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While the ecommerce market has grown significantly in recent years, brick-and-mortar retail remains a valuable piece of the sales puzzle. Over the past year, we’ve seen more and more online bedding brands branch out to include traditional retail distribution strategies. This shift will come as no surprise to industry veterans, who understand how integral the rest-test is to finding the right mattress. Yet despite the clear benefits of trying before buying, many consumers still find the mattress rest-test process to be confusing or tedious. For brick-and-mortar retailers looking to stay competitive in today’s marketplace, the key to success is creating a more comfortable, enjoyable and informative retail environment for their customers.

How do you help brick-and-mortar retailers provide a more positive shopping experience?


SPRING AIR INTERNATIONAL The online disruptors contin- ue to nibble away at sales from traditional brick-and- mortar retailers. However, pure e-commerce retailers can’t provide consumers with

the critical information about why one mattress meets their sleep needs over another. At Spring Air, we’re working with our retail partners to ed- ucate consumers on better sleep, as well as helping drive those buyers into stores through our website. Most consumers start their mat- tress shopping online through research. That’s where we capture them and then push them into retail stores to connect with a well-trained sales associate who can guide and direct them to the right mattress for their needs. We’re also continually working to develop in-store promo- tions and special purchases, like our Love Your Melon partnership that provides a social benefit component, to entice consumers into stores.

DENNY BOYD PRESIDENT OF BOYD SLEEP Our Sleep Metrics program offers an in-store experience that cannot be matched on- line. The consumer can an- swer questions about their sleep profile and then have

their body pressure mapped in the store. A mat- tress firmness level is recommended along with accessories that are appropriate based upon the data provided.

24 Sleep Retailer / Winter 2018

JOHN RACHID PRESIDENT OF PROTECT-A-BED We help retailers separate their stores from the others and move beyond the sea of sameness into a sales environment designed to enhance


education and interest. From ensuring that interested customers are coming into the store with traffic-driving promotions and mar- keting, to equipping the sales staff with in- dustry-leading training, to providing eye-catching displays and interactive tools like Sleep Tailor, Protect-A-Bed provides a comprehensive approach to improving the shopping experience, lifting incremental sales and “Growing the Retail Basket.” To lift incremental mattress sales, we have intro- duced the REM-Fit brand stores. These in- store build-outs take an underperforming portion of the sales floor and transform it into an attention-grabbing means of capturing the try-in-store-shop-online

consumer. The

REM-Fit brand stores also connect the dots between mattresses and sleep accessories to offer a whole sleep system. This approach not only provides shoppers with the ideal sleep experience, but provides another way for retailers to “Grow the Retail Basket.”

DAVID BINKE CEO OF KING KOIL The amount of training— both in terms of product and the importance of sleep— that our network of King Koil representatives provide the RSAs is extremely help-

ful in giving brick-and-mortar retailers a differ- entiating factor. We arm them with facts about a better night’s sleep and how quality sleep can impact one’s overall life. E-commerce sites can’t engage consumers with critical informa- tion about sleep and the role different mat- tresses play in it. Sales and sleep education are incredibly important tools for traditional retail stores in competing against online sales.


EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT OF SALES AND MARKETING OF KINGSDOWN The pure e-commerce bed- ding retailers have invested heavily in telling consumers that one bed fits all, and that’s just not true. Bedding is

not a one-size-fits-all

proposition. Kingsdown continues to work with our retail partners to dispel that myth. By using our bedMATCH technology, through its scien- tific approach, consumers receive assurance that the mattress they are purchasing is the best fit for them and will provide proper sup- port to deliver the best night’s sleep possible.

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