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Co m m u n i t y resources
na t u r o p a t H i C pH y s i C i a n s na t u r o p a t H i C pH y s i C i a n s
na t u r a l pr o d u C t s
Glastonbury Naturopathic Center
Naturopathic Health
18 School Street, Glastonbury
Earth Turns Dr. Helene Pulnik. (860) 657-4105
Dr. Marie Mammone,ND
All Natural Health & Beauty Products
John Mammone, L.Ac. 1-800-507-3604

350 Silas Deane Hwy.,
Glastonbury Naturopathic Ctr. is a multi-
Ste. 201,Wethersfield. prides itself on exceptional disciplinary healthcare center focusing
(860) 529-1200,
customer service. All natural, chemical free
on natural alternatives for individuals to
health and beauty products at great prices. All
achieve and maintain optimal health.
of our products are made in America to assure
Dr. Helene Pulnik, ND, LAc. is a board- Dr. Marie Mammone uses the naturopathic
quality. Ships SAME DAY, Monday-Saturday.
certified licensed Naturopathic Physician and modalities of clinical nutrition and
See ad on page 25.
Acupuncturist with over 25 years experience as a homeopathy to help her clients to maintain
healthcare professional. Offering Naturopathic and regain their health. John Mammone,
Medicine, Colon Hydrotherapy, Acupuncture, L.Ac. is a licensed acupuncturist and also
Cleansing & Detoxification Programs, Weight practices Chinese medicine and QiQong.
Management Programs. See ad on page 42.
See ad on page 40.
Fortuna Cedar Oil
West Hartford Naturopathic Medicine
Fortuna Builders, LLC
301 N. Main St.
Natural Pest Control for Home, Yard, Hotels
West Hartford, CT
(203) 263-0773
(860) 232-9662
Heal with Nature
We are committed to reducing the health
Dr. Frank Aieta, founder of
Dr. Mitch Kennedy, ND
risk and environmental impacts of pesticides
West Hartford Naturopathic
31 Ensign Dr.
and promoting the most powerful pest con-
Medicine, is a board certi-
Avon, CT 06001
trol system on the planet. Cedar oil has been
fied licensed Naturopathic
(860) 673-9954
Physician who specializes in the treatment of
used for thousands of years as nature’s insect
both acute and chronic disease utilizing the
repellant. We have dozens of 100% natural,
most advanced natural therapeutics. He of-
100% chemical free insect control products Mitch Kennedy, ND special-
fers a wide range of natural, non-toxic treat-
for the home, yard, hotels, barns and stalls.
izes in Women’s Health, Environmental Med-
ments which include: Acupuncture, Spinal
All are easy to use DIY products that are more
icine, Allergies, and Pain Management. Dr.
Manipulation, Clinical Nutrition, Detoxifica-
effective and less expensive than chemical
Kennedy is a family practice doctor, seeing
tion, Pain Management, Herbal Medicine and
products. They pose no health risk to hu-
people of all ages in his office in Avon and is
Natural Hormone Balancing. Please visit his
mans, pets, or the environment. Get rid of
the first naturopathic physician credentialed
web site, for more infor-
ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, bed bugs, ants, spi-
to practice at the University of Connecticut
mation on his practice and to access over 50
ders, and more the completely natural way.
Health Center, in Farmington. A passionate
articles that he his written on various health
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diagnostician, Dr. Kennedy's goal is to get to
topics. See ad on page 32.
the root cause of symptoms, to heal the body
and restore balance to the system. With a
unique combination of skills, he is able to
diagnose and treat from three different per-
spectives: natural medicine, conventional Northwest Holistic
medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Health Center
Robert M. Murphy ND
Michelle J. Pouliot ND
Heather M. Veronesi ND
21 Prospect St., Ste. A,
Torrington, (860) 482-4730
a t u r o p a t H i C pH y s i C i a n s Kensington Naturopathic
Medical Ctr.
Advanced Allergy Relief CT
Dr. Ann Aresco The Northwest Holistic Health Center is a fo-
Anne Mitchell, ND
355 New Britain Rd, cal point of Natural Family Health Care to the
(203) 265-3546
Kensington. northwest CT region. We are a holistic medical
(860) 829-0707, practice with three licensed naturopathic physi-
North Haven & W. Hartford
cians, a licensed massage therapist, full labora-
See ad on page 20.
tory services and an extensive natural pharmacy.
We are guided by the principle that an individ-
Centrally located in Connecticut, Kensington
ual’s health is profoundly affected on many lev-
Naturopathic Medical Center provides
els, including the physical, mental / emotional,
comprehensive family healthcare. Our
and spiritual. Our methods include centuries-
team of specialized health professionals
old traditional techniques like Acupuncture as
Connecticut Naturopathic Physicians
is dedicated to facilitating our patients’
well as current advances in diagnosis and treat-
Association (CNPA) optimal health, and offers a wide range
ment. We care for people of all ages, including
c/o Kensington Naturopathic Med. Ctr of services, including supplementation,
those with acute chronic illness, to the main-
355 New Britain Rd., Kensington, 06037. homeopathy, acupuncture and Chinese
tenance of optimal health. We are providers
(860) 829-0707., info@
herbs as well as nutrition, holistic health
for Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Connecti-,
counseling and weight loss/life style changes.
care, Oxford, Cigna and United Health Care.
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See ad on page 19.
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