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tering a quick hello from wherever we are or whatever we are
engaged in. Why not imitate our loyal canine’s behavior…and
welcome each other home in grand style! Imagine how great
you both would feel…and it only takes a minute or two.
Try this form of “meditation”. Next time your feline is sit-
ting down staring out the window…sit down next to her and
make yourself comfortable. Let your gaze follow hers and pay
attention to the view. Try and see if you can see what it is
that is captivating her…maybe you’ll find yourself enjoying
the movements of a butterfly or following the ritual of a bird…
Natural Stress Relief:
Whatever it may be, it’s the few moments of shifting your at-
tention to intention; breathing into the moment--letting your-
Emulate your animal’s behavior
self relax---that will allow you to unwind. The experience is
more than worth the effort.
ur two wonderful feline companions, Mac and Koko
Remember, animals are great teachers—we can become
are continually enriching our lives in so many ways.
their students and gain some wonderful insights into how to
We can learn so much from our animals—if only we
balance our hectic lives with just a few peaceful moments
pay attention to what they are trying to share with us! Our do-
scattered throughout the day. Feeling stressed out? Take a
mestic friends have some wonderful “natural” stress relievers
moment and “do an impression” of your companion in one
that they use on a daily basis—and, I believe, if we can follow
of his favorite pastimes…you’ll find an instant natural stress
their lead, we can enjoy the benefits in our lives as well.
Did you ever find yourself watching a cat stretch in the
morning or when they’ve woken after one of the numerous cat
Deborah Ravenwood is an intuitive animal communicator
naps…and wondering how great that must feel?
who believes that through communication with your animal
kin, you can learn the message behind their behavior and find
How about noticing how great you feel when you come
the path to make your relationship with them more loving and
home at the end of the day to find your loving canine at the
fulfilling. Deborah, an internationally-registered Bach Founda-
door, full of love and attention—just waiting for you!
tion practitioner and energy medicine practitioner also offers a
And, what about those glorious cat naps—have you ever
comprehensive wellness program for your animal companions.
yearned for a cat’s ability to just zone out for a few minutes?
She may be reached at Ravenwood Holistic Wellness Center
in Manchester, CT. Call 860-432-2081 or visit her website at
Think about your canine’s ability to be enthralled with its for more information.
surroundings—sniffing out every scent—being so connected
to everything going on around them…
Cats can sit quietly without moving a muscle—seemingly
enthralled by the unseen…
I'm sure you’ve noticed your companions involved in
these and many more activities throughout the day…the ques-
tion is how do they act as stress relief for us human beings?
Well, first off let’s remember that we are human “beings”
rather than human “doings”, the latter being more descriptive
of how we operate…always multi-tasking it seems. Did you
ever notice animals don’t multi-task? That’s the first secret to
stress relief. However, it may be a bit difficult for us to break
that habit entirely, so let’s look at a few ways we can “mimic”
our animals and enhance our lives in the process.
I'll share a story with you. I was admiring Mac’s ability to
just stretch out languidly and let his body completely relax.
Wishing I could do the same, I heard Mac tell me he’d show
me how—all I had to do was watch him and give it a try. Now
this guy is pretty brilliant, I might add, because when I com-
mented that I wasn’t about to lie on the hardwood floor—he
jumped up on the bed and invited me to follow his lead. Try-
ing to be just like him, I stretched my arms and legs gently
more and more as I rolled from side to side…I'm sure the two
of us made quite a picture! The stretching felt wonderful and
playful at the same time—a great way to take a few minutes
out of my day and unwind.
Ask yourself this question—when was the last time you
were happily greeted or met your favorite human at the door
when they came home? Generally, we’ve gotten used to mut-
October 2009
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