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resveratrol and trans-resveratrol, natu- flu (which in my opinion, is a far more sically the patient feels absolutely awful.
rally occurring compounds that are an- attractive option than vaccinations of The reason for the aggravated symptoms
tibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant and questionable origin). is a massive die-off of the pathogenic
anti-spirochetal and have a myriad of What makes Knotweed so valuable spirochetes creating a high volume of
other health benefits as well. when it comes to treating Lyme disease toxicity in the blood. Believe it or not,
Plants like Knotweed produce res- is that it not only inhibits the spirochetes, this is a good sign: the treatment is work-
veratrol in order to combat disease it is also markedly anti-inflammatory, ing. It doesn’t seem like good news to
and to become more tolerant to envi- reducing joint pain, swelling and fever. anyone experiencing it however, and
ronmental extremes. Not long ago, red The anti-inflammatory effect helps to this is another instance where Japanese
grape skins were the primary source of regulate the immune system and pre- Knotweed can come to the rescue by
resveratrol in supplements, and the im- vents it from being over burdened; its reducing Herx symptoms and aiding in
petus behind the theory of the “French modulating effect makes it useful for systemic detoxification.
Paradox” which implied that the gener- many autoimmune ailments. Knotweed Lyme expert and Master Herbalist
ous inclusion of red wine with a high fat supports the central nervous system and Stephen Harrod Buhner recommends
diet prevented heart disease. Research protects the heart, making it especially a core protocol of four to five herbs in
has found that Polygonum cuspidatum, valuable in the treatment of Lyme-relat- the treatment of Lyme disease: Japanese
abundant and readily available, contains ed carditis. Knotweed, Andrographis, Cat’s Claw,
much more concentrated resveratrol and Lyme disease affects more than the Smilax and Astragalus. Since the pub-
trans-resveratrol than grapes, making joints; symptoms can range from pro- lication of his book, Healing Lyme in
Knotweed a much preferred commercial nounced fatigue, fever and aches to 2005, thousands of people have reported
source of this valuable antioxidant. It’s foggy thinking, memory lapses, muscu- significant improvement if not complete
unlikely that the French predilection for lar spasms, rashes and vision problems. relief from their Lyme symptoms using
pinot noir will be replaced by Knotweed The spirochetes that cause Lyme make a this basic protocol. Treatment works best
anytime soon, so don’t throw away your meal of collagen tissue, and their favor- when an experienced herbalist adjusts
wine glasses just yet. ite restaurants include your joints, skin, their healing strategy according to each
Resveratrol can help lower choles- eyes and brain. Knotweed has a strong individual’s needs and be aware that
terol and regulate blood pressure and ability to protect those tender areas, Knotweed is contraindicated with preg-
has shown promise for the treatment of stimulating microcirculation and direct- nancy and blood-thinning medications.
certain cancers, breast cancer in particu- ing other herbs to otherwise difficult to Since Japanese Knotweed is so ram-
lar. As a complimentary treatment it can treat regions of the body. The constitu-
raise white blood cell levels during che- ents in Knotweed are also able to cross
motherapy and radiation. During meno- the blood brain barrier (BBB), protecting
pause and senior years, resveratrol can delicate cerebral tissue and harmoniz-
help protect bone density levels and in- ing blood flow. Regular supplementa-
crease the mineral content in bone tissue. tion of Polygonum cuspidatum during
Japanese Knotweed is effective or after an active infection will help
against a variety of organisms includ- sharpen mental function and relieve
ing the Lyme co-infection bartonella, pain throughout the body.
leptospira, gonorrhea, and meningitis; During effective treatment of Lyme
its strong antifungal qualities make it disease, patients frequently experience
especially inhibitive toward Candida what is known as a Herxheimer reac-
albicans. It is also a powerful antiviral tion. A “Herx” response is a healing
agent, effective in the treatment of her- crisis of exacerbated overall symptoms;
pes, ECHO viruses and various strains fevers spike, joint pain becomes more
of influenza such as SARS and Asian pronounced, fatigue may increase –ba-
October 2009
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