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By Jade Teta ND, CSCS and Keoni Teta ND, LAc, CSCS
tornado is an erratic, short lived neous muscular and cardiovascular effort. The
and intense storm. It picks things only activities that come close to the feeling
up, spins them around, and sends of this style training are things like an all out
things flying in all directions. The intensity tug-o-war, pushing a heavy wheelbarrow
of a tornado is dramatic and usually requires full speed up an incline, chopping wood,
substantial rest and recovery after it passes. or pulling a truck behind you like a
Tornado training is not unlike a real tornado. strongman.
It is short, intense and designed to be unpre- What makes tornado training
dictable. Tornado training is designed to have a different from other metabolic con-
little bit of everything and is the perfect protocol to ditioning workouts is the emphasis
inject something new and fun into a workout. on quick positional change. In torna-
do training twisting, jumping, flipping
Metabolic Conditioning from front to back or back to front, and getting
up quickly from the ground or down fast from a
Tornado training falls in the genre of metabolic condi- standing position is the norm. Rather than mov-
tioning. Metabolic conditioning is combination training with ing through the workout by sets or even a circuit,
a major focus on fat burning. The rules are a little different the trainer will bark out exercises for their client to do
than single mode workout regimes like standard aerobic and for a certain amount of reps or specified and even unspecified
weight training programs. The goal is not to lift as much weight time period. Then, the client will be quickly on to something
as possible or run as far as you can. The goal of all metabolic else and they may or may not return to the previous exercise.
conditioning programs is to burn as many fat calories as you Trainers who are good at this rarely ever plan out the workout
can both during and after the workout. That translates into a ahead of time and love to think of nastier combinations of
workout that is continuously aerobic in nature, with periods exercise to string together on the fly.
of intense cardiovascular exertion like sprints or jumps. It also
means resistance training. High rep sets, supersetted exercises, Tornado Exercises and Combinations
heavy Olympic style movements, and body weight exercises
merge together with aerobic and anaerobic cardiovascular ef- Before we get into this workout, we want to share with
fort. This allows for a unique workout experience of simulta- you some of the best combinations of exercise in tornado
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