Englander Debuts Expanded Tension Ease Line At Winter Las Vegas Market

By Brooke S. Pisarsky Englander will launch an enhanced mattress series in its newly remodeled showroom at the Winter Las Vegas Market. Based on the successful introduction of Tension Ease with graphite, Englander is introducing Tension Ease Platinum+, which provides enhanced comfort and cooling. For this new mattress series, the company added over 600 encased mini coils to the eight-inch core of 800-plus encased coils and graphene-infused foam. “Platinum Plus extends and enhances the strong story that retailers can tell with our Ten- sion Ease line,” said Kevin Toman, Englander president. “Advancements in materials have made it possible to continually improve a

quality product that offers thermo-regulation, body contouring and stress-free comfort for a better night’s sleep.” The Platinum+ Luxury Firm and Plush

Euro Top editions offer edge-to-edge sleep- ing comfort and support with the additional two inches and hundreds of encased mini coils. The patented, posturized encased coils relieve pressure points for deeper sleep and are designed to work with the graphene- and gel-infused memory foam, which evenly distributes body weight, dis- sipates body heat and absorbs body move- ments for motionless sleep. The mattresses are covered in breathable fabric quilted with layers of infused gel for a

Sealy Introduces New Hybrid Line With Cooling Technology Rooted in Sealy’s exclusive Posturepedic

By Gretchen Kast Tempur Sealy International is elevating the hybrid mattress category with the introduc- tion of the new Sealy Hybrid line at the Win- ter Las Vegas Market. Leveraging the best technologies from the company’s Response and Conform lines, the new Hybrid collection features the responsive support of an inner- spring mattress with the conforming com- fort of memory foam. Delivering 40 percent more cooling comfort than before, the line’s DuoChill Cooling Sleep System offers twice the cool-to-the-touch technology. “The new Sealy Hybrid line is the capstone

of the unprecedented brand relaunch that rolled out in 2017, and it offers the complete package,” said Rick Anderson, Tempur Sealy EVP and president, North America. “According to our research, hybrid consumers are seek- ing sturdy support and contouring comfort with real cooling technology. Sealy Hybrid was precisely engineered to meet those needs and deliver the best of both worlds—the perfect balance of soft on top and firm underneath— while offering more cooling benefits than ever.”

46 Sleep Retailer / Winter 2018

Technology, the new Hybrid line is Sealy’s most supportive hybrid to date. The collec- tion features nested coil technology with 20 percent more coils to deliver reinforced sup- port in the center where it is needed most, while also including lightly conforming mem- ory foam on the surface to cradle and relieve pressure points. Duraflex Coil Edge technolo- gy offers better edge support that is uniquely designed to provide more usable sleeping surface and improved durability. As Sealy’s coolest Hybrid ever, this new line

offers cool-to-the-touch Sealy Chill Technolo- gy in both the top cover panel and on the sleep surface of the memory foam layer to deliver the ultimate climate control experience. By combining the exceptional support benefits from the Response line with the enveloping comfort of the Conform line, the new Sealy Hybrid delivers the perfect combination of a soft-yet-firm feel. With the addition of this new collection, Sealy’s rein- vigorated product line now offers three dis- tinct mattress options—each with a variety of

luxurious feel in addition to the scientifically ad- vanced TensionCore technology that has made the Tension Ease line a successful national product for Englander. Manufactured in all 12 of the company’s factories throughout the U.S., this Platinum+ will retail for $1,499. Visit

features and a range of price points—mak- ing it easy for consumers to find the right mattress to fit their needs. Visit

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