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Co m m u n i t y resources
CH i r o p r a C t i C pH y s i C i a n s Co a C H i n g
Center Chiropractic
Inner Whisperings LLC
aC u p u n C t u r e
Nutrition & Wellness Ctr.
Tonya Heartsong LMT, CST, CSC
(860) 690-6698 Glastonbury
Dr. Steve Oberle, D.C., M.S.
Stan Baker, L. Ac., Dipl. Ac.
29 N.Main St. W. Hartford.
35 Nod Road, Suite 106,
(860) 521-2929 Need help with releasing negative habits/be-
Menla Holistic Health, Avon
haviors, overcoming fears, releasing tension,
(860) 836-1068 reducing stress, or improving your self-con-
Dr. Oberle is a chiropractor
fidence? Are you ready to start living an ex-
Stan Baker is a fully licensed Acupuncturist
and clinical nutritionist, who combines these
traordinary empowered, healthy, happy life?
and Chinese Medicine practitioner with two areas of expertise to help patients attain
Tonya’s gifted blending for her Soul Coach-
offices in Avon, CT and Springfield, MA. He maximum health. Chiropractic treatment helps
ing® skills with advanced CranioSacral Ther-
has been a practitioner in the Oriental healing with back and neck pain, disk and shoulder
apy, Reiki, and intuitive guidance offers her
arts for 25 years. He specializes in difficult problems, whiplash, and headaches. Nu-
clients a unique process for healing and per-
cases including back pain/sciatica, headache/
tritional counseling helps acheive weight
sonal growth. By establishing a co-creative
migraine, allergies, and arthritis. His treatments
loss, increased energy, detoxification, diabetes
relationship, Tonya offers an opportunity to
are holistic incorporating body, mind and
management, and healthy cholesterol levels.
look inside and get re-acquainted with the
spirit. Most people say "I wish I came to you
See ad on page 5.
magnificent spirit you truly are. Working
first" after trying years of other unsuccessful
with individuals or groups, she provides
therapies. He is also a teacher of advanced
the tools and inspiration needed to reclaim
Colburn Chiropractic
Chen Tai Chi, Aikido and Sun Do Mt. Yoga.
YOUR life. See ad on Page 6.
Dr. Marla Colburn, DICCP
See ad on pg 17.
310 Hartford Tpke, Vernon
(860) 730-2996,
Kathleen Mangiafico, ORSCC
Glastonbury Naturopathic Center
Dr.Helene Pulnik, ND LAc.
Dr. Colburn specializes in pro-
18 School St., Glastonbury,Ct 6033
viding safe & gentle care for
Relationship Specialist
(860) 657- 4105 women's health issues, preg-
Certified in REBT & nancy related pains, and pediatric concerns.
Relationship Systems
Dr. Colburn recently received her chiropractic
Dr. Pulnik is a licensed, board certified Acu- pediatrics diplomate from the ICA. Her prac-
(o) 1-860-651-5263
puncturist and Naturopathic Physician with tice focuses on finding a natural and holistic
(c) 1-860-869-8468
over 25 years experience as a healthcare pro-
balance for optimal health by creating treat-
What happens when you ex-
fessional. She specializes in acupuncture for
ment plans tailored to each individual's needs.
perience conflict in your relationships? How
infertility, womens' health, migraines, anxiety/
She looks forward to meeting you and remain-
do you handle it? It's your “thinking” and “feel-
stress/insomnia, arthritis, back & neck pain,
ing an active part of the local community.
ings” in that particular moment that determine
sciatica, allergies, chronic sinusitis, and more.
See ad on pg. 38.
your behavior! With 15 culturally rich years of
See our ad on page 40.
marriage, and 3 vivacious boys later, I have the
South Windsor Neck and Back, LLC expertise to shift your perspective from “Who's
Andrew P.T. Gregory, DC, DACNB Doing What to Whom?” to “What's Trying to
Rosanne M. Gregory, DC Happen for the Relationship?” My passion lies
Chiropractic Neurology Center
in working with diverse individuals, couples
1330 Sullivan Avenue, South Windsor
and families. If you're willing to do the neces-
Bi o f e e d B a C k
(860) 644-2437,
sary work, I'll guide you in renewing, reviving,

and re-discovering what needs to happen next
Safe and effective treatment
for your relationship! It's just get to
Deanna M. Cherrone, M.D.
for whiplash, sciatica, carpal
decide how you want to live it!
12 West Main Street, Avon
tunnel syndrome, sports
See ad on page 50.
(860) 677-4600
and work related injuries as well as diagnostic testing,
See full description under physicians. second opinion consultations, Co l o n Hy d r o t H e r a p y
See ads on page 63. biofeedback and brain-based
rehabilitation programs for
Glastonbury Naturopathic Center
ADD, ADHD, vertigo, mild traumatic brain injury,
Colon Hydrotherapy
movement disorders, migraines. Most insurance
18 School St., Glastonbury, Ct. 06033
accepted. Relief today…Function for life!
(860) 657- 4105,
CH i n e s e Me d i C i n e
See ad on page 11.

Constance Jones is New England’s senior Co-
lon Hydrotherapist. During her 30 years of
Wu Healing Center
Westside Chiropractic
practice, she has performed well over 40,000
Dr. Ming Wu, PhD
557 Prospect Avenue, West Hartford,CT
colonics. Connie is certified through both the
17 South Highland St., West Hartford
(860) 523-5833,
International Association of Colon Hydrothera-
(800) 990-9332,
Our mission is to provide chiropractic care,
pists (I-ACT) and The National Board for Colon
Dr. Ming Wu is a third-generation herbalist
naturally based generalist, primary or specialty
Hydrotherapy. She creates a nurturing, se-
traditionally trained in China, providing
health care, for persons of all ages. We are
rene, and safe environment, and maintains
healing through the use of chi, medicinal
committed to educating our patients about their
your utmost privacy and comfort. www.clean-
teas, salves and bath formulas. Dr. Wu sees
health and wellness and providing them with Colon Hydrotherapy is one
patients, hosts monthly Kung Fu Tea ceremo-
tools for self improvement. We seek to work in
of the many specialized treatments offered
nies, teaches Yang Form T’ai chi, and holds
partnership with you to achieve good health
at Glastonbury Naturopathic Center, and
monthly group healings in his West Hartford
and well being in a way consistent with your
medically supervised by our licensed Natur-
location. For more information please call
way of life. Visit our location in West Hartford
opathic Physician Dr. Helene Pulnik, ND.
or visit See ad on page 27.
See ad on page 26.
See our ad on page 40.
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