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September, 2021

PI Opens Silicon Valley Tech Center

AUBURN, MA — Motion control, piezo tech and nanopositioning systems expert PI (Physik In- strumente) has opened a new tech center in Silicon Valley as its most recent expansion in the U.S., to better support and meet the needs of new and existing customers.

BUSINESS NEWS Kurtz Ersa Forms

Subsidiary in India

thought leaders in photonics, in- dustrial automation, life sciences, and semiconductor markets, not to mention the numerous re- search institutions that know PI very well,” says Dave Rego, presi- dent of PI Americas. “Our new Tech Center facility is a welcome addition enabling our current and future customers to push the boundaries of nanopositioning, per- formance automation, and piezo technology within their cutting- edge applications. To say we are excited, is an understatement.” The new center

The lobby of PI’s new facility in Fremont, California.

The center houses the “It’s

Possible” lab as a secure environ- ment to collaborate with cus- tomers on new innovations, as well as permanent product demos and conference and training space. “Providing localized techni-

cal expertise in one of the most in- novative regions in the world will further our collaborations with

joins PI’s existing sales and applications office in the Los Angeles area, while the company’s Americas headquarters

are outside of Boston, Mas - sachusetts, with additional

engineering and manufacturing facilities in Hopkinton, Massa- chusetts, and Nashua, New Hampshire. Contact: PI (Physik Instru-

mente) L.P., 16 Albert Street, Auburn, MA 01501 % 508-832-3456 E-mail: Web: r

CARROLLTON, TX — TestE- quity has acquired MCS Test, a leading UK-based test and meas- urement solutions provider. This acquisition is a natural exten- sion of the TestEquity mission to provide unrivaled test and meas- urement expertise coupled with specialized products and services that meet the demanding needs of the electronic engineering market.

MCS Test has built a highly

successful business in the U.K., serving the needs of electronics design and manufacturing cus- tomers through a highly techni- cal workforce and solutions port- folio. By providing solutions to support new, used, and rental equipment along with calibra- tion services through a UKAS ac- credited lab, MCS Test has es- tablished themselves as a trust- ed and specialized partner to both customers and suppliers. TestEquity’s acquisition of MCS will enable expansion to

TestEquity Acquires MCS Test

PLYMOUTH, WI — Kurtz Ersa has established a subsidiary com- pany in India, with headquarters in Bangalore. Kurtz Ersa India — Smart Production Technologies is the organization’s 10th interna- tional subsidiary.

reflects the importance of India in our global expansion plans and marks a new chapter in the partnership between German technology and Indian entrepre- neurship, which we hope to sup- port through this new venture,” says Rainer Krauss, Ersa global sales manager and CEO of Kurtz Ersa India. For almost 35 years, Kurtz

Rainer Krauss, global sales manager and CEO of Kurtz Ersa.

A totally equipped demo

center with high-tech Ersa sol- dering systems is available. With a comprehensive spectrum from technology training to short- term realization of production lines, Kurtz Ersa India will sup- port its customers whether ex- panding manufacturing to world- class levels or reducing depend- encies in other markets. “We are very pleased to cele-

brate the opening of the Indian subsidiary in the year of Ersa GmbH’s 100th anniversary. This

Ersa has been effectively repre- sented on the Indian subconti- nent by its partner Bergen Asso- ciates. More than 150 employees are spread across the country to efficiently support Indian elec- tronics manufacturing. Forecasts predict high dou-

ble-digit growth for the Indian market and electronics manufac- turing in the coming years, as well as PCB assembly. With process-efficient Ersa

soldering solutions based on ex- cellent thermal performance, highest machine availability and low operating costs, customers have the best prerequisites to sustainably leverage this poten- tial in India in the coming years. Contact: Kurtz Ersa, Inc.,

1779 Pilgrim Road, Plymouth, WI 53073 % 920-893-1779 E-mail: Web: r

serve the U.K. market and will accelerate the already impres- sive progress MCS Test has made in the region. Their dedi- cated and scalable customer-fo- cused solutions continue to shape customer expectations, driving progressive experiences that create customers for life. “I am proud to partner with

the MCS team and continue building on the strong founda- tion they have created,” says Steve Newland, CEO of TestE- quity. “ MCS brings a specialized business model, a very talented and technical team, and personal values that are very complemen- tary to our own. Together, we will be able to serve the growing needs of our customers and sup- plier partners even better than we do today.” Contact: TestEquity 2434

McIver Lane, Carrollton, TX 75006 % 817-501-5898

E-mail: Web: r

Technica Celebrates 35th Year

SAN JOSE, CA — On July 28th, Technica marked its 35th year of providing materials and equip- ment to printed circuit board manufacturers in North Ameri- ca. Founded in 1986 by Robert Morgensen, with Frank Medina joining as a partner a few years later, Technica soon became a major supplier to the industry. Medina, president of Tech-

nica, comments, “It is amazing to think that it has been 35 years already, time has flown by quick- ly. We have been blessed to have many hardworking and extreme- ly talented men and women as part of our team over the years. We can also reflect on the many long relationships we have creat- ed, including a 30-year relation- ship with many of the people at Wise s.r.l., and more recently, with Elite Materials Co., Ltd.,” As the PCB fabrication mar-

ket started to change after the new millennium, Technica began

a quest to diversify into other markets. It wasn’t until around 2008, with the help and support of some special associates and board members, that the company made a strong commitment to expand into some specific markets. Ac- cording to Medina, around 2013 the SMT market fell into place for Technica, adding ASM As- sembly Systems as a partner. “Having a supply partner

willing to support our vision to establish a demo and training center in San Jose was the begin- ning of a mutually beneficial re- lationship,” he says. News of the center attracted other companies to join the team. Technica now represents some of the best and most recognizable products in the SMT market. Contact: Technica U.S.A.,

2431 Zanker Road, San Jose, CA 95131 % 408-240-5950 E-mail: Web: r

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