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OF GAMING HITS Suzo-Happ brought its own range of next-gen products to ICE and displayed the latest third-party innovations too

The sheer number of new products on the Suzo- Happ stand was unbelievable. It was no wonder that the stand was packed from beginning to end. Whether home-grown or distributor products – there has never been so many innovations introduced at one time by Suzo-Happ.

Cash handling is a major focus for the industry’s largest supplier of components and spare parts. The Bill-to-Bill banknote recycler is now a Suzo- Happ product having been purchased from Crane in December last year. With already 6,000 units in daily use worldwide, the Bill-to-Bill banknote recyclers have proven long-term success. Suzo- Happ acts as master distributor for MEI and SC Cashflow banknote readers are the preferred banknote acceptors for many casinos around the world and were on display on the stand.

Suzo-Happ is the master of hoppers and had its wide range of coin payout hoppers on display, including the Cube, Evolution and Flow. The Flow is also available for the new high security requirements for the Italian AWP market (AES protocol). In addition to all this, Suzo-Happ was proud to present the Transact Ithaca printers on their stand for the first time at ICE – now being the global distributor for Ithaca printers.

Suzo-Happ currently has the widest hopper range in the industry with another new topper – ‘Celebration Event’ shown at ICE. This topper links directly into the SAS line, detecting a hand- pay signal from the slot machine and turning this into a celebration event on the topper.

Suzo-Happ deals with both manufacturers and operators. It was operator feedback that led to the idea of the Celebration Event topper. Such relations enable Suzo-Happ to create new products and bring these faster to market than any other company in its field. Existing problems with push buttons now belong to the past with the new Suzo-Happ LED push buttons. These are driven individually and are an economical alternative to OLED buttons. Printed legends also belong to the past as the LCD is integrated into the button and can even display animations.

The new ‘PRO’ brand is the own-label brand of Suzo-Happ. Now customers have a wider choice for many applications, for example, ‘Vision Pro’ = Suzo-Happ own-brand monitors, ‘Printer Pro’ =

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people standing in lines to learn more. This 42” screen works as multi-touch and the screen itself can be split into four sections – making it an ideal four-player interactive product. Now developers can make new games to add more entertainment value for their customers. The scope for use is wide – play games, watch live TV, receive information, even use it as an internet terminal. The Interactive Pro Table is designed to withstand harsh environments. Component access is simple. It can be used in a host of applications, including hospitality, retail, gaming, pubs and clubs alongside leisure centres.

Touchscreens are an area of excellence for Suzo- Happ. As master distributor for ELO, the team was proud that ELO once again integrated its stand within the Suzo-Happ stand. ELO presented a whole world of touchscreen innovations, including the new 24” and 27” open frame touch monitors, the new 2” desktop touch monitor and the ELO tablet.

Elo’s Mike Sigona and Suzo-Happ’s Harald Wagemaker pictured at ICE 2014.

Suzo-Happ own-brand printers, ‘Billiard Pro’ = Suzo-Happ own brand billiards.

Another new ‘PRO’ innovation is the Interactive Pro Table. This interactive table was another strong focus point on the Suzo-Happ stand with

Marcel Oelen, managing director of Suzo-Happ EMEA, enthused, “What a sensational ICE this was for us. There was a real buzz on the stand. We have grown our own products and team dramatically since the past year. Furthermore, our partners have been very active in creating new solutions. Never before have we had so many innovations at one time on our stand.”


PST Gaming Furniture showed its complete range of seating and table gaming accessories at ICE in London

"ICE has been another great show," explained PST's Gareth Treharne on the newly designed stand in London. "We launched a new brochure for 2014 detailing the range of gaming equipment that we create, not just seating, but a wide portfolio of products from roulette, blackjack and poker tables through to gaming accessories and playing cards. It's a side of the company that we've not really advertised to the marketplace and so ICE was a perfect opportunity to show the entire range of products that we supply."

Just before the ICE show, PST won the contract to supply all dedicated seating for Slovenia's multi-player specialist, Interblock. PST will begin supporting Interblock's multi-player range from April of this year. "We had an excellent show at G2E Las Vegas 2013, which has continued into 2014 at ICE," said Mr. Treharne. "We've developed a series of new

relationships with customers that recognise our commitment to the gaming market and our affordable quality, which is the cornerstone of our business. The range of tables that we have shown at ICE will enable us to expand into new markets in 2014 and we look forward to working with our clients and partners as we branch out beyond the supply of high quality casino seating in the future."

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