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Dr. La u r e n Go u i n , n.D.
Oral Allergy Syndrome
neezing and itchy eyes are the first sign of a new season

for many people. Most individuals, who have more mild
Potential Cross Reactive Pollens and Foods
cases of seasonal allergies, try simple over the counter
measures to survive the seasons. Other individuals may seek
Ragweed Bananas, melons (watermelon, cantaloupe,
conventional treatments as intensive as weekly shots. Typi-
honeydew) zucchini, cucumber, dandelions,
cally spring and fall can be daunting times for people with
chamomile tea
seasonal allergies, but then they hope to enjoy the other sea-
sons symptom free. What allergy sufferers may not realize is
Birch Apples, pears, peaches, apricots, cherries,
the relationship between seasonal allergies and food allergies,
plums, nectarines, prunes, kiwi, carrots, celery,
which will continue long after the pollen is gone.
potatoes, peppers, fennel, parsley, coriander,
Some plant proteins from pollen cross react with fruits
parsnips, hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts
and vegetables. If a person’s immune system has a reaction to
a particular pollen, there is a potential that their immune sys-
Grass Peaches, celery, melons, tomatoes, oranges
tem will see some raw fruits or vegetable proteins as allergens
as well. The outcome is a scratchy throat, swollen lips or other
Alder Celery, pears, apples, almonds, cherries,
immune reactions to eating raw fruits or vegetables.
hazelnuts, peaches, parsley
Known as Oral Allergy syndrome, this reaction to fruits
and vegetables is more common in adults than children and
Mugwort Celery, apple, kiwi, peanut, fennel, carrots,
often found in people with asthma or allergies. It can be con-
parsley, coriander, sunflower, peppers
firmed that the immune system identifies specific fruits and
vegetables as an allergen with either a skin prick test or blood
Latex Bananas, avocado, kiwi, chestnut, papaya
test. These tests identify an antibody reaction to those foods.
Oral Allergy syndrome only applies to raw foods. Once
the fruit, vegetable or even in some cases nuts have been
cooked, the proteins are mildly denatured and no longer look
the same to the immune system. Also, many patients with oral
allergy syndrome find taking the peel off the fruit can reduce
Natural treatments for seasonal allergies can be effective
at reducing symptoms of oral allergy syndrome, as they are
the same response from the body. Balancing the immune sys-
tem and reducing the release of histamine with nutrition and
botanicals has benefit not only for the spring and fall sneezes
and sniffles, but also for enjoying fruit salads and vegetables
year round.
Dr. Lauren Gouin is a naturopathic physician with a family prac-
tice in South Windsor, CT. For more information, contact her
at (860)644-2437 or visit See ad on page35.
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