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e waited all summer and finally we are get-
ting some amazing weather this fall; crisp,
ur mission is to provide
clear mornings and days of sunshine and cloud-
less skies! I’m sure we are all happy to see it and
we are very happy to be celebrating our second
valuable insight, information
and resources that will allow
our readers to maintain a
anniversary! We’ve had another amazing year and
healthy, active, sustainable life-
were proud to present our first annual natural and
style. Natural Nutmeg contains timely
energy medicine conference back in May. In ad-
information on natural health,
dition, we’ve expanded our distribution into the
complementary and alternative
New Haven and northeast Fairfield county regions. I’d like to take this opportunity
medicine, nutrition, fitness, personal
to thank all of our contributors, advertisers, distributors and especially our readers
growth, green living, and the products
who have made this venture a huge success. We couldn’t have done it without each
and services that support good health.
and every one of you and we are so grateful for your support.
In this issue our focus is on Celiac disease and gluten sensitivity and Dr. Deanna PUBLISHERS
Cherrone educates us about the myriad of diseases associated with celiac and the Dr. Diane Hindman
symptoms and types of testing to diagnose it that are available. Dr. Marie Mammone
Chris Hindman
teaches us about the emotional aspects of being diagnosed with Celiac disease and
the many food options that are still available to us if we look for them.
Bernie Siegel continues to inspire us with his lessons learned from people who ADVERTISING SALES
didn’t die when they were supposed to and the amazing healing ability of the mind
Dr. Chris Giannos
and body. It seems there is an actual personality type of people who survive cancer.
Dr. Desmond Ebanks writes a very informative article on understanding the dif-
ferent types of estrogen and estrogen metabolism, which is so relevant this month NEtwoRkINg CooRdINatoR
as it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month. And Dr. Tom Moorcroft writes about another Matt DeMichele
relevant topic – Lyme Disease. As a growing epidemic around the country, it’s impor-
tant to understand the signs and symptoms and treatments for this complex, multi-
system disease. STAFF WRITER
Don’t miss the informative interview with Steve Sisgold who is the keynote
Nancy Hinchey
speaker at this year’s Well-Being Expo on November 21st at the Crowne Plaza in En-
field. In his new book, “What’s Your Body Telling You?” he teaches us that our bodies
are a unique, intuitive guidance system and that the best move we can make is to get
Matt Milunic -
out of our heads and into our bodies. I’ll second that!
Thanks again to everyone for another exciting and successful year for Natural
adVISoRY BoaRd
Nutmeg Magazine!
Deanna M. Cherrone, M.D.
Wishing you health and happiness, Desmond Ebanks, M.D.
Ann Aresco, N.D.
Richard Duenas, D.C.
Moshe Laub, D.C.
Tom Moorcroft, D.O.
a Charter Member
of the Slower Network.
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