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The European Centre for Disease Control estimates that on average, Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs) cause 37,000 deaths in the EU each year, from an estimated 4 million cases reported annually across the continent, with the indirect financial losses estimated to be €7billion per year.

However, many of these infections are preventable and by implementing a coordinated and tightly controlled cleaning system, using well-chosen and effective solutions, even the lowest estimates predict that at least 20% of HAIs are preventable.

Chicopee’s Microfibre Light cleaning cloth, which has been developed specifically with the healthcare sector in mind, can help achieve this.

Manufactured using patented APEX technology, the cloth has an excellent 3D structure, is manufactured from 100% splittable microfibres and has been externally tested to show removal of 99.99% of spores and bacteria from surfaces, especially C.Diff which is very chemically resistant.

Microfibre Light is made from millions of microfibres that can sweep dirt and bacteria away. The fibers are synthetic and many of them attach themselves to each dirt speck. The dirt stays locked inside the cloth's fibers until you rinse it out, so HAIs will not be spread.

Chicopee is at the cutting edge of a new breed of Microfibre cloth. Lighter in weight and engineered for the task at hand, they offer all the same great cleaning effectiveness and 99.99% microbe removal. Designed for short-term use and therefore without the need to launder and often with increased effectiveness on sensitive surfaces.


Since the launch of its Muvo Professional range of laundry and cleaning solutions in early 2015, SNG Commercial Ltd has gone from strength to strength. With an extensive portfolio, the company is now working with a number of large well-known distributors as well as direct to businesses across the office, healthcare, hospitality and facilities management sectors.

SNG Commercial provides a wide selection of products in a variety of formats under its Muvo and Senses brands including laundry liquids, powder and capsules, dishwashing tablets and gels, and cleaning solutions such as machine cleaners, floor cleaners, trigger sprays and degreasers. The company also recently introduced its Moss & Rowe range of luxury hand washes and moisturisers ideal for the hospitality sector or any business wanting to make a premium quality statement.

While the company continues to offer an extensive range of different products to meet a business’ requirements, its commitment to creating responsible, trusted brands and proven products that are synonymous with exceptional performance and value still remains at the very heart of the company.

SNG Commercial prides itself on performance driven products that are more commercially viable for businesses. It is this ethos that has helped the company to become a successful player within the commercial market in less than 12 months. The demand for its products has led to SNG Commercial extending its range to offer a laundry or cleaning solution for every business need. 20 | VOTE NOW

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