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ps y C H o t H e r a p i s t sk i n C a r e
vi B r a t i o n a l / en e r g y
Kathleen Zecchin, MA,LPC Anew You Skincare & Wellness Center
He a l i n g
Holistic Psychotherapy Melissa Martin, 16A Ensign Drive, Avon.
12 Old Farms Rd.,Avon, CT (860)284-9730
(860) 306-4199,
Luminous Energy Medicine
Kim Burke, LMT
Kathleen is a licensed psy- We are committed to strengthening your overall
chotherapist with 17 years well-being and skin health through the use of
experience working with excellent quality products and extraordinary
adults, adolescents, couples, families and services that produce amazing results. Only
Kim is offering classes and individual ses-
groups. Through compassionate presence, she natural ingredients are used, including plenty
sions for healing one's luminous energy
provides her clients with a safe, supportive of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and
field,utilizing ancient medicine and sacred
environment to heal and transform emotional essential oils! We want you to be "WOWED"!
connection. Imprints in the LEF can result
pain and limiting beliefs. Based upon the See ad on page 28.
in chronic conditions, at any level, from
needs of each individual, Kathleen integrates
physical to spiritual, that impede the unfold-
a variety of healing modalities into her work
ing of our highest potential. Kim has been a
including Energy Psychology(EFT), mindful-
practitioner of holistic healing arts for over
ness meditation, Focusing, and family sys-
30 years, recently completing her shaman’s
tems therapy. Areas of specialization include:
sp a s / da y sp a s
training with Alberto Villoldo. Notably, she
anxiety, depression, grief/loss, and life transi-
taught the Energy Healing course at CCMT
tions. New Women's Therapy Group starting
for 20 years.
Wholistic Spa
this Fall!! - Women's Therapy Group for adults,
18 School Street, Glastonbury 06033.
see lising on pg. Most insurances accepted.
(860) 657-4105,
See ad on page 5.
Dr. Helene Pulnik ND, LAc, Med. Director

Wholistic Spa™ is a haven of total wellness.
From the moment you step into our quiet space,
we are focused on your complete wellness.
yo g a Ce n t e r s
Our treatments at Wholistic Spa™ use the
purest natural and organic ingredients, with
no toxic synthetic ingredients. We offer organic SunDo Mountain Taoist
C H o o l s facials, manicures & pedicures, hand & foot
treatments and signature massage services 45 S. Main St., Ste. 90
for women, men and couples, featuring West Hartford, CT
Connecticut Institute for Herbal Studies
EMINENCE Organic Skin Care from Hungary. 860.523.5260
LauraMignosa, NCCH
We also offer an array of deeply therapeutic and
Nationally certified Chinese Herbologist
purifying services to help you achieve optimal
900 Wells Road (RT. 175) Wethersfield,
health from the inside out! Inner Health. Outer In Taoist Yoga & Meditation, practitioners
(860) 666-5064,
Beauty™. See ad on page 17. progress through special sets of postures that
are held while breathing very slowly and
Founded in 1992, the CT Institute of Herbal deeply. Together, the postures and breath-
Studies focuses on Traditional Chinese work help to revitalize the body and mind by
Medicine and offers a Certified Herbology
vi B r a t i o n a l / en e r g y
cultivating Qi - the life force energy within
Program with a foundation in both theory and He a l i n g us. In addition, SunDo Retreats are held are
clinical diagnosis as practiced in China today. held several times a year at our Taoist Re-
See ad on page 28.
L.O.V.E. Lightworker of
treat Center in Vermont. For more informa-
Vibrational Energy LLC
tion, please visit our Retreat Calendar or the
Gayle Franceschetti Med,CHt.
SunDo Main Center section on our website.
36 Cheshire Road
See ad on page 20.
Wallingford,CT 06492
The Graduate Institute
(203) 874-4252.
Gayle Franceschetti is the founder of the
L.O.V.E. Institute and is an acclaimed intuitive
Offering an Integrative health studies program
counselor and healer, Reiki Master, certified
into Complimentary and Alternative therapies
Hypnotherapist and past life regressionist.
taught in a collaborative cohort community.
She has studied with a host of internation-
Kula Yoga Center
See ad on page 8.
ally known spiritual leaders, including don
136 Riverdale Farms,Bldg. 4, 2nd Flr. Avon.
Miguel Ruiz (Author of the Four Agreements)
(860) 676-8800,
and his mother, Madre Sarita, who conse-
crated her as a healer in the Toltec Tradition
and is an associate teacher of Life Mastery Join us in our spacious, naturally lit
New England Coaching
Programs. As an open channel for Divine En- studio, overlooking Talcott Mountain
ergy, Gayle integrates the power of universal for a variety of classes including Gentle
(508) 842-5656
love, compassion and understanding in all Yoga, Anusara Inspired, Power Yoga,
her workshops and healing sessions. Gayle Dynamic Flow, as well as Private
conducts healing and mentoring sessions Yoga Classes and Thai Yoga session.
Become one of the top coaches in the country. in person, by phone and hosts a variety of With no membership fee and drop ins welcome,
Professional coaching certification presented workshops and power journeys throughout we take the stress out when you walk in the door.
by IPEC Coaching. Institute and accredited by the U.S. and around the world. We look forward to having you be a part of
the ICF. See ad on page 51. See ad on page 26. our community atmosphere at Kula Yoga.
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