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CANNONTOUCH Cannon Hygiene

The CannonTouch Door Handle Sanitiser is the latest innovation in serviced washroom hygiene from Cannon Hygiene.

Easily installed above horizontal or vertical door handles, CannonTouch dispenses an ultra-fine mist, which kills 99.99% of everyday bacteria and contact viruses in less than 30 seconds in preparation for the next user.

According to the latest ONS stats, over 27 million working days were lost due to minor illnesses such as coughs and colds in the UK in 2013. In addition, a study conducted by The University of Arizona found that traces of a harmless virus placed on an office door handle spread to half of the surfaces in the same office by its 80 employees, such as desks, photocopies and vending machines, within just four hours.

CannonTouch is designed to break the transmission path of bacteria from surface to hand. It can be used as part of a complete hygiene system and has been scientifically developed to equip companies in all sectors with just one, highly visible, way of improving hand hygiene.

With the cost of staff illness ultimately falling on businesses, CannonTouch can raise the hygiene standards across premises to help keep people healthy at work, and is particularly useful in preventing the harmful spread of germs in environments where the consequences could be far more serious, such as care homes or medical facilities.


The idea of the Qleeno machine was born back in 2005, when the Swedish company of the same name first acquired the patents. The machine’s low design (at its highest it reaches just 19cm off the ground), allowing it to work in all directions and easily clean under furniture such as hospital beds with minimal disruption, makes it completely different to most scrubber dryers on the market now.

Due to its design, the Qleeno machine can scrub and dry in a full 360° radius, meaning that it’s possible to run the machine under a bed in one clean sweep.

The idea for the Qleeno Cordless came when hospital cleaners at the Uppsala University Hospital needed a cleaning machine that was quiet, easy to manoeuvre, efficient to run and worked well on their rubber flooring. Thanks to its low height, the Qleeno machine could reach all those difficult to reach places, particularly under the hospital beds. The final version of the cordless machine also had lower noise levels, better suction and a running time of 75 minutes, which when coupled with the simple to change battery, meant that the hospital staff could keep the machines running for whole working shifts.

Since being launched last year, the new Qleeno machine is currently being used by ISS in 11 different hospitals across Sweden, and has recently made the move to the UK too, thanks to a trial run at West Suffolk Hospital. 10 | VOTE NOW

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