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2012 Index 32

The Artefact Viewing Space The Book of Kells

The Journey. The Stairs

Turning Darkness into Light. The Book of Kells. Study Retreat

the lend lease / architects’ journal awards

Design Process. Haptic mappings

1029 Final Drawing. Mixed plan - section perspective

Turning Darkness into Light – T e Book of Kells, Study Retreat

Mixed media

James Flynn & Ashley Clayton

T e study retreat aims to house and present the artefact, T e Book of Kells, in a sculpted space, made rich through a deep understanding of the book. T e process aims to explore the layering of space and depth.

1030 Skyroom Print on paper David Kohn Architects

The Study Retreat aims to house and present the artefact, The Book of Kells, in a sculpted space, rich through a deep understanding of the book. Through a series of haptic mappings of the pages from the Book of Kells, the process aims to explore the layering of space and depth found upon the pages and to then use as a narrative device to influence the architectural form and journey.

The journey upon reaching the pages of the Book of Kells aims to manipulate the ones perception towards an atmosphere closer to the story and history of the book. The journey aims to achieve such a multi-sensory experience through the carefully designed spatial layering of the four staircases which produces formal and informal encounters of viewpoints and standpoints.

T is graphic two-toned composition describes the Architecture Foundation’s outdoor Skyroom event space that sits on a London rooftop.T e gauzy moiré patterned walls invite the city to a party in which Guy’s Hospital and T e Shard loom large. T e print was hand silk-screened by London-based illustrator, Lucille Clerc.


Field of Dreams’ Concept Image Winning Scheme for Urban Splash Paint on colour xerox

Christopher Dyson and Jock McFadyen

T e Field is a winning entry for a competition organised by Urban Splash to transform a derelict piece of land in Manchester’s New Islington area into a stunning temporary artwork. It is inspired by the powerful fl oodlights of the Edinburgh Festival. As well as the ordinary, the project is intended to celebrate the empty space and refl ect its status as space in waiting.

1032 Playing with Metal Duratrans on lightbox Eva Jiricna RA

T e Cultural Centre in Zlin, Czech Republic, is part of the regeneration of the only town built in Europe between the two World Wars – severely damaged during the second and by the subsequent 40 years of communism. Together with the university library, the building forms the centre of the town’s cultural revival.

1034 Playing with Glass Duratrans on lightbox Eva Jiricna RA

1033 Canada Water Library Film Piers Gough RA

Living Projects was commissioned by CZWG Architects to produce an abstract fi lm capturing the refl ections from the water basin onto the facade of Southwark Council’s new library. Canada Water ‘Super’ Library has an inverted pyramid form, whose perforated anodised aluminium cladding ‘shimmers’ in the sunlight and mimics the ripples of the basin next to which it sits.

T e Jewellery Gallery in the Victoria and Albert Museum evokes the rich lining of a precious jewellery box that displays through a playful juxtaposition of glass, light and colour. T e invaluable jewellery collection housed in this London museum is also a reminder of the Victorian period during which it was built.

1035 Autonomous Insertions Digital print Ellen Ward

In 2011, Ellen Ward’s work undertaken at the Canterbury School of Architecture involved an in-depth analysis of Folkestone, which culminated in an alternative masterplan. Autonomous Insertions is a conceptual piece to demonstrate an adaptive re-use of components and was the inspiration for that work.


Athletes Housing, Stratford

Print on backing

Niall McLaughlin Architects

Post Olympic Games, this will be used as ordinary housing stock. T e facade is made from pre-cast concrete reliefs; endlessly processing horsemen are randomly arrayed in an abstract grid and ordinary features of London domestic life are interwoven with the craggy relief panels.

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