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A spectacular stand, including a full-sized London bus, took visitors to the ICE show on a player’s journey through the online, mobile, home and retail gaming, all linked by a single transactional player wallet

Travelling from stand to stand at the ICE show affords a perspective of the exhibition that most exhibitors fail to see, locked in place as they are on a stretch of calf-crippling carpet. So the question arises from each exhibitor: "What have you seen that's new and exciting at the show?" Traditionally, it's rather a bland response, relating to new games or occasionally there's a bizarre product (the live chicken picking grain and triggering outcomes with its beak, springs to mind), but at the ICE 2014 there was one obvious choice - Playtech.

The stand was a triumph, housing a full-sized London bus, complete with pre-fabricated house, casino, betting shop and arcade, with a pretzel stand thrown in for good measure. As spectacular looking as this environment was, there was a clear purpose behind what, at first glance, looked like the back-lot of a sitcom.

Guided tours on the Playtech stand took visitors to a betting-shop where each was given a pre- loaded card; what in effect was 'one wallet for all games on every platform.' Placing bets in the LBO resulted in money debited from the player's account. Some of the visitors mistakenly believed that cash had been loaded onto the card, but instead the card acts as an identifier only, with a secure individually determined password linking the card to the player's digital account. The visitor takes their wallet from the LBO to the arcade and uses a side-menu on the slot to enter their unique code and password and play their favourite slot directly from the same digital wallet.

Moving to a casino environment, players could access multi-player roulettes, slots and tablet devices in exactly the same manner, again adding and subtracting amounts from the one wallet. No additional cash or cards were needed, every transaction is handled by the single wallet.

Boarding the London bus, complete with vocal conductor, visitors accessed mobile devices by connecting to Playtech's mobile casino platform and through their card and password, could continue playing their games. The physical presence of the bus represented the movement

Playtech COO, Shay Segev and Marketing Director, Luke Davis, pictured at ICE 2014.

of players from retail spaces through to their journey home, all connected by the same single wallet. Next, the fully featured living room, complete with interactive smart TV, desktop computer and tablets, brought the player full circle, connecting back to their home environment. Here the wallet works in exactly the same manner, with bets placed at the book- makers updated to the wallet, wins at the casino and losses on the mobile/tablets/online and interactive TV all totalled in real-time and updated to the one wallet.

After years of being told that the single wallet was the future of the gaming industry, linking retail to mobile to home environments, Playtech finally showed the complete system in action. Already the system is live with Coral in the UK and is set to transform the way that players look at the often disparate worlds of online, land-based and mobile, allowing an operator to continue their connection with the player across all mediums by linking together the most important aspect of their play - the financial transaction.


Live Casino wagers doubled with Evolution’s new Multi-Game Play and Quattro Roulette player offering

Evolution Gaming has revealed that its recently introduced Multi-Game Play functionality, as featured at ICE 2014, has resulted in a doubling of wagers placed by players. Multi-Game Play, which is now available across all of Evolution’s live games, enables Live Casino players to enjoy up to four games simultaneously in a single, auto-configuring window. The player simply clicks a ‘+’ symbol to add a second, third or fourth live game and play or monitor each game simultaneously.

Evolution says that Multi-Game Play is hugely flexible and adaptable to different player groups, such as high rollers. The functionality can operate generally in the background for simple player convenience, or it can be promoted as highly visible and specific offerings such as ‘Quattro Roulette’, ‘Quattro Blackjack’ or ‘Quattro Baccarat’, for example. Either way, it allows players to wager on up to four games at once, with all games auto- configured and contained in a single window.

What is most striking is the sharp rise in wagering figures that Evolution tables have experienced since Multi-Game Play was ‘soft launched’ ahead of ICE.

According to Fredrik Osterberg, Chief Commercial Officer at Evolution, “Players who have used Multi-Game Play (MGP) are wagering twice as much as they did before they used it. In particular, a very significant proportion of all wagering is taking place with two, three or four MGP windows open. Not only that, we have seen rapid adoption of MGP amongst our VIP players.”

Mr. Osterberg concluded: “We have known for a long time that Evolution is the Live Casino of choice for VIPs. That’s because our live tables are ‘as real as it gets’ and because we offer far and away the widest selection of live tables. MGP meets the needs of both high rollers and a new generation of players that are very comfortable with multi-tasking and multi- betting. At the same time its ease of use encourages all players to explore the licensee’s other live tables, and new games and betting opportunities.”

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