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The SEBO Evolution range of upright vacuum cleaners is designed to provide effective, user-friendly cleaning and excellent reliability year after year. The machines are lightweight, easy to maintain and can be used for long working periods; features include fast, tool-free cable change and simple brush height adjustment.

The SEBO Evolution is available in three models – 300, 350 and 450 – which offer working widths of 30cm, 36cm and 46cm. Sophisticated design solutions ensure cleaning tasks are simplified while time and cost savings are made in relation to machine servicing and maintenance due to quick access to all parts.

A key feature of the SEBO Evolution is the ergonomic lightweight handle which ensures easy control and smooth maneuverability. The handy wand and integrated suction hose are immediately ready to clean hard- to-reach areas or typical above-the-floor items, such as furniture. Full- size crevice and upholstery nozzles are neatly and conveniently stored at the rear of the machine.

Proven, effective filtration is integral to the SEBO Evolution, promoting smooth airflow and excellent suction performance. The exhaust filter is also available in the HEPA-class Standard. Although easy to change, the 12m power cord is designed with integrated strain relief.

All SEBO Evolution models use components that have a proven track record and have a 1,100 watt motor and a five litre, three layer filter bag. The machines fulfill the requirements of the European Ecodesign Directive for vacuum cleaners with the SEBO 450 Evolution offering the highest levels of energy performance due to its large working width.



Thomann-Hanry specialises in the cleaning and restoring of stone buildings and has been operating in the UK since 2005.

Using a unique system known as ‘façade gommage’, which does not require the use of scaffold, businesses are able to function as normal whilst the exterior clean is taking place, minimising disruption and any loss of trade.

It has been the system of choice for Oxford Street’s Topshop and Marks & Spencer as well as The Ritz and more recently The Bank of England. The latter was cleaned in just 25 days, working at weekends, and covering the 13,000sqm façade.

Specialist cleaning operatives work from a vacuum cabin attached to a hydraulic boom. Ultra-fine and non-abrasive powder is projected under low pressure onto the façade and removes accumulated pollution deposits without affecting the masonry beneath.

No water or chemicals are used in the process while all dirt and spent powder is captured within the cabin and removed for recycling.

Maintaining security is also essential so using Thomann-Hanry’s ‘façade gommage’ minimises associated security issues prevalent with scaffold, ensuring disruption is kept to a minimum.

Without an inch of scaffolding in sight, this patented system can remove years of accumulated dirt and pollution that can tarnish the appearance and cause irreversible damage to the building. VOTE NOW| 15

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