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SOLUTION Inspired Gaming Group unveils its new BetBuilder system, a host of new games, including Virtual Basketball and cross- platform Virgo releases at ICE 2014

Heading into the fourth year of a 10-year plan to internationalise its business, the UK-based Inspired Gaming Group is already a globe- straddling company. A leader in the UK VLT and multi-player sector, Inspired leads the Italian Virtual Sports market across mobile, online and retail, with 5,000 currently live of a total 10,000 locations secured across Italy. The company has become one of the top three VLT suppliers to the Italian market, announcing its latest VLT partnership with concessionaire Cogetech shortly after ICE.

Speaking to Inspired CEO, Luke Alvarez, at the ICE show in London, he confirmed the company's expansion in Latin American markets with VLT and Virtual Sports, in addition to new jurisdictions in South Eastern Europe and the massive expansion of Virtual Sports in China with the launch of football to complement Lucky Racing, Inspired's virtual motor racing game. "Virtual Football, known locally as E-Ball, has received national permission from the Ministry of Finance and the game has been launched in Jiangsu Province, China’s largest lottery market," confirmed Mr. Alvarez. "We are currently working with our Beijing-based local partner, AGTech, to introduce more Inspired products to the China lottery industry and also develop new sports that are especially popular in China, to go nationwide with Virtual Sports across China."

During ICE, Inspired showed a vast portfolio of cross-platform content including Virtual Sports, Virtual Numbers Games and new premium slots such as White Knight, which is also available in HTML5 for online and mobile.

Virtual Basketball, Inspired's 10th Virtual Sports, is coming soon across all platforms for betting in venues, online or via mobile. Basketball is one of the top five sports for online betting and has a strong following in Eastern Europe and China. "We are very confident Virtual Basketball will be a hit with operators and players alike," underlined Mr. Alvarez. "It's the highlight of the show. The inclusion of basketball within our Virtual Sports range, which also now includes darts and cricket,

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Knight, will be followed by a sound roadmap of games throughout the year to provide Inspired and our multi–channel clients to align our land- based and interactive/mobile launch strategies and develop integrated player marketing and loyalty solutions.

Gerhard Burda, pictured with the latest Inspired mobile game

will further expand our reach into markets such China, where basketball is a massive sport, and in Eastern Europe too."

BetBOX, Inspired’s Virtual Sports Bet Management System (BMS), was first unveiled at G2E Vegas 2013, but made its ICE debut in style in February. BetBOX allows any operator to run a bespoke schedule of high frequency Virtual Sports and Numbers Games 24/7 and take over the counter bets. Exclusive to ICE was BetBuilder kiosks, which allow players to browse all the scheduled events, view the odds and select their bets. A ticket is then printed that is paid for at the cashier desk, improving the player experience and increasing staff efficiency.

Inspired further showed its range of mobile and tablet games on HTML5 running on the company's Virgo platform. In-house and third-party titles were shown at ICE, with a greater emphasis on Inspired's own range of games for both mobile and VLT platforms. "Our focus outside of Virtual Sports is the creation of specific mobile content, which, in combination with our VIRGO™ – RGS solution, can be easily integrated and used as a white label solution for every operator," explained Inspired's Acting Chief Product Officer, Gerhard Burda.

"Operators need more variety," continued Mr. Burda. "Our first HTML5 mobile game, White

“We are committed to keeping the game math consistent across channels and, therefore, also providing our players with a replicable and compliant experience. While the game engine and math models may be similar, we are investing significant time and effort to develop targeted user interfaces for our desktop and mobile clients, all of which is supported by research conducted through our newly established consumer experience group.

“On the land-based side, we do have a strong game roadmap for producing around 20 new titles in 2014, and delivering them to our UK and international customers via tailored and customer-agreed launch strategies.

A fascinating new product launched by Inspired at ICE, and one that looks to establish a new product category within the wider VLT product group is Inspired’s CDW - Centrally Determined Win – system, which draws random results from a finite ticket pool, very much emulating a true lottery draw. This way of generating random number results is adopted by many Lotteries and government operators putting special emphasis on highest standards of player fairness. Expect to hear much more about CDW in the future.

"At ICE we have shown our innovation with new products, the signing of major contracts and our in-house and third-party developed cross- platform games," summarised Mr. Alvarez. "We have shown innovation within each channel and widened our market reach. Inspired is unique. Most other companies at ICE are analogue with a digital veneer. We are digital to the core."

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