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Professional Soil Test Kit

cost. Includes 10 tests each of soil pH, Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potash, 40 tests total, along with complete instructions for amend- ing soils based on test results. Packed in a sturdy plastic carrying case. Each $17.95

51346–SUPERSIZE 80 TEST KIT $24.95 each 4-Way Soil Analyzer

51307–Measures light, moisture, soil pH and soil fertility quickly and accurately. Directions in- clude pH range requirements for over 350 plants and easy-to-follow guidelines for soil correction based on U.S.D.A. standards. The light reading determines the light level where the plant is located. Moisture is measured at root level, where it counts. No battery is required. One year manufacturer’s warranty. Each $34.95

Soil Analyzer

51309–This dual-purpose meter tests soil pH and fertilizer levels in a quick one minute test. Directions include ideal pH range for 350 plants and easy-to-follow guidelines for soil correction. Has a convenient slide switch. Requires 1 AA bat- tery (not included). Each $24.95

51323–DIGITAL MOISTURE ME- TER–Checks moisture where it counts – at root level, giving instant results on the easy-to-read digital display. Helps prevent over and under-watering. Great for house- plants. Batteries are included. Each $11.95

51326–DIGITAL pH METER–Tests soil pH, giving instant acidity/al- kalinity results of garden and con- tainer soil on the easy-to-read LCD display. Batteries included. Each $12.95

Dial Soil Thermometer

dial is 2½ inches in diameter with a 6 inch soil probe. Includes a basic chart for commonly grown garden plants. Each $9.95


51294–Correct soil temperature is critical for success in starting seeds and transplant- ing seedlings outdoors. This accurate and durable soil thermometer is cased in corrosion- free aluminum. Scaled from 30°F to 90°F. The


Floating Row Covers

The earlier you can plant, the sooner you will harvest! Floating row covers promote better growing conditions in ear- ly spring resulting in higher yields. They’re easy to apply and ‘fl oat’ gently on top of crops, no supports needed. The spun bonded polypropylene covers conserve moisture and offer pro- tection from heavy rains, harsh drying winds, insects, birds and other pests. The porous fabric allows water and fertilizer to penetrate, allows light transmission, and ventilates excess heat on sunny days. Covers should be removed when temperatures are consistently warm. Also ideal for covering new lawn plant- ings–more effective than straw. 53266–5'x25': Each $14.95 53267–5'x50': Each $24.95

Garden Fabric Staples

53264–Durable steel pins secure land- scape fabrics and plastic fi lms as well as fl oating row covers, bird netting and burlap. Package of 12 staples. Pkg. $2.95; 3 or more pkgs. $2.45 each

Shade Cloth Kit

You’ll fi nd all kinds of uses for this pre-cut shade cloth. It’s ideal for reducing light and heat intensity in the garden or green- house in the heat of summer, for growing cool weather crops, even for shading dog kennels or for privacy screens. Made from 100% UV stabilized polyethylene that’s lightweight and durable, allowing 60% light transmis- sion. Its unique lock-stitch construction allows for cutting without unraveling. Plastic clips and a rope are provided for easy application. 53830–BLACK 6'X12': Each $24.95 53831–BLACK 12'X12': Each $44.95 53832–GREEN 6'X12': Each $28.95 53833–GREEN 12'X12': Each $54.95


53010–Saves time, money and labor! A long-time favorite of large home gardeners and small scale commercial growers, this seeder opens soil, correctly spaces seed at proper depth, covers seed and marks the row with precision. Saves seed and reduces thinning. Includes 6 quick change seed plates that will plant up to 28 different veg- etable, herb and fl ower seeds including peas, corn, beans, carrots, beets and radishes. Lightweight, easy to use and sturdily constructed to provide years of trouble-free op- eration. Each $129.95

53011–FERTILIZER APPLICATOR ATTACH- MENT–Allows seeder to apply a side-dressing of granulated fertilizer. Each $62.95

53014–OPTIONAL SEED PLATES–Five addi- tional plates to plant cabbage and other brassicas, cucumbers, lettuce, lima beans and popcorn. Set $29.95

53017–PLATE STORAGE CASE–Helps elimi- nate misplaced plates. Durable canvas bag at- taches to seeder so plates are always handy. Each $17.95

SAVE $25.00

– 40 –



53020 (X)–GARDEN SEEDER COMBO OFFER Includes the seeder and 6 plates, fertilizer applicator, set of 5 optional seed plates and plate storage case, a $240.80 value for $215.80

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The Original Planters Paper®

Revolutionary biodegradable paper mulch. Made from recycled fi ber material that’s creped to give it strength and fl exibility to hug the ground. A natural additive prevents de- composition for 6 to 10 weeks in most soils. It absorbs heat to give crops a boost early in the season. The paper is po- rous allowing water to penetrate the soil. At the same time it aids in water retention and suppresses weeds. Completely decomposes at the end of the season for no messy cleanup. 53332–24"x50' ROLL: Each $11.95 53333–48"x100' ROLL: Each $39.95

Red Mulch Film

lating plant development. Results are earlier and increased yields of 12% to 20%. Preliminary studies also show signifi - cant increases in strawberry yields with the use of red mulch fi lm. Not recommended for use in warmer southern states. 53321–4'x30' roll: $17.95 53322–4'x100' roll: $34.95 53323–3'x3' sheets (8 per pack): $10.95

Wall O’Water

53372–Water-fi lled plant protectors let you start your plants 6 to 8 weeks earlier. Begin harvesting weeks earlier. The water- fi lled plastic tubes protect down to 16°F. They set up in minutes, are self-supporting and can be reused year after year. They mea- sure about 18 inches tall and 1½ feet in diam- eter at the base.

Pkg. of 3 for $10.95; 2 or more pkgs. $9.95 each

53373–WALL O’ WATER REPAIR KIT–Each kit includes 6 replacement tubes. Kit: $2.75; 2 or more kits $1.95 each Kozy-Coat

53725–Pick the biggest, earliest to- matoes ever! These reusable plastic, water-fi lled tube “teepees” are red-tint- ed to stimulate plant growth. Protects plants to 22°F. Also great for cucumbers, melons and other heat-loving plants. Pkg. of 3 for $12.95

53726–REPAIR SLEEVES–(10 per package): Pkg. $3.95 GARDEN FENCING

and more economical than chicken wire, and is unaffected by chemicals. Small mesh protects crops without harming birds and small animals. Size: 3' high x 50' long. Each $23.95; 2 or more $21.95 each

QUESTIONS? Call customer service 1-800-297-3123

52109–Protects your valuable plantings and food crops. Temporary fencing keeps small chil- dren, pets and small var- mints away. Easy to use, durable polypropylene is rot-proof, safer to handle

Boost tomato crops 20% to 30% with this bright red, thin plastic fi lm. Like a black mulch, it warms the soil and retains moisture, but the red fi lm also refl ects far-red wave- lengths up into the plant, stimu-

51345–Professional accuracy – easy to use. This soil test kit de- signed for professional and class- room use is now available for the homeowner desiring accurate, de- tailed soil analysis for a reasonable


Plant Protectors can increase yields 18 to 40 percent. Easy to use.

KING SIZE 9½" high x 11" diameter 53362–Package of 20 with paper setter $25.95

These strong little waxed paper hothouses protect your young plants from early frost, storms and insects. Ideal for vine crops, toma- toes and all early crops. Early starts

REGULAR SIZE 6½" high x 11" diameter 53359–Package of 20 with paper setter $16.95 53360–Package of 100 with paper setter $49.95


weeds and helps reduce soil erosion. Holds up to wind and rain, but is porous enough to allow water to penetrate. Breaks down gradually through the growing season, so there’s noth- ing to clean up. 53391–23"x25' ROLL (2 rolls per case): Case $29.95; 2 or more cases for $27.95 each

Includes 5-5-5 time-release fertil- izer for bigger, healthier plants. Made from all-natural, earth-friendly cellulose fi bers, this enriched mulch promotes early growth, prevents



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