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nutrition, exercise, relaxation and sleep quired. Nightshades are a class of plant
and get rid of offending foods, tox- that contains a lectin protein similar to
ins and/or microbes the body does not the gluten grains and this protein can
need, the body has an amazing ability to cause gluten sensitivity. Nightshades
heal itself. Taking gluten out of the diet, include white potatoes, tomatoes, egg-
especially in today’s society, is no easy plant, peppers and tobacco. Peanuts and
task. It requires extreme diligence and soy also have high lectin contents and
food label reading as gluten is hidden in similarly, should be avoided.
many different processed foods. It may I have come to believe through
take many months to see the full benefits my reading and research that human
of strict gluten avoidance. beings are not meant to eat gluten. It
Cross reactivity to a similar food an- seems pretty clear that we do not have
tigen may be another reason why symp- the metabolic machinery to do so espe-
toms or dis-ease are not improving. Of- cially in the amounts and with the new
ten if we have an immune reaction to and improved type of gluten we are now
one food we may have cross reactions consuming. In examining the caveman’s
to other food proteins. When this occurs diet, it is evident that gluten was not con-
the body reacts similarly to a food that it sumed. Although we have significantly
mistakes as gluten. Foods that are most evolved culturally, socially and techno-
likely to cause this type of cross reactivi- logically from our ancestors, when we
ty include: dairy, nightshade vegetables, compare ourselves genetically we find
peanuts and soy. The casein and whey that our genes have not evolved. I think
proteins in dairy cause an immune reac- it is safe to say that if our genes had a say
tion in many people with gluten sensitiv- in how we ate they would definitely rally
ity so it is recommended that both dairy for the caveman’s diet chock full of nu-
and gluten be eliminated simultaneous- trients that promote health and longevity
ly for at least three weeks and if that is and prevent dis-ease. This hunter-gath-
not long enough then three months is re- erer diet was comprised of wild game,
fish, fruit, nuts, seeds and vegetables.
Although their lifespan was short due
to famine, infection and trauma, their
health was pretty good during the short
lives that they lived, especially when
food was plentiful. Today food is very
plentiful. We just need to make choices
that nourish and support the body in its
health and healing. Since gluten is re-
sponsible for so many symptoms and so
many dis-ease states, taking gluten out
of our diets can only serve to benefit us
on an individual level and also for soci-
ety as a whole.
Dr. Deanna Cherrone is a board certi-
fied internal medicine physician who
practices Functional Medicine at Natu-
ral Health & Healing, LLC, 12 West Main
St. in Avon. For more information, con-
tact 860-677-4600 or visit www.natural- See ad on page 63.
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