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rity and passion of Edie's voice and quartz enjoy complimentary refreshments and
crystal bowls, which will stimulate healing the company of like-minded peers. Bring a
Wednesday, September 30th
at a very deep level. Come and soothe your friend, make new friends at New England
spirit. Bring a mat, pillow and blanket if you Athletic Club! www.newenglandathletic-
10 Steps to Prevent Cancer. Free. 5–6pm.
wish to lie down. Offered at Spirit Matters, 860.632-1226.
Best researched ways to prevent cancer, pre-
19 Pinney Street, Ellington, CT, www.spirit-
sented by Dr. Mitch Kennedy, ND, www. Call Edie at (860) 933-8145 Hammonassett Festival. 10am-5pm Saturday, Office: (860) 673-9954.
to register by Wednesday, September 30. and Sunday. Rain Or Shine. Hammonasset
Nature's Goods, 37 Mill St, Unionville, CT.
Beach State Park in Madison, CT. Admission:
Anusara Yoga Workshop with Marc St. $5 (to benefit the nonprofit Friends of Ham-
Thursday, October 1st
Pierre. 6-8 pm, The Seat of the Guru – Clarity monasset). Native American culture – music,
and Steadiness: standing poses, hip openers, art, crafts, jewelry, hands-on demonstrations
New Kripalu Yoga Classes. Sarajean Walsh
and arm balances for everyone. Saturday, and exhibits for all ages. Native American
now being offered Monday 9am Kripalu All
October 3, 11 am-2 pm, Shradda – Trusting culture highly respects the earth and her
Levels. Tuesday 9:30am Kripalu Power Vinya-
the Guru in You: standing poses, backbends, ecology. Exhibits have been added to show-
sa. Wednesday 9am Kripalu Power Vinyasa.
inversions, and more. Saturday, October 3, case an evolution in eco-friendly living.
Thursday 7:30 pm Kripalu Power Vinyasa.
3-5 pm, Svadyaya – Living Your Practice:
Sacred Rivers Yoga, 2934 Main St. Glaston-
seated poses, twists, forward bends. $90 full Sunday, October 4th
bury, CT. 860.657.9545. www.sacredriver-
weekend tuition, $80 before September 15.
2 hour workshops: $25 before September Weed Walk. 9:30-12pm. Cost $15.00. Join
15th, $30 after; 3 hour workshop: $40 be- nationally board certified herbalist, Lisl Mer-
YogaKids. 4-5pm. Playfully explore yoga
fore September 15th, $45 after. Preregistra- edith Huebner for an informative and enter-
and tune into yourself and your own cre-
tion strongly recommended. 860-676-8800 taining morning of meeting the leafy green
ativity! Open up your mind and body and
or neighbors you never knew! We will tour for-
feel freedom to express yourself from the
est and field to identify all manner of use-
heart. Stretch your imagination and explore
Saturday, October 3rd ful plants for food, healing and crafts. You
through yoga poses and movement, sound
will come away with a new appreciation of
and music, color, art, and visualization. For
Balanced Essence Reiki Trainings. Reiki Nature, a renewed connection to the Earth
children ages 6-12. $80/8 week session or
Level 1: 10–6pm. Cost $125. Reiki Level 2: and some healthy ideas for serving delicious,
$12.50 drop in. Preregistration strongly rec-
Sunday, October 4, 10am – 6pm Cost $175. nutritious and free organic meals for your
ommended. 860-676-8800 or www.kulay-
Discount of $25 will be given if Reiki Level family and friends. The Essence of Being 184
1 is completed on October 3. Taught by Bar- Johnnycake Mountain Road: Burlington, CT.
bara Fasulo, Reiki Master/Teacher - Certified To register
“I’m So Tired I Could Cry”. 7pm, free, no
Energy Healer – Yoga Teacher. Sacred Rivers call: 860-673-6863. Email: essenceofbeing@
reservation. Dr. Lily-Marie Blecher, ND, dis-
Yoga, 2934 Main St. Glastonbury, CT 06033
cusses adrenal fatigue, insomnia, and other
causes of chronic fatigue. At Thyme & Sea-
Essence Meditation. 1:-3pm. $15.00. Join
son, 3040 Whitney Ave., Hamden 407-8128
Open Yoga at the beautiful Lourdes Shrine, John and Lisl for a wonderful guided medi-
1 mile s. of QU & 1.5 miles n of Town Hall.
3pm - 4:30pm. Litchfield, CT. There is a special tation/journey aided by pure plant and tree
203-407-8128 Questions? Ask Linda, CNC
afternoon planned with live music - Drumming essences that help you access profound In-
(M-F 9-5). www.thymeandseasonnaturalmar-
and Flute Overlooking the beautiful grounds ner Wisdom and integrate that knowledge in Our 13th year & 19th lecture se-
of the Lourdes Shrine! This is also a food drive order to create a more fulfilling life. Reclaim-
ries. Coupon to all attendees.
for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Please bring non ing your relationship with Nature through the
perishable food items! Contact Anita at Renew Wisdom of the Plants and Trees is the most
Fall Harvest Dinner. 5:30-8pm. Come join
Your Health, LLC. direct route back to yourself and the manifes-
us for a Fall Harvest Dinner. Enjoy all our
860-567-8673. tation of your Personal Destiny. John Odlum,
wonderful organic veggies from our garden.
LMT, CMA. Lisl Meredith Huebner, Dipl.CH
BYOB. Fixed price: $9.99 (Kids under 12
Clinical Aromatherapy utilizing Lavender (NCCAOM), AHG. The Essence of Being 184
eat free!). Passiflora Tea Room and Herbal
and Tea Tree Oils. (4 Ceu). 9-1pm. $95.00 Johnnycake Mountain Road: Burlington, CT
Shoppe, 526 Main St. New Harford, CT. Pas-
(Includes 2ml of either oil). Donna Whyte- To register, 860-379-4012
English,MSN,FNP-BC, CCAP. Class to discuss call: 860-673-6863. Email: essenceofbeing@
the clinical use of these 2 oils which includes
Friday, October 2nd
the folklore, chemistry, therapeutic indications,
safety, methods of application and relevant sci- Anusara Yoga Immersion Part 1. With Julie
Meditation for Health of Body, Mind, Spirit
entific studies. Connecticut Institute for Herbal Miller through November 22nd. Join Kula
with Dr. Matthew Raider, MD. 7pm. Free.
Studies, 900 Wells Road (RT 175), Wethersfield, Yoga for a 35-hour intense study of the prac-
Learn how meditation on the inner Light helps
CT. 860-666-5064. tice and philosophy of Anusara Yoga. This im-
you physically, mentally and spiritually. In-
mersion will provide a gateway into a more
cludes meditation sitting and veggie refresh-
Oktoberfest & Fitness Open House. 9-2pm, comprehensive practice and understanding
ments. No experience necessary. Elmwood
and Sunday 10-1. At New England Athletic of yoga on all levels – heart, mind, and body.
Community Center, 1106 New Britain Ave.,
Club. 6 Progress Drive Cromwell CT. FREE! $500/$460 before September 15th. Applica-
West Hartford, CT 06110. 860 487-3597.
New England Athletic Club invites you tion required! 860-676-8800 or www.kulay-
to join us for an exciting line-up of fitness for information.
Crystal Bowls Sound Healing. 7-8:30pm.
classes with the best instructors in central
$15. Edie Jemiola, Reiki Master Teacher, fa-
Connecticut! Beginner to advanced/master
cilitates this relaxing group session. Every-
classes: Bootcamp, BodyPump, Kickboxing,
thing in and about our bodies resonates to
Spinning, Yoga and Aquatics. Meet our cer-
sound. Sound used with intention can shift
tified dietician, pilates reformer trainer and
the energy in and around the body to help
fitness staff to discuss your wellness goals;
reestablish physical, mental, emotional,
free chair massage and Reiki sessions; door
and spiritual well-being. Experience the pu-
prizes; learn about our new kids programs;
October 2009
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