The Pillow Bar Opens Redesigned Showroom At Las Vegas Market

By Brooke S. Pisarsky The Pillow Bar will be showing off its newly redesigned lavender showroom at the Las Vegas market this January. After two years of showing in their former space, The Pillow Bar turned to Susan Lynch Scranton of Made New Design Company to design an amus- ing, welcoming and completely one-of-a kind showroom to feature its unique line of down

and down alternative pillows, sheets, towels and accessories. “We thought it would be a good time to show off this new design that really helps retailers showcase the products while saving floor space and engaging the customer,” said Merrimac Dillon, president of The Pillow Bar. Scranton’s design captures the retail custom- er’s imagination unlike any other pillow/bedding

company by using whimsy and optical illusions. She used furniture-shaped vinyl cutouts that adhere to the wall to trick the eye into thinking they are seeing a real furniture piece, though it is actually flat on the wall. Cost effective and space-saving, the design spotlights products while entertaining and intriguing the consumer and encouraging product engagement. Visit

Soft-Tex International Unveils Enhanced Marketing Capabilities for eCommerce Retailers

By Gretchen Kast Soft-Tex International has introduced new additions to its marketing technology stack, offering enhanced capabilities that are de- signed to improve the online product expe- rience and drive increased traffic and sales for retailers.

“Online customers can’t touch and feel a

pillow, topper or mattress like they can in a store, so having the best tools to artic- ulate differentiating factors online is crit- ical,” said CEO Jeff Chilton. “We feel that our new technology stack is comprised of the right platforms and systems to help us better highlight the features of our cut-

ting-edge sleep and comfort technologies in such a way that attracts and converts new customers.” Soft-Tex has made two notable additions to its marketing technology portfolio: Salsify, a robust product information management (PIM) and digital asset management (DAM) platform, and Upfluence, an influencer mar- keting technology platform.

“Salsify’s mission is to empower brand manufacturers, like Soft-Tex, to deliver prod- uct experiences that consumers demand,” noted Account Executive Talya Pessolano. “As consumers engage with omni-channel shopping experiences, our partnership is

rooted in Soft-Tex’s dedication to deliver an exceptional digital shelf, ensure consumers have the confidence to make a purchase de- cision online, and optimize content to meet each retailer’s unique requirements.” These platforms, in combination with ex- isting strategic partnerships and new hires, allow Soft-Tex to help retailers create best- in-class product pages with search engine and conversion optimized attributes. These products are designed to provide incremental traffic and sales through online search and other proprietary marketing channels. Visit

Customatic Adjustable Bedz Debuts New Innovation Lab In Its Las Vegas Showroom

By Brooke S. Pisarsky Looking to showcase its engineering exper- tise and penchant for creative design, Cus- tomatic Adjustable Bedz will convert a por- tion of its expanded Winter Las Vegas Market showroom into an Innovation Lab, where retail partners can explore advancements in cut- ting-edge technology that will help improve the future of sleep. Customatic expanded its showroom to 10,000 square feet, giving the company enough space to showcase prod- ucts and designs currently in the beta-testing stage of development.

20 Sleep Retailer / Winter 2018

“Technology and sleep are becoming more and more intertwined, and the tools we see in the marketplace now are just the tip of what we can expect to develop,” said Phil Sherman, president of Customatic Adjustable Bedz. “With the Innovation Lab, we’ll give our part- ners a glimpse into some of the things we have in the works and how Customatic will be incorporating the tools to provide a better sleep experience. The Lab will be a snapshot of the future and where we’re going with it.” Visitors to the Lab will experience new functionality, including artificial intelligence

that integrates with home devices, motion sensors and voice activation that don’t re- quire a remote and sound recognition that can adjust a bed to alleviate snoring. “We have a lot of unique concepts in de- velopment that we’re excited about, and we want to give our partners an opportunity to interact with and experience them in person,” Sherman continued. “Their input will be in- valuable as we continue to design and incor- porate new technology into our products.” Visit

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