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Cammegh took its Eye off the ball at the ICE show to display its EyeCard card recognition system technology to visitors

Cammegh was showing its most ‘cohesive product range ever’ at this year’s ICE even including a dedicate card games zone on the booth, displaying EyeCard; Cammegh’s card recognition technology, to add to its roulette technology.

The Cammegh EyeCard system uses a discrete high-definition video camera to read cards directly to¬ the table without the need for electronic card shoes or other embedded sensors. Combining this hardware with advanced image processing software, the EyeCard system is able to identify cards faster than the human eye.

When used in conjunction with the Cammegh Billboard Display System, EyeCard delivers instantaneous feedback for players and can display live results for Baccarat, Punto Banco, Blackjack (dealer’s hand only) and Three Card Poker, all without requiring any input from the dealer.

Company Director Andrew Cammegh said: “EyeCardPlus delivers feedback from every single card played at the table in real time in conjunction with the BillBoard. The system is already up and running in Aspers’ latest casino in Milton Keynes. Its ability to link the display platform across the gaming floor allows it to integrate game data, CCTV, live TV and advertising, making for a really cohesive signage solution. We’ve seen lots of interest from online operators too as more and more online players want to view real cards, rather than the bar- coded variety traditionally used online.”

EyeCard Plus uses a discreet USB video camera mounted centrally over the card table, or an IP camera mounted in the ceiling. Its card recognition creates opportunities for game analysis, security and online gaming applications. EyeCard Plus not only reads all the face up cards, but also which boxes are being played, identifying up to three splits and double downs, giving highly valuable data for analysis.

Cammegh has also developed its own media controller, MediaPro, to take its Billboard display technology to the next level. MediaPro enables content scheduling and TV streaming to be controlled and scheduled directly by the operator using an intuitive user-interface. The high end performance of the Billboard Display System allows each unit to display high definition video

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and imagery in any position and size on the screen.

“MediaPro allows operators to take full advantage of this screen space by scheduling images, videos and live streams to specific Billboards on their network at specific times of day. This allows for scheduling of table limits, screen layouts and even the game itself giving an unprecedented level of control from the convenience of any PC or laptop. No matter if its fine tuning day-to-day table limits on a single Billboard or scheduling the lunchtime promotional video across the entire casino floor, MediaPro delivers,” explained Mr. Cammegh.

Displays and card recognition systems aside, Cammegh was of course showing its range of roulette wheels from the classic Connoisseur through to the state-of-the-art Mercury 360, Mercury 360 RRS, Aurora 360, Crystal wheels and Cammegh’s automatic Slingshot 2. The EyeBall camera, recently installed in the Ritz Casino in London as part of a complete table display system), was also on display.

“The last year has been a fantastic year for Cammegh,” Mr. Cammegh added, “our busiest

Andrew Cammegh demonstrating EyeCard.

and most profitable ever. We are specialists in a very niche product sector; everything we’ve created comes from the wheel. I’m pleased to say that our recognition as ‘best of breed’ has been replicated through our entire product portfolio.”


Tradologic expanded its product line beyond products for brokers to gaming hardware products at this year’s ICE with the launch of Tradinator.

The Tradinator slot style machine is a hardware-based financial gaming product that offers short-term, trading- based betting from binary options provider, Tradologic (TL).

Several games are available on each device including Bull and Bear, a short-term binary options-like product that offers betting on prices of popular forex pairs and commodities, Markets Rally, a single stock binary game. In addition to the hardware, Tradologic offers web-based versions of Tradinator that can be accessed across platforms and devices.

For brokers and gaming operators, the new product comes with TL’s risk management software to control payouts and monitor trading preferences and overall volumes. TL is also providing access to payment providers to

help process customer transactions.

Ofri Noier, Head of Sales at Tradologic, said: “We were proud to present our outstanding solution for financial entertainment called Tradinator. Our unique way of binary option trading integrated in land-based cabinets already receives a great deal of interest from potential clients around the world. Tradinator is a new generation of gaming terminal that the company offers as a cross platform solution, available for various platforms including PCs, mobile and tablet devices.

“Tradologic has created and developed its product based on and for the gaming market. With a complete and automated bonuses system, a fully integrated affiliation platform, Asian Agent System, highly detailed API, seamless cashier and single sign on integration possibilities, we provide a wide range of solutions to different gaming operators, allowing them to keep using their tools while offering our product.”

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