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Co m m u n i t y calendar Our 13th year &
Friday, October 9th
19th lecture series. Coupon to all attendees.
Acupressure to Enhance Your Practice
Yoga for Teens & Tweens. 5-6:30pm. Play-
(30 CEU) 9:00-4:00. pm. w/Marybeth Extreme Self-Care with Jenna Bashore. Own-
fully explore yoga and tune into yourself and
Keener, Chem, LMT, CCH. Also October er of Bodhiworks,LLC. Modern living places
your own creativity! Open up your mind and
18,31,Nov.1,15,Dec. 6 (6 Sundays). This demands on your body, mind, heart & spirit.
body and feel freedom to express yourself
class will map the individual meridians in The concept of self-care can be interpreted
from the heart. Stretch your imagination and
the human body with each Sunday teaching in a variety of ways. Our focus will be on
explore through yoga poses and movement,
a new 'energetic" organ pathway.By learning how you can achieve balance and optimal
sound and music, color, art, and visualiza-
which organ systems/meridians are out of wellness through simple techniques that can
tion. For girls only ages 11 to 15. $$15 drop
balance the therapist can develop a strategy in incorporated into your daily life. Living a
in/$37.50 for 3-month series. Preregistration
to address their client’s symptoms. Connecti- lifestyle that emphasizes self-care allows you
strongly recommended. 860-676-8800 or
cut Institute for Herbal Studies, 900 Wells to go the extra mile without feeling resent-
Road (RT 175)Wethersfield, CT 06109 860- ment, feel more joy frequently, and re-con-
666-5064. nect with your authentic self. FREE. Passiflora
Yoga Nidra Workshop with Leslie Gordon.
Tea Room and Herbal Shoppe, 526 Main St.
7-8:30pm. Yoga Nidra is also known as “yo-
Wednesday, October 7th New Harford, CT. Passifloratea@earthlink.
gic sleep.” It is a combination of affirmation,
net. 860-379-4012
respiration, and visualization techniques that
Create the Body Your Soul Desires. Priscilla
are used together to create deep relaxation
Bengtson. 7–8:15pm. Cost: $150.00. Indi- Metaphysics and the emerging consciousness
in the physical body. $20, $18 earlybird.
vidual, bring a friend for an additional $75.00 of 2012 - Part 2: Sacred Geometry. 7–9pm.
Preregistration strongly recommended. 860-
(must register together). This women’s circle, Also October 15, 22, 29. In Sacred Geom-
676-8800 or
based on the book Create the Body your Soul etry which is geometry, mathematical ratios,
Desires by Karen Wolfe and Deborah Kern, harmonics and proportion that are used in
Saturday, October 10th
offers tools for transforming your relation- architecture art, music, light, crop circles and
ship with your body, mind and soul. This is a cosmology. We will look into crop circles
Plant Merging Workshop. 10-5pm. $90.00.
non-diet approach to better health that allows and learn about the Platonic Solids, create
Discover new respect for the power of Plants
participants to explore their limiting beliefs a Sacred Geometric object and use it to at-
and Trees and confidence in your own abil-
and discover what their soul desires in the tract into your sphere what you have a desire
ity to connect with their Green Wisdom.
physical form. This is a five-week class meet- for. And finally, what does Sacred Geometry
Anointed with oils, experiencing such ex-
ing October 7, 14, 21, 28 and November 4. have to do with the emerging consciousness
ercises as the “Standing Tree,” “Pollination”
To register, please call 860.301.1468 or visit of 2012. Manchester Community College @
and “Plant Whispering” meditations allow 122A Naubuc (860) 512-3232 or
students to experience being rooted and
Avenue, Suite 210, Glastonbury, CT. ce. For more information call/email MCC or
receptive. The scent, energy and conscious-
John Mammone, L.Ac., JohnMammone@aol.
ness of pure essential oils aid remembrance
Journey Through A Course In Miracles. 12 com or (860) 529-1200.
of our interconnectedness with all of Nature.
Wednesdays 7-9:30pm. $144. 12 week
Discussion, sampling and meditation will in-
course. Master Clairvoyant Medium, Cathy Aroma-Bar!! 7-9pm. $15.00 cover charge.
tegrate in this provocative workshop. The Es-
Camera, student and teacher of A Course In Experience rare and exotic fragrances from
sence of Being at Johnnycake Mountain, 184
Miracles, will take you through the origins around the world -some you may have never
Johnnycake Mountain Road: Burlington, CT.
and principles of this complex teaching. Dur- even heard of! Ask questions, sample what To register
ing this 12-week program you will learn how you like and bring a friend! This social and
call: 860-673-6863. Email: essenceofbeing@
to apply these teachings to your life to gain educational event comes complete with de-
a greater sense of inner peace and Spiritual licious refreshments such as non-alcoholic
insight. 12-person max. Workbook included. “Aroma-tinis” and tasty snacks made with
More Truth Will Set You Free Workshop.
Pre-reg requested. Wisdom of the Earth essential essences–
6-9p.m. $30. Through spiritual teachings,
The Spirit of Light, 1161 S. Broad St. Wall- recipes are available!! The Rose/chocolate
channeled meditations and inspirational mu-
ingford, CT. 203-641-3371. strawberries are so heavenly that eating them
sic, you will enter a powerful healing vortex
approaches a religious experience. John Od-
that will support you and help you release
Thursday, October 8th lum & Lisl Meredith Huebner. The Essence of
what you no longer need to carry. If you are
Being at Johnnycake Mountain 184 Johnny-
looking for a change for the better or an extra
A Journey Through the Secret. 6 Thursdays cake Mountain Road: Burlington, CT. www.
boost in your spiritual journey come join us
7-9pm. $66. Our thoughts are the most pow- To register call:
at Sacred Rivers Yoga, Glastonbury Ct. Fa-
erful tool of manifestation. If we see it in our 860-673-6863. Email: essenceofbeing@hot-
cilitated by Georgie Ayala of NY ,NY.Jill Cole
mind, believe it in our heart, we will create or 860-836-2413
it in our world. Throughout this 6-week pro-
gram we will study these principles, create YogaKids. 4-5pm. Playfully explore yoga
Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory & Ter-
personal vision boards, and begin to mani- and tune into yourself and your own cre-
minology (22 CEU). 9:30-4pm. $469.00.
fest our dreams. ativity! Open up your mind and body and
Also October 11th: 24,25 (Two Weekends)
The Spirit of Light, 1161 S Broad St. Walling- feel freedom to express yourself from the
Sat & Sun. Laura Mignosa, Nationally Certi-
ford, CT. 203-641-3371. heart. Stretch your imagination and explore
fied Chinese Herbologist. This course offers
through yoga poses and movement, sound
students the opportunity to learn about the
“Happy and Healthy vs Hormonal and and music, color, art, and visualization. For
terminology and diagnostic skills needed for
Horrible" . 7pm. Free, no reservation. Dr. children ages 6-12. $80/8 week session or
accurately recognizing the clinical signs and
Amanda Levitt, ND, discusses natural treat- $12.50 drop in. Preregistration strongly rec-
symptoms of the patterns of disharmonies
ments for many common complaints related ommended. 860-676-8800 or www.kulay-
according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.
to PMS, Perimenopause and Menopause. At
It is a pre-requisite for the Chinese Herbol-
Thyme & Season, 3040 Whitney Ave., Ham-
ogy Program to being in the Spring of 2010.
den 407-8128 1 mile s. of QU & 1.5 miles
Connecticut Institute for Herbal Studies 900
n of Town Hall. 203-407-8128 Questions?
Wells Road (RT 175) Wethersfield, CT. 860-
Ask Linda, CNC (M-F 9-5). www.thymeand-
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