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be extremely poisonous, and they can lay dormant until some
external factor or emotional trigger causes them to become
active again. Viral beliefs can also spread from one person to
the next in a highly contagious fashion. Pioneer biologists like
Candace Pert and Bruce Lipton say that beliefs are stored in all
the cells of our body, not just in the brain.
Diane: You have been known to say “Life is not meant to be
an out of body experience!” What do you mean?
Steve: As an infant, you naturally lived in a state of Whole
Body Consciousness; this was your primary state for the
first few years of life. Vitality, curiosity and passion-
ate enthusiasm literally poured through your body as
pure awareness. Your sophisticated somatic and senso-
ry intelligence, what I call “BQ” for body intelligence,
was instinctively and masterfully put to good use. In
time, however, that unfettered awareness was compelled
to narrow its focus. As you grew older, your cognitive
awareness began to develop. You learned to rely less and
less on body intelligence once your mental intelligence
kicked in. In a culture that places greater value on thinking
than feeling and emphasizes reason over gut-knowing, BQ is
suppressed or simply goes dormant. Child-rearing, socializa-
An Interview
tion and education processes through every stage of our lives
overlooked or outright discouraged the development of BQ.
with Steve Sisgold
Diane: I find many people are always searching outside of
themselves – what would your advice be to help them under-
stand why to look inside?
teve Sisgold, body-centered therapist and author of the
new book, “What’s Your Body Telling You?” teaches that
starting at this very moment, you can begin to read your
Steve: I really believe that ultimately we want to be self reli-
“Body Billboard, “the aspects of your feelings and personal-
ant. I think it’s great to call a psychic on your birthday and it’s
ity which manifest physically. Using easy techniques, Sisgold
wonderful to learn from people. Where I think we’ve gotten
gets you reconnected to your body’s signals to stress, pleasure,
too dependent is listening to what other people tell us we are
happiness, joy and a wealth of other emotions. By tuning you
supposed to feel. As children if we complained about some-
into the connections between your body and your emotions,
thing, typically we were discouraged about feeling our feel-
he helps you get closer to your deepest feelings. Steve Sisgold
ings. For example, if we complained that we were hot or cold,
will be appearing as the keynote speaker at this year’s Well Be-
we were told “you’re not hot” and we start to think, ok maybe
ing Expo on November 21st in the Crowne Plaza in Enfield.
I don’t know how I feel. Most of us were discouraged in be-
ing self reliant and we think we need to go talk to someone
Diane: You say our issues are in our tissues and that our be-
to get an answer, versus breathing and listening and feeling
liefs that sabotage us are like viruses that sit dormant in our
for the information that our body is telling us. The body has
bodies. What do you mean by that?
been there since moment one – I do a lot of prenatal work and
we took on a lot of feelings from being in the womb. Even if
Steve: Each of us lives within and operates out of a complex
the mind escapes, the body remembers. Everything that we’ve
set of beliefs that define us and the world in which we live.
ever felt from womb to today our body was there. Even if we
Beliefs are our reality-making blueprint, the way in which we
try to escape we hold our breath and squeeze it in. If we really
process the flood of information that comes in through our five
want to get information, why don’t we go back into the flesh
major sense organs every single moment of every single day.
where the cellular memory is? It’s great that researchers are
Your beliefs organize the world for you. Without them to help
actually studying this now to determine the biology of belief.
you interpret the massive dose of stimuli that comes at you on
a daily basis, you would be in a state of overwhelm the minute
Diane: How did you come up with the steps for what you call
you open your eyes in the morning.
Self Evident Truth or SET?
The fact that we often do not question negative beliefs
and accept them as the way things are makes them particu-
Steve: I thought about how often I’d be driving and not even
larly noxious. I coined the term viral beliefs to drive this point
know that I was thinking about something negative that re-
home. Viral beliefs are similar in many ways to the parasitic vi-
cently happened, I was gripping the wheel, tensing my shoul-
ruses that inhabit and occasionally sicken your body. They can
ders and would start to get a headache. I wanted to come up
October 2009
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