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New Owner, New Vision for New England Athletic Club
ormer National Hockey League player, Bob Crawford is the new owner of the
New England Athletic Club (NEAC), located at 6 Progress Drive in Cromwell.
“It is my vision that NEAC becomes the wellness and fitness leader in the area and
serves as a true resource for members as well as surrounding communities.” Bob
stated. His plans include developing partnerships with schools, parks and recre-
ation services, and business-to-business promotions that “benefit all involved.”
You can expect Bob to succeed with this new venture. For more than ten years,
he has owned and managed Champions Skating Center (Cromwell), Burlington Ice
Palace, and the International Skating Center (Simsbury). Since he purchased NEAC
this past Spring, Bob has been streamlining procedures, upgrading technology,
and investing in a professional staff.
“Our group exercise team and the fitness staff are phenomenal. They are passionate about wellness, focused on providing our
members with highly motivating, fun and effective fitness classes for all ability levels. Our membership consultants will be reaching
out to local businesses and organizations.”
NEAC offers more than 50 group exercise classes a week: BodyPump, Bootcamp, Pilates-Mat, Spinning, Yoga and Zumba as well
as Aquaboxing and Arthritis Foundation approved Water Fitness classes. Custom, personalized programs include Pilates Reformer,
Personal Training and Nutrition Counseling with a registered dietician. Bob would like NEAC to become more involved with events
that raise money for a good cause while encouraging an active, fit lifestyle.
You can learn more about membership, event sponsorship, facility rentals, and innovative approaches to cross-marketing and cus-
tomer satisfaction by visiting NEAC in person. Download a 7-day Visitors Pass at: or call (860)
632-1226 for more information.
An All-Natural Anti-Inflammatory Omega-3 Star is Born

here is new proprietary, stabilized natural marine lipid oil from the New Zealand green-lipped mussel. It contains a rare
combination of lipid (fat) groups containing many polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs). These PUFAs, which include omega-
3s and some eicosatetraenoic acids (ETAs), have been shown to be extremely powerful anti-inflammatory compounds that are
particularly effective (158 times more effective than any fish oil on the market) against arthritis. This product is now available
to the health conscious people of Connecticut.
Why is this lipid oil so effective? It is a purer product than any fish oil because the green-lipped mussel lives in such a
sheltered and protected environment. The New Zealand environment is ideally suited for contaminated-free aqua farming that
simply isn’t possible in ocean waters anywhere else. The lipids found in the green-lipped mussel are especially rich and effica-
cious due to a combination of the mussels’ genetics and their food – tiny organisms called microplankton. Another problem
with traditional fish oil supplements is the amount that must be taken to experience any benefit. But because of green-lipped
mussel’s ability to be 100% bioavailable, it is 158 times more effective than any other omega-3 oils on the market. These omega-
3s are of such a high concentration and natural balance that it is on average 247 times more effective then salmon oil.
I truly believe that the main source of omega-3 through green-lipped mussel is the biggest revolution ever seen in EFA
supplements. Without supplements having all the drawbacks of traditional fish oil, I am convinced that the stage is set for
Americans to finally reap the many benefits that omega-3 fatty acids have to offer. - Dr. Peiper is an esteemed member of the
MOXXOR Holistic Advisory Board.
Contact Charles R. Cyr Independent Moxxor Distributor 860-329-1377 or email charles-
October 2009
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