2. Sika® Fixes fast 1

1. Geo-Fix® provides long-lasting results at London Art Gallery

In 2003, Geo-Fix® Original jointing compound was used to install paving at the iconic Jerwood Space Art Gallery in London, paving which still looks good over 18 years later.

Geo-Fix® Original jointing compound was chosen to complete the installation as it is suitable for both internal and external use and is quick and easy to apply. Geo-Fix® Original is a ready mixed jointing solution that can simply be brushed into joints with minimal effort. Joints are easily finished by compacting with a pointing tool. It is totally resistant to freeze-thaw cycles and will not crack or pop out with frost.

4. GROHE Rainshower hand shower The new GROHE Rainshower

SmartActive hand shower features a simple fingertip on the rear of the hand shower to intuitively switch between three spray modes. It can be fixed to any standard shower

hose, making it compatible with almost any shower system. Available in 130mm and 150mm sizes, 11 colour finishes and a round or square design, the Rainshower SmartActive complements headshowers such as GROHE Rainshower 310 SmartActive or Rainshower 310 Mono, Rainshower Bodysprays as well as concealed thermostats or the GROHE SmartControl shower control.


7.Setcrete prepares Setcrete has launched a new, ‘fast check’ product and floor preparation guide for its range of floor levelling compounds, repair mortars, primers, damp proof membranes and adhesives. The guide is

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Sika Fastfix All Weather self-setting paving jointing compound,now comes in five new colour options; Stone, Flint, Charcoal, Dark Buff and Deep Grey. Ready to use with no mixing, it can be easily applied in all weather conditions, including in the rain. It offers long term protection and a quick and easy solution for a range of applications including footpaths, stone setts, cobbles and Indian sandstone paving slabs. Created using a formulation containing Active Resin Technology, it’s hard-wearing, durable, won’t shrink or crack over time, and


suitable for use on joints from 20mm deep.

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Sika Fastfix also acts as a natural barrier to prevent unsightly weed growth. Once opened it can be stored in water and reused to reduce waste and allow different jobs to be undertaken at a later date.

3. BondIt High gloss. Bond It’s new High Gloss Block Sealer for enhancing and protecting concrete paving, is a ready-to- use, high gloss, solvent based sealer which gives a clear, glossy protection barrier against oil staining and weed growth. Supplied

in 5L tins, suitable for use on paving, blocks and patios, and complementing the Drive Alive range, the sealer is hard wearing and resistant to chipping. It boasts long lasting weather resistance, even against UV, water and ice and once cured enahances the colour of the substrate, offering a glossy enriched finish. The product also stabilises and reduces weed growth between sand joints meaning less interim maintenance is required. High Gloss Block Sealer is a simple application by brush, roller or squeegee, it is quick curing and can be applied all year round. It will provide a long lasting protective finish for up to 2 years.

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5. Hellbery Safety eyes up sales Hellberg Safety is launching a new range safety eyewear. With a wide range of street- smart styles, from basic to premium - the new range ensures a consistently clear line of sight and safe vision for professional tradesmen and women. Lightweighta and durable, with specially developed lens technology, the eyewear provides complete protection, and comfort and can be easily combined with ear defenders, safety helmets, and visors.

printed in a handy, pocket-size format and forms part of Setcrete’s PoS and merchant support package, for distribution to customers. Both the packaging and product guide make intelligent use of strong colour-coding and simple graphical information to further ease product selection. Consistent pictorial icons quickly convey information such as application thicknesses and ‘walk on hard’ time for levelling compounds,

6. Resapol means safe hands Resapol’s rbs Hand Sanitiser has been specially formulated as an alcohol based anti- bacterial, hospital grade, hand rub that works to kill 99.9% of bacteria on contact. It features an alcohol ratio of up to 70% and works to cleanse and refresh the skin without the use of soap or water. It is


fast drying and non-sticky, and once applied to hands quickly evaporates without leaving any residue or unpleasant odour. rbs Hand Sanitiser is available to order in ready to use 250ml and 500ml recyclable plastic bottles. Bulk pack sizes of 5 & 20 litres are also available; which are ideal for refilling the smaller bottles and commercial dispensers, reducing costs and plastic waste.

and similar graphics provide visual checks for curing and drying times for DPMs and primers. The ‘quick search’ product selector offers a simple-to-follow visual reference guide. The product selector also indicates when multiple product options are available for a particular application and which levelling compounds are compatible with underfloor heating.. April 2021

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