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MD3 blackjack and baccarat card shuffler; and the DeckMate 2 poker room card shuffler with Shuffle Flex will be showcased. Shuffle Flex technology provides casino operators with greater flexibility on underutilised tables by introducing a “pay-by- the-shuffle” concept.

The cutting-edge e-Table SHFL FUSION Hybrid features a live dealer and more than 55- centimeter user-friendly widescreen electronic betting terminals. For a dynamic gaming experience, players may switch between and concurrently play baccarat, roulette, and sic bo from the same terminal with the convenient touch of a button.

At ICE, Bally showcased a variety of its advanced systems solutions that not only increase revenue, operating efficiencies, and drive floor-wide excitement, but also connect players to rewards and promotions through multiple channels – land based, mobile, and online.

Adding excitement and activity to Bally’s Systems exhibit will be Elite Bonusing Suite, (EBS) including Virtual Racing, Virtual Racing NASCAR, and DM Tournaments, which have powered five world record-setting events. At the show, Bally unveiled a new addition to its EBS portfolio – Bonus Tournaments. This DM Tournaments feature enables casinos to run floor-wide tournaments in which both the base game and the tournament game can be played at the same time, ensuring that there is no interruption in player- wagering activity.

Before Super Slotline, casinos with serial floors were unable to use advanced technology such as iVIEW Display Manager and EBS to run floor-wide promotions and events that drive increased coin- in, new player’s club registrations, player excitement, and even power world records. At ICE, casino operators with legacy networks saw first- hand how they can easily convert to high-speed Ethernet-style networked floors that enable the use of the latest in powerful floor-wide technologies.

Another highlight, Bally’s Enterprise Progressive System, enables casinos to manage and audit their progressives from one central location. Secure, robust, and easy to use, it is perfect for replacing or consolidating existing progressive system and controller offerings into one powerful system.

Finally, Bally’s iGaming and mobile solutions are designed to give casinos a single view of the player across online, mobile, and traditional brick-and- mortar gaming platforms and provide a complete cross-platform gaming experience for both free- play and wagering, completing Bally’s showcase at this year’s ICE show.


Gaming Laboratories International brought its global presence and experience to ICE Totally Gaming

For nearly 25 years, Gaming Laboratories International has been bringing its strategic insights and testing expertise to land-based and online gaming jurisdictions worldwide. At ICE Totally Gaming 2014 the company pre- sented its independent testing, inspection and certification services.

“Whether you’re an operator, supplier or reg- ulator, today’s gaming industry is like a global chess game, and it takes a long-term strategy to successfully navigate the nuances of regu- lations in land-based, lottery and online gam- ing,” said GLI Europe Managing Director Martin Britton.

“Because we have 21 locations around the world, GLI is uniquely suited to assist compa- nies and government agencies successfully accomplish their goals, with our unrivaled levels of independence, impartiality and integrity,” said Mr. Britton.

Further, GLI’s Vice President of Government Affairs and General Counsel Kevin Mullally

addressed ICE attendees on common stan- dards and regulator harmonization during the WrB in Conference. Mullally will appeared on the panel “Gaming Convergence” February as part of the International Masters of Gaming Law Intensive Masters Class.

Center stage for GLI was its global capabilities in professional services, field services and lot- tery consulting and testing. GLI offers an extensive portfolio of professional services, including project management; governance risk and compliance; technical services; and training through the company’s GLI University program.

GLI’s field services help operators protect themselves in today’s highly connected and interconnected gaming world. Field services include physical and system risk assess- ments; communication testing; audit soft- ware; and threat assessments from external and internal sources.

GLI has been serving lotteries since 1989, and today the company serves more than 65 lot- teries globally. GLI’s wide range of lottery services includes auditing, compliance, con- sulting and testing.


Reflex Gaming exhibited its complete range of UK land-based and mobile gaming solutions at the ICE exhibition

Reflex Gaming showed its first ever compendium social gaming App at ICE Totally Gaming exhibition in London. This unique App from Reflex Gaming offers 14 UK-specific games which are variants of successful land-based titles, including Alice’s Wonderland and Lady Luck Double Take.

The games come from the pub, club, easy play (arcade and bingo) and casino sectors. “This is the first compendium App from Reflex and the combination of proven land-based games and Facebook and Twitter integration to increase credits, has gone down extremely well with players. Our reach has grown significantly week on week since we launched this App in October last year,” says Quentin Stott, Reflex Gaming Managing Director.

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