Cover Story

PureCare’s Steady Growth And Expanding Sleep Portfolio

By Gretchen Kast

Powered by a comprehensive portfolio of health and wellness-based products, PureCare has emerged as an innovative leader of the sleep accessories category.


t a time when industry consolidation and online competition have driven down value, PureCare has experienced an ex- traordinary period of growth, steadily expand- ed its sleep-product portfolio, retail distribution and operational capabilities. The company delivers high-quality sleep products with features and technologies that continue to resonate on showroom floors. With a new headquarters opening in Arizona and a fully renovated showroom unveiling at the Winter Las Vegas Market, PureCare is head- ing into 2018 stronger than ever before—and has no plans to slow down anytime soon. Before rebranding in 2012, PureCare was known as Fabrictech International—an inno- vator in the mattress protection market. The new name and rebrand solidified a shift in the company’s focus to a health and wellness brand. While PureCare still offers extensive private label programs to retailers, the com- pany has built a comprehensive portfolio of branded sleep accessories. Offering a wide range of advanced protector, pillow and sheet collections, PureCare has generated contin- ued success within the specialty mattress and furniture market—and recently expanded its online retail presence as well. “While we’ve shored up some major ac- counts with retailers, both domestically and internationally, one of the things that I’m most excited about is the team we’ve built,” explains Sean Bergman, PureCare’s chief

marketing officer. “We’ve really evolved into a very functional, communicative and driven group of individuals that is both looking at the future of PureCare as well as how to get things done right now.”

As the internal make-up of the company has

expanded, PureCare has successfully avoided any potential growing pains by bolstering its infrastructure, implementing new organizational systems and customer relationship manage- ment processes. In refining its operations, the company has successfully maintained a level of manufacturing acuity that serves as the basis of everything that it does. “We’re not an Internet company, or a mar- keting company. At our core, we are a product design, manufacturing and wholesale compa- ny,” Bergman continues. “We are seeking out cutting-edge, tip-of-the-spear technology to incorporate into our products—but we’re really looking at technology in a different way. We’re looking at using unique technical textiles and specialized manufacturing to their fullest.” While quality and comfort are primary priori- ties, every new PureCare product must service its overarching mission of health and well- ness. From the very beginning, the company has been devoted to creating wellness-based products that help create a cleaner, healthier sleep environment. The company’s original slate of mattress protection products focused on health and hygiene elements. Each Pure- Care protector is made with exclusive tech-

nologies like OmniGuard Advance fabric and MiteTight sealed seams—all of which are de- signed to guard against allergens, mold and mildew, dust mites and bed bugs. “We’ve been talking about health and well-

ness as a company for a long time,” says Sar- ah Bergman, vice president of marketing & creative. “Those original benefits and features are still built into our products and they still perform great. But, today, health and wellness means a lot of things to a lot of different peo- ple. Our original message may still resonate for a mom whose child suffers from allergens, but health and wellness may mean something totally different to a customer that’s looking for better performance and faster recovery times.” The demand for healthy lifestyle products has grown significantly in recent years, mak- ing PureCare’s mission more relevant than ever before. According to Euromonitor In- ternational, the global market for health and wellness offerings grew to $686 billion in 2016—and it is expected to reach $815 bil- lion by 2021. For today’s consumers, health and wellness is a primary consideration—and they are willing to spend money on the prod- ucts that will help them achieve it. As the con- cept of health has evolved, so too has Pure- Care’s product portfolio.

Since 2010, the company has focused on elevating its health and wellness message beyond mattress hygiene through the use of technical textiles such as Celliant, FRíO and 9

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