Engineered to cool as well as its exclusive Performance premium mattresses, SHEEX’s Performance Ice-Cool Hybrid Mattress Pro- tector protects the life of any mattress and preserves the original mattress warranty. Sporting a micoporous liquid barrier that of- fers extreme breathability, the Ice-Cool Hybrid protector fosters cleaner, healthier sleep by safeguarding against spills and moisture while also blocking allergens and dust mites.

4 Malouf The average mattress replacement cycle is nine

years, but that of sleep accessories is typically less than three. By educating consumers on the benefits of protectors, retailers can capitalize on the higher replacement rates of these essen- tial accessories. With this in mind, Malouf has curated an extensive collection of protection products that foster a healthier sleep environ- ment. Offering reliable waterproof protection combined with superior cooling technology, Ma- louf’s Five 5ided IceTech Mattress Protector— part of the company’s Sleep Tite line—guards against stains, dust mites, allergens and over- heating. By continually dissipating body heat, the IceTech fabric leaves the sleeping surface cool and comfortable. The super quiet, lab-certi- fied H2Pro barrier protects the top and sides of

The company’s CoolX Adaptive Fabric Tech- nology transports moisture and heat away from the body to promote cooler sleep, while the fitted sheet style goes on easily and stays securely in place thanks to thick elastic and a precision fit. By including such a functional protector in its expansive Performance as- sortment, SHEEX enables its retail partners to offer their customers a complete sleep solutions system.


the mattress from moisture, without sacrificing air permeability. Utilizing a premium elasticized skirt and deep pockets, Malouf’s Universal Fit design creates a smooth, secure fit on mattress depths six to 22 inches. By incorporating cut- ting-edge fabric technologies with a high-per- ceived value and an industry-leading warranty, Malouf supports its retail partners in establish- ing themselves as the go-to experts on sleep.

6 Protect-A-Bed 6

A global leader in mattress and pillow pro- tection, Protect-A-Bed’s revolutionary air-va- por-porous technology has inspired innovation throughout the mattress protection category and continues to drive development through- out the top-of-bed industry. Among the com- pany’s many protection products is the Therm- A-Sleep Snow Cooling Mattress and Pillow protectors. Featuring Nordic Chill cooling fabric that dissipates body heat up to 10 times faster than cotton, the Therm-A-Sleep Snow collec- tion creates a cold sleep climate that can even

be felt through bed sheets. Protect-A-Bed’s exclusive Miracle Membrane barrier promotes a healthy sleep environment by protecting sleepers from dust mites and other allergens that may lurk in either mattresses or pillows. The whisper-quiet waterproof barrier allows maximum air permeability while effectively pro- tecting against spills, incontinence, perspiration and stains. Firmly believing that protectors help “grow the retail basket,” Protect-A-Bed gives retailers the tools to strengthen their business- es and best serve their customers.

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5 Fashion Bed Group Understanding that protectors are an essen- tial finishing touch to a consumer’s sleep en- vironment, Fashion Bed Group has curated a comprehensive suite of protection products that allow retailers to stock a variety of sleep solutions. In addition to standard protector functions like acting as a barrier to protect against liquids, staining, dust mites and other allergens, Fashion Bed Group’s Sleep Chill + protection collection brings innovative cool- ing technology into the bedroom. The ultra- soft, advanced Aere crystal gel fibers cool and wick away heat and moisture, while the 3D texture design—in concert with the cool- ing technology—absorbs and dissipates heat to make a crisp, cool sleeping environment. The ultra-soft fabric perfectly conforms to the mattress or pillow, providing a soothing, luxu- rious feel for maximum comfort.


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