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and infertility. Patients may present with oats. However, because oats are often
one or more of the above symptoms. If grown in close proximity to, or grown
you have any of the above symptoms or in former wheat fields and are harvested
dis-ease states, especially if you have a and processed with other gluten grains
known autoimmune dis-ease you may there is often cross contamination. It is
be at risk of developing celiac dis-ease best, therefore, to buy gluten free oats to
or having gluten sensitivity. insure strict gluten avoidance.
Because patients’ symptoms are Many people do not know that
so variable and not always related to wheat as a raw grain is unsafe to eat.
the bowel, celiac dis-ease can go un- Even as wheat flour it must be heated
diagnosed for years! It is a common to destroy the enzyme blockers and
misconception that celiac dis-ease is a lectins within the grain to allow for its
condition that one is born with or that consumption. To re-emphasize, in order
develops at an early age. In fact, one can to make wheat safe for humans and ani-
have longstanding unrecognized gluten mals to eat it must be ground, made into
sensitivity which can progress to celiac flour and then heated before we can eat
dis-ease over time, especially if you it. Anytime we take a food and alter it
have a genetic predisposition for the dis- from its original state in nature we are
ease. A patient can become sensitized to processing the food. Wheat is, therefore,
gluten at any time in his/her life and re- a good example of a processed food.
quire strict gluten avoidance to stay free We need to eat whole foods - foods in
of symptoms or dis-ease. Celiac dis-ease their natural state - as much as possible.
does run in families so if you have a rela- Healthy alternatives to wheat are whole
tive with the dis-ease or if you have any grains such as brown rice and quinoa
of the above symptoms or dis-ease states which are much less processed.
you may want to be tested. You might Wheat, like other cheap commod-
also consider a 2-3 week trial of gluten ity crops such as corn and soy, has been
avoidance to see how your symptoms biochemically engineered or genetically
respond. modified. These genetic modifications
Celiac disease is also known as glu- allow the crops to resist damage from in-
ten sensitive enteropathy. Gluten is the sects, to be planted more closely togeth-
substance that makes bread doughy and er allowing increased yield per acre, to
sticky. This is why it is used as an adhe- be grown to a specified height allowing
sive on stamps and envelopes so don’t for easier harvesting and most recently,
lick these if you are avoiding gluten. Glu- to contain more gluten (approximately
ten is the protein found in grains such as 4x more) and new and improved gluten
wheat, rye, spelt, barley, kamut, triticale, that is more doughy and sticky. This is all
semolina and durham. It is not found in done in the name of profit without much
October 2009
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