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na t u r o p a t H i C pH y s i C i a n s
pH y s i C i a n s , M.d. pH y s i C a l tH e r a p y
Alternity Healthcare, LLC
Central Physical Therapy and
TAO - Center for Vitality, Longevity, &
Desmond Ebanks, MD
Sports Medicine
Optimal Health LLC
639 Park Rd, 2nd Floor,
45 South Main St., Ste 100, W. Hartford.
Hebron CT. (860) 228-1287
West Hartford, CT
(860) 233-2222,
Myriah Hinchey ND, Justin Tremblay DC
(860)748-4064 or
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Jocelyn Bartle LMT
TAO, founded by Dr Myriah Hinchey & Dr
Justin Tremblay, is a multidisciplinary inte-
Dr. Desmond Ebanks, founder of Alternity
grative healthcare center that provides re-
Healthcare, is a board certified Internal Med-
storative and preventative medicine for the
icine specialist with more than 22 years of
entire family. At TAO, our goal is to utilize
experience treating patients and witnessing
the best of natural medicine to increase vital-
firsthand the ravages of chronic degenerative
ity, promote longevity, and induce a state of
diseases. His practice emphasizes proactive,
ps y C H o t H e r a p i s t
optimal health, not only extending the length
preventive care designed to help patients
of one's life but maximizing the quality. Our
enhance their quality of life by avoiding de-
Dori L. Gatter, Psy.D., LPC
safe natural therapies include Naturopathic
generative diseases, regaining lost vitality,
17 S Highland St
Medicine, Chiropractic, Massage therapy,
and achieving optimal health. Dr. Ebanks
West Hartford, CT 06119
Acupuncture, Clinical Nutrition, Pain Man-
uses a comprehensive evaluation and state-
agement (acute & chronic), & Herbal Medi-
of-the-art diagnostic equipment to expose a
cine. Dr Hinchey is a board certified licensed
patient’s total health picture and develop a
Dori Gatter,Psy.D., LPC is
naturopathic physician and Certified Defeat
customized program incorporating bioiden-
trained in a broad palette
Autism Nownull! Clinician who specializes in
tical hormone balancing, clinical nutrition
of therapies, which include:
biomedical treatment of neurodevelopmental
and exercise counseling and lifestyle modi-
Body Centered Psycho-
disorders including Autism Spectrum Disor-
fications. He is the first physician in CT to
therapy, Reiki, and Mindfulness. She has
der, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, and
offer the HeartSmartIMTplus; a non-invasive
co-written two books and runs training pro-
ADHD. Most major insurances accepted.
diagnostic scan endorsed by the American
grams and workshops nationally on Bonding
Heart Association and the American College
and Attachment. Also an Image Consultant,
of Cardiology. See ad on page 2.
she started her image consulting business
knowing that in addition to needing support
for our inner process, we need support to in-
tegrate our image with our growth. She has
created an entire program for developing the
self from the inside out. For more informa-
o r g a n i C l a n d s C a p n g
Tamara Sachs, MD
tion please check out her website at www.
Functional Medicine & Integrative Care or contact her directly ei-
15 Bennitt St., New Milford
ther by phone at 860.258.4113 or email
Earthwise Organic
(860) 354-3304
Greg Hazelton, West Suffield, CT.
See ad on page 38.
(860) 306-9604
NOFA accredited organic land care.
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pH y s i C i a n s , os t e o p a t H i C
pH y s i C i a n s , M.d.
Jill Moorcroft, DO
Tom Moorcroft, DO
Origins Of Health, LLC
Deanna M. Cherrone, M.D.
844 Hebron Avenue
Natural Health &
Glastonbury, CT 06033
Soul Support Counseling
Healing, LLC
Nancy M Brockett, PhD, LPC
12 West Main Street,
860.223.2232 West Hartford
Avon, (860) 677-4600.
Origins Of Health is a holistic medical cen-
Feeling stressed, confused,
ter that specializes in Osteopathic Manipula-
anxious or depressed? Imag-
Dr. Deanna Cherrone, founder of Natural
tion, including Cranial Osteopathy, Integra-
ine yourself breaking free
Health & Healing, is a board certified Internal
tive Medicine and Nutrition. Founders Drs.
from worries and fear and
Medicine physician who has changed the
Tom and Jill Moorcroft integrate their per-
then confidently doing what you haven't been
focus of her practice from traditional Internal
sonal passion and extensive training as Fam-
able to before! We work together from the
Medicine to Functional Medicine. Functional
ily Medicine Physicians while working with
perspective of the whole self to get to the heart
Medicine is a science based approach to health you to develop a personalized approach to of what’s troubling you. Using painless, drug-
care that involves looking at each patient as a health that stimulates the self-healing forces free treatments, Dr Brockett helps you uncover
whole being with interconnected systems that within. Our goal is to assist you in realizing and build on your own inner strengths so you
function best when they are all in balance. optimum health while being free to enjoy life can free yourself from negativity and live with
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and all it has to offer. See ad on page 49.
more joy in your life. See ad on page 35.
October 2009
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