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What to Do About the H1N1 Virus
e have all been told to ready ments of dead viruses. Antigens in the with the use of specific Chinese Herbs
ourselves for a very severe flu vaccine stimulate a person’s immune to help push pathogens of all types away
this Fall. Let’s take a moment system to produce antibodies against the from our bodies, is the first step toward
to look at what the (A) H1N1 or Swine viruses. If the flu virus invades the vac- staying well.
Flu is, and look at a different perspective cinated person later on, it is thought that Let’s look at how much credence we
on how to manage this virus and stay well the antigens will quickly respond and de- can give to Traditional Chinese Medicine.
during this Flu Season. stroy the viruses. China researchers have found medical
The obvious methods of washing The problem is that flu viruses change documentation which recorded viruses
hands regularly, staying home when ill, constantly, so different virus strains must of pigs, cattle, sheep and other livestock
getting enough sleep and exercise will go be incorporated into each year’s vac- that have been transmitted to the human
a long way but there is more we can do. cines. It takes months to manufacture and body, as early as 610 AD. We now know
I have been working with Chinese distribute vaccines so the effectiveness of there is a great deal of valuable experi-
Herbs for well over 17 years and have these vaccines may prove to be not as ef- ence and detailed references regarding
traveled to China for 14 of those years. I fective as hoped. the treatment of this virus today.
have been in Beijing during both epidem- As a practitioner of Traditional Chi-
ics of SARS and Avian Bird Flu so I have
What about Flu Medications?
nese Herbology, I would recommend
a unique & personal view on the subject that we all start to use herbs that will
and am amazed at how the Chinese treat
There is no specific cure for influenza
keep your “Wei Qi” strong and push out
but certain drugs have been found effec-
pathogens to keep the lungs free of inva-
tive in lessening flu symptoms and vac-
sion of viruses and flus of any kind. The
What IS the A (H1N1) Virus?
cines may create flu immunity, according
stronger your Qi (Life Force), the better
to most experts. Tamiflu, Symmetrel and
the chances of fighting off this new flu.
Experts and Scientists agree that this Relenza (an inhaler) are Western Pre-
The best known herb to use to keep our
influenza virus has the genes of the Swine, scription medications that provide only
“Wei Qi” strong is an herb called ASTRA-
Avian and Human influenza which seem modest relief for the symptoms of the flu
GALUS. It looks like a yellow tongue de-
to have a shuffling effect and make it dif- and must be taken on the first or second
pressor and in Pin Yin, it is Huang Qi (or
ficult to find an effective vaccine for it. day to be effective at all. The Food and
Yellow Life). Using this herb as a tea daily,
Drug Administration recommends single
while you are well, will KEEP you well. It
What are the Signs and Symptoms of (A)
symptom over- the- counter medication
should be noted that once you are ill, you
H1N1 Virus?
and avoid Multi-Cold Symptoms or Time-
may use the herbal formula at the end of
Released drugs with this flu as this illness
The most commonly reported symp-
this article to “Dispel” the pathogen.
presents with one symptom at a time.
toms include rapid onset of cough, fever,

What Herbal Formulas Will Help if I Get
sore throat, malaise and headache. The
How Does Traditional Chinese Medicine
the Flu?
spectrum of this virus infection ranges
Work to Treat H1N1?
from mild upper-respiratory tract illness
If you decide to use an herbal for-
to severe or fatal pneumonia. Most cases
According to Professor Lu Yibo, Dean
mula, it is always best that you research it
appear to have uncomplicated, typical
of Guangdong Hospital of Traditional
on your own and if in doubt, seek out an
influenza-like symptoms but a rapidly
Chinese Medicine, this flu is seen as an
experienced practitioner. Please note that
progressive respiratory disease has ac-
epidemic virus due to its ability to mutate
the information in this article does not
counted for most severe or fatal cases of
and to be transmitted easily.
take the place of Western medical care.
this flu.
Keeping the body strong and in balance
According to Traditional Chinese
is the primary way that TCM responds to
Medicine, the diagnosis and syndrome
Will the Flu Shot Help?
most any disharmony. Doing some pre-
differentiation of the H1N1 virus is “dis-
ventative routine each day, which may
The flu vaccine consists of greatly
pelling wind, reducing fever and dissipat-
include breath work (Yoga or Qi Gong) to
weakened or killed flu viruses or frag-
ing dampness”. It is characterized with
increase our “Lung or Wei Qi” (Life force)
these words to explain how we must treat
October 2009
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