TEM- PUR material, which continually adapts and conforms to the body to relieve pressure and reduce motion transfer throughout the night. The new TEMPUR-Adapt series will fea- ture two models retailing for $1,999, while the TEMPUR-ProAdapt series will include three models—soft, medium and firm—at the $2,799 price point. In addition to new eye-catching aesthetics, both series also fea-

ture stronger differentiators to clearly show- case the features of each model and help consumers find the bed that’s right for them. “We take pride in listening to our consumers, considering their needs and keeping their inter- est in mind for every step of the purchase jour- ney,” added Anderson. “We are raising the bar in delivering unmatched feels with breakthrough technology, while also simplifying the consumer shopping experience and making it easier for Retail Sales Associates to assist consumers as they select the perfect mattress.” Visit

Beautyrest Debuts New Premium Performance Platinum Line

By Gretchen Kast The Beautyrest brand will introduce a new Beautyrest Platinum line at the Winter Las Vegas Market, featuring both innerspring and hybrid mattresses. Positioned be- tween the Beautyrest Silver and Beautyr- est Black collections, the new Beautyrest Platinum mattresses are premium perfor- mance beds built with balance in mind— blending art and science for a smarter, more restorative sleep.

38 Sleep Retailer / Winter 2018

Each mattress in the Beautyrest Platinum Collection is built with an array of new com- fort, cooling and support technologies. The beds feature InfiniCool or InfiniCool HD, two new technologies that uniquely position phase change materials directly beneath the fabric covers to help move heat away from the body. The line also incorporates new support tech- nologies, with select innerspring models tout- ing the exclusive BackCare 3X. Engineered with 2,000 additional pressure-relief coils, this

technology provides contouring support and pressure relief. All Beautyrest Platinum Hybrid models feature the PressureSense Hybrid Support System, which contains Beautyrest Pocketed Coil and Pocketed Memory Foam technologies for a true hybrid system de- signed to balance pressure relief and support. With a modern, sophisticated design, the new Beautyrest Platinum mattress line is sure to stand out on the retail showroom floor. Visit

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