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Jangro has launched a new, online budget managing service to help customers monitor and track spend.

The easy-to-use software allows clients to gain full financial control of their account spending by allocating set budgets and allowing them to authorise and monitor expenditure.

Instead of relying on manually intensive and time consuming Excel spreadsheets, which may result in human error, Jangro’s new budgeting software will help customers achieve greater financial control, efficiency and accuracy.

Available online to all Jangro account customers, budget holders will receive notifications each time an order is placed through the Jangro website. If required, they then have the option to authorise, amend or reject the order before it is processed.

Designed to help its customers accurately manage spend levels and optimise budgets, various purchasing options can be implemented. For example, to prevent over spending, the budget holder can set up a budget restriction, which will not allow the order to be placed if it exceeds the set amount.

Joanne Gilliard, Operations Director at Jangro, said: “We have invested in this free online resource to further enhance the online experience for customers.

“It is simple to use and allows people to take control of orders and budgets in real time. In addition it is completely bespoke and can be tailored to meet the needs of individual customers.”

CADDY CLEAN Robert Scott & Sons

Caddy Clean is a compact, lightweight and versatile scrubbing machine that scrubs and polishes where larger machines cannot access. Simple to handle and economical, the low weight and practical design makes it ideal for cleaning in areas where usually only manual methods are used to clean.

Caddy Clean has been designed to optimise productivity, saving time and providing cleaners with the freedom to tackle stubborn dirt on staircases, hard flooring, base boards and around those ‘hard to reach’ floor areas around toilets and baths.

Caddy Clean’s ergonomically designed handle helps cleaners to avoid having to stoop whilst using the machine and the handle can be easily adjusted using its variable shaft length and angle. The heavy duty battery lasts up to 2-3 hours and the brushes are designed for hard to reach corners, uneven surfaces and tight or narrow niches made all the more easier to get at with Caddy Clean’s detachable scrubber head which now includes a handle for firmer grip and easier use.

Alastair Scott, Marketing and Sales Director, said: “The response to Caddy Clean has been extremely positive with two areas proving to be the most beneficial to our customers. Firstly, cleaning stairs, there are no trailing cables, it is very light and safe to use. The second main area of use is in washrooms, getting in behind toilets and other washroom furniture – in both these areas being battery powered overcomes Health and Safety issues with trailing cables in these high risk, often slippery and wet areas.” VOTE NOW| 9

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