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Generating Growth through
Strategic Innovation NEW fOr 2010
The instinct to innovate is part of that
• getting from innovative ideas to business
2 days
inner-drive that all of us experience at
Programme director
one time or another. The challenge of
• how leaders enable and disable innovation.
Claire Hewitt
innovating in a business context is to
Dates and booking harness that inner instinct for the benefit
Benefits to the individual
Tel: +44 (0)1491 418 767
of the organisation.
The programme will lead to an understanding of the
practices and methodologies that allow us to deliver
It is one thing to feel a sudden urge to innovate;
innovation without compromising the power of the
it is a more complex challenge to innovate at a
initial creative breakthrough, as well as:
particular time, for a particular reason in the service
• offering an appreciation of the creative roller-coaster
of a particular business challenge.
Prices include all
and the key stages within it
residential costs
This new two-day workshop is an introduction
• being able to apply some of the key tools and micro-
but exclude VAT
to the art and practice of leading innovation and
skills which create the individual and organisational
‘riding the creative rollercoaster’, moving from the
conditions for breakthrough and the delivery
generation of initial insights through to creative
of innovation
breakthrough, engaging stakeholders, prototyping
• understanding the enablers and disablers of
and optimising delivery.
innovation in organisations.
Who is the programme for?
Benefits to the organisation
The workshop has been designed for those in
The application of innovation tools and techniques to
organisations whose role requires them to step into
live business issues, getting to real, innovative results.
the unknown and find new business opportunities and
pathways forward, as individuals or as leaders of teams,
projects and business functions.
Learning process
The workshop will weave together some of the key
Programme content
frameworks, tools and micro-skills that optimise
the conditions for creative breakthrough and the
The programme will cover the characteristics of
delivery of innovation. Participants will be encouraged
innovative teams and single leader work-groups
to use live business issues as a basis for exploring
and will also discuss:
how these approaches can be directly applied in
• the invisible orders of organisational change
a business context.
for innovation
Henley Innovation Praxium
Developing the capacity to build
At the Praxium’s core is the Quest for Participants will have a direct experience
and lead cultures of innovation
Systemic Innovation (iQuest). This one-year of ‘riding the creative rollercoaster’ working
flagship programme provides a dynamic, on their own innovation projects; moving
The Praxium is both an experiential research
action inquiry into the different systemic from the generation of initial insights
lab and innovation ‘accelerator’; its purpose
levels that need to be aligned to release through to creative breakthrough, engaging
is to develop the capacity to build and
the creative and innovative potential stakeholders, prototyping and planning to
lead cultures of innovation, within which
of organisations. It is for leaders of optimise delivery. They will also form part
other specific types of innovation – such
organisations who wish to: of – and co-create – a dynamic community
as product innovation and management
• research best practice and audit their
and ecosystem of innovation and learning
innovation – can easily flourish.
innovative capability
with other leading organisations.
A unique partnership between Henley
• catalyse breakthrough results on
Business School and the nowhere group, it
business-essential projects
Claire Hewitt
combines world-class expertise in research
• develop their innovation, leadership
and learning programmes on the one hand,
and organisational capability.
Tel: +44 (0)1491 418866
and in catalysing creativity and systemic
innovation on the other.
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