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with Spirit. Drawing is half the prayer, the once every cycle. Charlie's handouts give you
other half is transporting the visual memory the three basic sets of building blocks. All you
Wudang Primordial Qigong part 1 with Rich
you created with you to pray throughout the need are your date of birth, place of birth and
Marantz (Founder and Instructor of Green
day. No drawing ability required…just an as close to your exact time of birth as you can
Mountain Tai Chi) Simple to Learn, Profound
open heart and mind. To register, please call get (if no time, a "solar" chart can be made).
Benefits! 1-4pm. Fee $50 Derived from thou-
860.301.1468 or visit www.simplyfitnes- Offered at Spirit Matters, 19 Pinney Street, El-
sands of years of Chinese experience in the : 122A Naubuc Avenue, Suite lington, CT Con-
healing arts and sciences, Qigong is a pow-
210, Glastonbury, CT. tact Charlie at 860-573-0410 or Orion255@
erful way of healing and staying healthy. to register by Friday, Oct. 16.
Wudang Primordial Qigong are based on the
Graceful Menopausal Transition. FREE. 6:30-
tradition of Inner Alchemy of cultivating the
7:30pm. Best treatments for hot flashes and Homeopathy-What is it all about? 7-9pm.
five elements and transmuting of the Three
night sweats presented by Dr. Mitch Kenne- Homeopathy is a system of healing that uses
Treasures: Jing (essence), Qi (vital energy),
dy, ND, Office: extremely small doses of plant, animal, and
and Shen (spirit). This Qigong form is simple
(860)673-9954. Granby Village Health, 10 mineral elements to stimulate the body’s
to learn and practice, it’s appropriate for any
Hartford Ave, Granby, CT. immune system. This medicinal procedure
experience levels. To register 860-951-1110.
benefits the young and old without any side
or email Heights of
Wednesday, October 21st effects. Would you like to know how to use
Wellness, 1477 Park St. suite 14 (3rd floor)
the little white pellets in small blue tubes that
Natural Cholesterol Reduction That Works! you can usually find in any health food store?
FREE. 6:30–7:30pm. 10 best things that have Come and learn about some common rem-
Sunday October 18th
proven to work to reduce Cholesterol, pre- edies, such as arnica, calendula, and hyperi-
sented by Dr. Mitch Kennedy, ND, www. cum, and how to use them for minor aliments
Family Yoga. 3:30-4:30pm. Here is a great, Office: (860) 673-9954 like bruises and colds. Dr. Marie Mammone,
way for the whole family to spend time to-
Garden of Light, 395 West Main St., Avon, CT. N.D. Manchester Community College @
gether! Mothers, fathers, grandparents or
(860) 512-3232 or
caregivers join children in learning and prac-
Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement. (BHRT)/ ce. For more information call/email MCC or
ticing yoga and enjoy special time to move,
Health and Medical Weight Loss Program (Be- Dr. Marie Mammone MarieMammone@aol.
play, bond, and discover. For children ages 3
coming Me) 6 p.m. $20/personYou will learn com or (860) 529-1200.
and up. $18 for adult/child pair plus $6 per
how regulating hormones along with proper
additional person. Preregistration strongly
nutrition can alleviate symptoms such as, pre- Essential Feng Shui for the Home & Office
recommended. 860-676-8800 or www.ku-
menstrual syndrome (PMS),irregular menstrual (5 CEU) 6:30- 9:00 PM Cost: $49.00. Rich-
periods, weight gain, mood swings, reduced ard Harris, LMT . Also Oct. 27th. A practical,
libido, hot flashes, night sweats and insomnia hands-on workshop that explores basic Feng
Northern CT Vegetarian Potluck & Talk. With
that may occur throughout the feminine life Shui principles such as diagnosing and im-
Organic Maid Shal Gagne. Donation $7 And
cycle. Dr. Grady will explain how the hormone proving chi flow. We will also discuss clutter
Healthy Vegan Potluck Offering. 5pm. Car-
Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) aides and how it affects your life and destiny while
niglia Senior Center, 41 Oak Street, Windsor
in increasing energy, suppression of appetite, supporting your health, happiness and pros-
Locks, CT. Shal operates Maid Organic, her
and is believed by many medical professionals perity. Connecticut Institute for Herbal Stud-
ecological friendly cleaning service. Organ-
to breakdown difficult to lose storage fat. This ies 900 Wells Road (RT 175). Wethersfield,
ic cleaning is simply cleaning with natural
5-7 week program gives you astonishing re- CT. 860-666-5064.
cleaners that are toxin-free and do not pres-
sults with an average total weight loss of three-
ent the harmful chemicals of common com-
quarters of a pound per day, average fat loss of Just Say NO! Prescription Drugs are NOT
mercial products. Learn more about how to
one-half of a pound per day. Dr. Steven Grady, the Answer!! Thursday, 7pm, free, no res-
make your home sparkle without harming
Connecticut Women Ob/Gyn. 1050 Sullivan ervation. Dr. James Sensenig, ND discusses
your family and pets. Bring a healthy vegan
Avenue, South Windsor. For more information, the over-prescribing & harmful effects of pre-
dish to share along with a note card listing
call 860-648-2748 or go onto our website at scription drugs. Learn why the most expen-
your ingredients and your name. Also, please sive health care system in the world is also
bring your place setting. For more informa-
one of the worst in the world. At Thyme &
tion, (860)623-8082 or email Harry at veggy-
Screening Of Lyme Disease - Documentary. Season, 3040 Whitney Ave., Hamden 407- or see
Free. The Glastonbury Garden Club is spon- 8128 1 mile s. of QU & 1.5 miles n of Town
soring a screening of “Under Our Skin,” a Hall. 203-407-8128 Questions? Ask Linda,
Understanding the Difference Between Psy-
documentary on Lyme disease diagnosis CNC (M-F 9-5). www.thymeandseasonnatu-
chic and Medium. 2-4:30pm. $36. This class
and treatment and the controversies that Our 13th year & 19th lecture
will offer the definition of a Psychic and a
currently surround Lyme. Join us on at the series. Coupon to all attendees.
Medium. Discussions on Clairvoyance,
Riverfront Community Center 300 Welles
Clairaudience, and Clairsentience. Sample
St in Glastonbury to hear the dramatic sto- The Essence of Earth Awareness. with Kat
readings with Master Intuitive Psychic, Kerri
ries of patients with Lyme disease. Dr. Tom And Jenna, Co-Owners Star Soleil Yoga. Kat
Mitchell and Master Clairvoyant Medium,
Moorcroft, an integrative family practitio- & Jenna are Certified Medicinal Aromathera-
Cathy Camera. Teens welcome. www.thes-
ner, will be available for Q&A following the pist and will explore not only the benefits of The Spirit of Light, 1161 S
film. Registration is free, but space is lim- plant and tree essences, a variety of these de-
Broad St. Wallingford, CT. 203-641-3371.
ited. To register, please call 860-633-0000. licious essential oils to sample. In addition,
they will discuss earth awareness and some
Tuesday, October 20th
Thursday, October 22nd simple ways we can be "greener" in our ev-
eryday lives. The evening will close with an
Praying in Color. Priscilla Bengtson.7–8:30
Come Dance With the Moon...Astrology Earth Meditation, using the essences. After
pm. $35.00. This workshop will teach you
Made Simple. 7-8:30. $30. Charlie Edgarton the lecture there will also be an opportunity,
a new prayer form that will open your cre-
facilitates. In one evening you will be given all free of charge, to switch to a green energy
ative channels, quiet your mind and soothe
the tools and knowledge you need to "read" supplier. All you need is to bring your current
your soul. Using simple drawing shapes and
your own chart. The Moon goes around your CL&P. FREE Passiflora Tea Room and Herbal
writing, you will learn how to tap into your
birthchart once every month, and activates Shoppe 526 Main Street New Harford, CT.
inner child and make a deeper connection
each one of your planets for a part of a day, 860-379-4012.
60 NaturalNutmeg
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