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FRANÇAIS Aujourd’hui, le Kingdom of Dreams est sans conteste l’un des plateaux

de spectacle les plus prestigieux de l’Inde. Il se trouve au sommet du triangle d’or : Jaipur, Agra, Delhi. Ce complexe est issu du cerveau de Gagan Sharma et Viraf Sarkari – qui ont créé la Great Indian Nautanki Company (GINC) – et, ensemble, ont donné naissance à un lieu réellement magique. Actuellement le Kingdom of Dreams abrite l’auditorium Nautanki Mahal, le Culture Gully, une allée des spectacles, l’IIFA Buzz Bar and Lounge et le ShowShaa Theatre. Sunny Sarid a été nommé Conseiller Audio & Projet, il a travaillé avec le distributeur de Harman, Hi-Tech Audio Systems Pvt Ltd, pour réaliser la conception et l’installation audio. Le directeur de Hi-Tech, Rajan Gupta et son équipe ont fourni un ensemble Harman complet pour le Kingdom of Dreams, avec des produits JBL, Crown, BSS, Soundcraft, AKG et HiQnet. Les lumières du Kingdom of Dreams sont tout aussi impressionnantes, avec mention spéciale pour l’ensemble Martin Professional. La conception de l’éclairage est revenue au vénéré Allemand LD Jerry Appelt qui a travaillé avec le Martin India Liaison Office de Bangalore. Le Kingdom of Dreams est, dans son genre, le premier lieu de l’Inde et ce projet est donc un jalon historique pour la culture indienne.

DEUTSCH Man kann sagen, dass das Kingdom of Dreams derzeit eines der

of the two fixtures ensured varied lighting patterns can be achieved and provides the facilities for layering.

An intense light output generated from a 1,200W source is delivered by the MAC 2000 Profiles. Their multi-coated, 10-lens optical sys- tem provides sharp contrast and consistent beam field characteris- tics, and full range zoom-to-focus effects are possible. These fixtures add another dimension to the lighting rig, equipping the lighting technician with some striking possibilities.

The MAC 2000 Performance fixtures were chosen becasue of their unique gobo animation system, which are especially engineered to create animated effects such as rising flames, windswept clouds or driving rain. These effects are very useful for a number of musical productions that perform at the theatre. The entire animation wheel pivots, which frees designers to create complex animations that move in any direction.

Jerry added Martin Atomic 3000 strobe effects, Jem Glaciator X-Stream heavy foggers and smoke effects from Martin Magnum 2000’s. Abhishek said: “This project was extremely important for Martin in India. This was our first major project after starting up op- erations in India. For the first time in India we have offered solutions for smoke, entertainment lighting, as well as architectural lighting. This was a unique aspect as most of our projects either use just en- tertainment lighting or just architectural lighting. Getting to use all our expertise in one project was something different for us in India.” And Jerry had high praise for the Martin India team, he said: “Support is very important on a project like this and it is nice to have the local Martin support in India for testing, maintenance, and demos. When you need to show the automated luminaires against, for example, par cans, the MACs will just sell themselves, but you have to get the equipment on site so you can make the comparison. That’s a key step. You also have to convince the client what is behind the lighting as far as service and support, so it’s important to have a company like Martin behind you.”

Martin products including the Exterior 1200 Wash, Exterior 600 intelligent luminaires, Tripix and Inground 200 dynamic, yet discreet luminaires, were also installed at the Kingdom of Dreams. Bollywood is an important reference for entertainment in India and now it has a unique venue to showcase the very best of the genre. The Kingdom of Dreams is the first venue of its kind in the country, so it’s likely this project will go down in history as huge landmark in Indian culture.

prestigeträchtigsten Entertainmentprojekte Indiens ist. Es liegt in der Spitze des goldenen Dreiecks von Jaipur, Agra und Delhi. Der Komplex ist die Idee von Gagan Sharma und Viraf Sarkari – Gründer der Great Indian Nautanki Company (GINC) - und zusammen haben sie einen wahrhaft magischen Ort geschaffen. Zurzeit beherbergt das Kingdom of Dreams das Nautanki Mahal Auditorium, das Culture Gully, einen Entertainment Boulevard, IIFA Buzz Bar und Lounge sowie das ShowShaa Theater. Sunny Sarid wurde zum Audio & Project Consultant ernannt und er arbeitete mit dem Harman Händler Hi-Tech Audio Systems Pvt Ltd. für die Fertigstellung des Audio Designs und der Installation zusammen. Hi-Tech Direktor Rajan Gupta und sein Team lieferten ein komplettes Harman Package für das Kingdom of Dreams und verwendeten dafür Produkte von JBL, Crown, BSS, Soundcraft, AKG und HiQnet. Die Beleuchtungseinrichtung des Kingdom of Dreams ist gleichfalls beeindruckend. Ein besonderes Highlight ist das Martin Professional Package. Das Beleuchtungsdesign wurde dem angesehenen deutschen Unternehmen LD Jerry Appelt übertragen, das mit dem in Bangalore ansässigen indischen Martin Verbindungsbüro zusammengearbeitet hat. Das Kingdom of Dreams ist der erste Treff seiner Art in Indien und somit ein bedeutender Meilenstein in der indischen Kultur.

ITALIANO Il Kingdom of Dreams (Regno dei Sogni) rappresenta senza dubbio

uno dei più prestigiosi progetti di intrattenimento mai realizzati in India. Esso è situato all’apice del triangolo d’oro tra Jaipur, Agra e Delhi. Il complesso è frutto dell’idea brillante di Gagan Sharma e Viraf Sarkari – che hanno formato la Great Indian Nautanki Company (GINC) - e insieme hanno prodotto un luogo davvero magico. Attualmente il Kingdom of Dreams ospita il Nautanki Mahal auditorium, il Culture Gully, un boulevard d’intrattenimento, il IIFA Buzz Bar e Salotto ed il Teatro ShowShaa. Sunny Sarid ha ricevuto il titolo di Consulente Audio & Progetto, ed ha lavorato con il distributore Harman e High Tech Audio Systems Pvt Ltd per completare il progetto di design e di installazione. Il direttore di High Tech, Rajan Gupta e il suo team hanno fornito un pacchetto intero Harman per il Kingdom of Dreams, utilizzando prodotti di JBL, Crown, BSS, Soundcraft, AKG e HiQnet. Anche il set up dell’illuminazione si presenta come altrettanto impressionante ed un aspetto particolare di esso proviene dal pacchetto Martin Professional. Ad occuparsi della sua progettazione è stato il progettista tedesco Jerry Appelt, in stretta collaborazione con l’ufficio Martin India con sede a Bangalore. Il Kingdom Of Dreams è la prima struttura del suo genere in India e rappresenta pertanto un enorme punto di riferimento della cultura indiana.

ESPAÑOL Kingdom of Dreams es uno de los proyectos de entretenimiento más

prestigiosos de India al día de hoy. Se encuentra ubicado en el vértice del triangulo dorado de Jaipur, Agra y Delhi. El complejo es la creación de Gagan Sharma y Viraf Sarkari - quienes formaron la empresa Great Indian Nautanki Company (GINC) - y juntos crearon un lugar verdaderamente mágico. Actualmente, Kingdom of Dreams es sede del auditorio Nautanki Mahal, el Culture Gully, un boulevard de entretenimiento, IIFA Buzz Bar and Lounge, y el Teatro ShowShaa. Sunny Sarid fue designado como Consultor de Audio y Proyecto y él trabajó con el distribuidor de Harman, Hi-Tech Audio Systems Pvt Ltd para completar el diseño y la instalación del audio. El Director de Hi-Tech, Rajan Gupta, y su equipo suministraron un paquete completo de Harman para Kingdom of Dreams, utilizando productos de JBL, Crown, BSS, Soundcraft, AKG y HiQnet. La configuración de la iluminación en Kingdom of Dreams es igualmente impresionante. Un detalle que sobresale en particular es el paquete de Martin Professional. El diseño de iluminación recayó sobre la prestigiosa compañía Alemana LD Jerry Appelt quienes trabajaron con la Oficina de Martin India Liaison con base en Bangalore. Kingdom of Dreams es el primer sitio de su tipo en India, de manera que este proyecto es un importante punto de referencia en la cultura India.

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