Diamond Mattress Unboxes Rally Sales System 2.0

By Brooke S. Pisarsky Diamond Mattress will debut the Rally Sales System 2.0 in a new showroom at the Winter Las Vegas Market. Designed to help retailers sell through the company’s latest Rally col- lection upgrades and other products, this new sales process “redefines the customer expe- rience and engages them in the process,” said company president Shaun Pennington.

The Rally collection is a 12-bed program

that includes all-foam mattresses and hybrids that combine pocketed coils and foam. Each of the beds—Rally Classic, Rally Cooling, Rally Hybrid and Rally Hybrid Cooling—offer the option of performance fabric or cooling fabric, as well as comfort levels of plush, me- dium or firm. The collection features a new upgraded cooling cover to enhance the Rally Cooling and Hybrid Cooling models that de- buted at the summer market. The Rally Sales Process 2.0 allows the retail sales associate to engage the customer in selecting comfort, core and cover for their Rally mattress. “The customer experience in the retail store should be an engaging, educational and all- around positive one, and how to create that is what we are going to show retailers who visit our showroom in Vegas,” Pennington explained. “We will lay out a plan for sales success that hopefully retailers can replicate and use to grow their business with Rally and beyond.”

Spring Air Updates Back Supporter Line With Fresh Fabrics By Brooke S. Pisarsky

Spring Air International’s top-selling Back Supporter line is getting a facelift with fresh, au courant fabrics. Designed and selected to make the beds stand out on retail showroom floors, the new fabrics will be showcased at the Winter Las Vegas Market. The Back Supporter line is a success story for Spring Air, with its combination of back support and pressure-relieving com- fort. Crafted with combinations of NU-Temp Foam, high-density foam and the signature three-zone encased coil spring, the collection provides more support in the middle third to better support the hips and shoulders. The collection’s updated fabric treatment

features a crisp white, quilted knit highlighted with charcoal gray, and a gray and white tex-

tured side panel. The look is completed with a softer gray welt for a pulled-together presen- tation. Designed with a soothing aesthetic, the fresh look rejuvenates Back Supporter’s image while maintaining the supportive con- struction consumers have come to trust for a good night’s sleep. “The fresh colors and new design elements in the look will help increase curb appeal on the retail floor and pull consumers into the bedding vignette,” said Nick Bates, president of Spring Air. “Shopping for a mattress can be overwhelming for consumers wading through a sea of white. Our new Back Supporter fab- rics are eye-catching and stand out from the pack to deliver a fresh perspective and look to the collection.” Visit 47

Diamond’s new 3,500-square-foot show- room enables the company to show even more products, including two new collections at the retail price point of $999. The new Generations collection uses graphene mem- ory foam and features a contemporary gray and black cover, offered in plush, medium and firm comfort options. The new CoolTouch hy- brid quilted collection combines gel memory foam and pocketed coils, and for the first time, will have a cool-to-the-touch quilted cover. At the $1,299 retail price point, the Spinal Com- fort luxury micro coil collection boasts 1,980 total coil count that includes pocketed coils and a layer of mini coils with a combination of specialty luxury foams. In addition, two new opening price point models include a pock- eted coil bed for $599 retail and a 10-inch gel memory foam for $699 retail. All of Diamond mattresses models shown at market are made in the U.S. and are UPS shippable. Visit

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